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diana_coman: obbes: eh, balance is key, what; but this sort of "won't say it because feels guilty" is some ~15 years of age, not 30+, wtf; the situation is already there whether you say it or not, so saying something about it can only have benefits really.
diana_coman: hm, lobbes ^
whaack: in lulz found from checking/reading through the megalogger this morning "The Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab) has confiscated the 12 online accounts, or wallets, containing 6,000 bitcoin. However, The Irish Times has learned the accounts cannot be accessed because the codes are missing.
whaack: It means the €53.6 million monetary value of the bitcoin inside them, which is the biggest case in the Cab’s 25-year history, is out of the bureau’s reach.
whaack: Garda officers said they were hopeful advances in technology would one day enable them to access the bitcoin so it could be sold."
whaack: Maybe one day PRB will give them the advance in technology they're hoping for
lobbes: diana_coman: roger that on the balance, I feel a bit better hearing you confirm it tbh. And I agree that I gotta stop with the weird habits of avoiding speaking up (especially over simple shit like that)
lobbes: diana_coman: as for our standing meeting today, I have nothing specific to discuss. Today I'm just planning on getting as much of the server set-up complete as I can. It has been smooth so far this morning as I have mainly just been retracing my notes from last time
diana_coman: lobbes: ok; maybe if the server setup really takes 1 full day, keep an eye as you go as to what /how to make it faster for next time at least.
BingoBoingo: diana_coman: My first weekly plan has been published on Young Hands
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- AR Plan February 24th - March 1st 2020
BingoBoingo: Ah, I guess I didn't need to ping that.
whaack: When attempting to jump my car (didn't work, btw) I had to sit through cackles of laughter from those helping me as I connected the negative clamp to the chasis on the dead car. I was considered a silly gringo for not connecting it to the negative terminal of the dead battery. I tried to convince them that this was the proper way, having done research prior and reading about the chance of a spark
whaack: exploding the battery. They insisted on connecting the clamp to the negative terminal, so I shrugged and watched from a safe distance. Anyways, I'm sharing this anecdote because this scene made me think a little harder about the circuitry of jumping a car and I must admit I have some gaps in knowledge/understanding that my alumni of my alma matter are
whaack: infamous for. A recommendation on a textbook or source to learn about circuits would be greatly appreciated.
BingoBoingo: whaack: The car not successfully jumpstarting did produce information that will be useful tomorrow when you take the car into the shop.
BingoBoingo: At any point did you disconnect the terminals from the battery and check their condition?
whaack: I left these unanswered. jfw: Starting the car would make the dashboard flicker and cause a series of repeated clicks. I was able to start the car one day later. Then after I turned it off it would not start again. After attempting to jump the car the series of clicks no longer
whaack: happens. Now the lights go on and there is no noise at all. diana_coman: I did not have anything to check the battery when the problem occured. I took my multimeter today and read a bit about problems with car batteries before looking at the car. The terminals were fairly corroded. I cleaned them with a solution of water and baking soda that worked very well. Then I measured the voltage between
whaack: the terminals - 12.5V. Then I turned on the car (not staring the engine) and let the headlights on for a minute. The voltage dropped to 8V.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-22 00:18:41 jfw: and "would not start" too, lol. Wouldn't crank at all? Any lights?
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-22 05:20:51 diana_coman: - lmao; should I even ask if you checked the battery at least? (if you even have what to check it with...?) ; but surely the taxi-pal sorted it all out by now, right?
whaack: BingoBoingo: The wrench I brought to disconnect the terminals was the wrong size so I only cleaned what I could with them still connected.
BingoBoingo takes a deep breath, strongly recommends not cleaning connected terminals.
BingoBoingo: whaack: Alright. The place where corrision can cause or contribute to the problem you are having is on the part of the terminal that screws into the battery and makes contact.
BingoBoingo: More properly the the battery cable's terminal.
whaack: BingoBoingo: Okay that makes sense why the most important part to clean requires disconnecting the terminals. I am guessing your deep breath was because I did something dangerous most likely to myself and possibly the car.
BingoBoingo: whaack: It probably would have been more dangerous if the other side of the terminals wasn't likely incredibly corroded as well.
BingoBoingo: whaack: The traditional solution to this problem among the people I grew up with involved disconnecting the terminals, scraping off "enough" corrosion, and then jumping the car/replacing the battery.
BingoBoingo: But replacing the cables and battery normally isn't particularly expensive than replacing the battery on its own when that sort of corrosion builds up over decade+ spans of time.
whaack: BingoBoingo: I didn't understand that last message
BingoBoingo: whaack: So the battery can be replaced, and it gets replaced because it needs to be. The battery cables can be replaced as well. Cleaning the cable's terminals from time to time is a frequently useful stopgap, but when they are old and profoundly corroded... the time has probably come to replace the cables.
whaack: BingoBoingo: k, ty for the clarification. I will get new cables if I discover they are quite worn.
BingoBoingo: I sounds like you've discovered on your own that they are quite worn.
BingoBoingo: I suscpect the Ticos are going to be inclined to simply scrape off enough corrosion with a screwdriver to get contact with a battery working again.
BingoBoingo: That's almost certainly happened numerous times in your car's 16 or 17 years of life.
whaack: BingoBoingo: From jumping with someone who owns 8+ cars and jumper cables but did not know you could connect the cable to the chasis on the dead car, I gather that people here do not research how to do things and instead learn only from experience. This could be true also with the mechanic, so I will consult with the mechanic and use his tools but I will take his advice with a grain of salt and
whaack: try my best to figure out the problem on my own as well.
BingoBoingo back in old country got good at taking apart the window and door lock switches in my car. A couple, the ones that actually got used, would get this carbon buildup. The contacts were clearly worn in a mechanical sense, but I kept cleaning them until cleaning wasn't enough. It took a winter week of open driver's window for the new switch to come.
BingoBoingo didn't stay in the US with that car long enough to see the new switch fail, but I suspect its still going if the car is.
BingoBoingo back after walking around the block trying not to vomit too much of my car ownership experience into the thread and crowding out room for learning.
BingoBoingo: whaack: So cars have obvious wear items. These include oil, tires, batteries, and other items rated for a certain number of miles or years before replacement is recommended on a schedule. Over a car's first five or even 10 years of life, it is possible to not see anything outside of the scheduled items wear.
BingoBoingo: On a longer time horizon, everything on car is a wear item
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- WH Review of Week 19 (Feb 17th - Feb 23rd)
whaack: BingoBoingo: Heh maybe I should sit down for coffee with every a few used car owners and asked them about their relevant woes.
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- WH Plan For Week 20 (Feb 24th - Mar 1st)
BingoBoingo: whaack: It probably couldn't hurt too much, but the exercise will require quite a bit of sharpness looking for patterns that get people into trouble.
whaack: diana_coman: EOD Report: G: I got to work quickly after waking up. WTI: I will work on reducing the time between when my eyes open and when I am seated at my desk attacking my first task. B: I didn't get to working on my article/outline until the evening and did not wind up making any progress at all. WTI: I should have announced in the morning my further delay on this assignment. I focus on
whaack: announcing any delays asap.

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