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diana_alt: ugh, no deedbot
asciilifeform: apparently not
diana_alt: asciilifeform: 4 runs of curl > /dev/null give
asciilifeform: ty diana_alt !
asciilifeform: diana_alt: imho thus far errything points to the ~pipe~
asciilifeform: given e.g.
snsabot: Logged on 2019-08-19 16:38:26 asciilifeform: ... from here eats 0.268s.
diana_alt: BingoBoingo: do you mind waiting until the end of this week for the payment of the Pizarro invoice for my rk?
diana_alt: asciilifeform: it would seem so, yes.
asciilifeform: diana_alt: btw what sorta load time do you get for 'heavy page' from phf's log
asciilifeform: ?
asciilifeform: ( his also iirc in usa )
BingoBoingo: diana_alt: No problem at all
diana_alt: BingoBoingo: thanks!
diana_alt: asciilifeform: hm, a bit longer if anything: real is around 1.5s on 4 runs
diana_alt: same precise page
asciilifeform: diana_alt: the mirror is on largest spam isp in usa (lulazon) and actually can be moved between a dozen or so locations , we can experiment later if want
diana_alt: specifically:
asciilifeform: ( they have a thing where you can pick in what city )
asciilifeform: atm i vaguely suspect that tcp on piz is slowed by an inept wiretap somewhere.
asciilifeform: diana_alt: my log pages are slightly heavier than phf's, he had 'minimized' css , some scheme for cutting out unprinted whitespace also
asciilifeform: it's not a huge diff tho iirc
diana_alt: no, not a huge difference anyway; tbh for the moment I can't see much more info to be gotten out of further simple timing tests (or maybe I just don't see it)
asciilifeform: diana_alt: thus far seems to me that we're seeing 100% pipe effect
asciilifeform: ( as confirmed by lobbes , my logtron generates the page in approx same time it takes to move the mouse button. can't say re phf's , likely same )
asciilifeform: i.e. no amt of massage of the proggy is going to make a perceptible diff re load time.
diana_alt: I agree it looks 100% pipe effect
asciilifeform: imho what's needed, is .
snsabot: Logged on 2019-08-19 21:52:50 asciilifeform: rly what we oughta have is 7+ ~active~ bots/logotrons on 7 continents, then no one will have to grumble 'wai slow'
diana_alt: asciilifeform: do you recommend just mirroring them on heathen vms?
asciilifeform: it poses some difficulty; e.g. the 1 i used, is in fact banned from fleanode (unless sslized) on acct of spam
asciilifeform: but proggy is lightweight enuff that it in fact runs a++ in cheapo pseudohosters
asciilifeform: (observe that rubbish-mirror has no bot, it is synced via db dump / cron )
asciilifeform: seems that any host service which offers traditional python2, will run the thing.
diana_alt: looking at it from the other side, why not just mirror them in the cheapest way too; supposedly there still are some that are not banned on acct of spam either;
asciilifeform: it took me just slightly over half hour to set up the example mirror.
asciilifeform: ( all of the necessary instructions, i think are in the readme )
asciilifeform: note that the bot doesn't need to be voiced in order to log.
diana_alt: asciilifeform: I still tend to do a *2 for myself on all your timings; but in any case, it's still on my list for when I get back to my desk
asciilifeform: diana_alt: the moar, the merrier.
diana_alt: asciilifeform: maybe add those cron/instructions as a patch though?
asciilifeform: diana_alt: it's defo going in next patch.
diana_alt: i.e. add to the readme or something so one doesn't need to dig in the logs
diana_alt: great, thanks!
asciilifeform: imho mirrors synced via cron aint especially useful tho
asciilifeform: as they don't help to bridge gaps in log in the event the bot (of which atm there is only 1, of my type) is bumped
diana_alt: sure; that doesn't mean they don't help in any other way though
asciilifeform: a proper logtron oughta have own bot, going in realtime
diana_alt: sure
asciilifeform: the lulazon mirror, i set up specifically to probe q of 'is proggy/web stack slow'
asciilifeform: as soon as someone sets up proper mirror (i.e. with working bot), we can start on the q of how to auto-sync.
asciilifeform: ( it prolly has not escaped diana_alt's notice, that in so doing we're more or less rebuilding the relevant pieces irc )
asciilifeform: *of irc
asciilifeform: btw re the cron : the instructions posted in log earlier do not in fact result in a working auto-cronsync ; turns out that it is necessary to run 'init_db' script prior to importing a dump, or postgres barfs . this results in 5 or so min. down time (i.e. machine shows empty log)
asciilifeform: i have not conceived of any simple pill against this, of yet.
asciilifeform: imho such mirroring is not all that useful, so did not put serious effort into any such thing as e.g. 'trim the dump so doesn't conflict with existing'
asciilifeform: any auto-sync really oughta use the 'raw-export' knob (implemented -- emitter, but no receiver of yet)
diana_alt: yes, a proper separate working bot (ideally many of them) is the real need; this sort of mirrors are lowest-effort and a rather different thing, can't see any reason to spend a lot of time on them either
asciilifeform: diana_alt: << example
asciilifeform: diana_alt: imho errybody in l1 oughta have a working bot. (dun even have to be copy of mine, but oughta emit same 'raw' format ideally)
diana_alt: shrysr: those copy/paste bits on your blog - what's exactly their role/your idea with them? they don't quite make posts for sure; are you trying to build a sort of reference list there or what?
diana_alt: asciilifeform: I think I even said as much before, yes; it might have been as a comment on trilema though, can't seem to find it quickly right now.
diana_alt: the above re every lord should run a bot as an even more basic requisite than running a node
diana_alt: there, found it, last line in
shrysr: I replied to your comment... they are not posts. It was meant to be a reference... and I guess I liked the story quite a bit.
trinque: funny thing is, looking back on it... it was bad lisp!
trinque: the class and method naming at the very least, written like some java dork

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