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diana_coman: shrysr: ugh, so auto-generator writes on your blog now? what's the point of having in there anyway if then it's 308g0wrjg33t398?
diana_coman: moreover, the blog is a *record* of history; you *may* adnotate and add to it and even mark parts as obsolete/striked through/whatever but you may *not* unhappen them wtf
diana_coman: lobbes, looking through your posts there are 2 things that strike me: 1. some seem to just slip off without clarity as to what happened/what's your decision there (e.g. pizarro ads - did you hit a wall with it? did you postpone it (when/what)? did you abandon it? what exactly is it and from what specific causes?) 2. it doesn't seem all that clear/pointed anywhere: how do you choose your hopper items anyway?
shrysr: diana_coman: ok!
diana_coman: shrysr: what's your plan for the rest of this week as so far the *previous* Sunday weekly report is missing, your blog is ...changing shape(??) and messing about again, there was still nothing further after the "got sucked into office work suddenly and didn't even surface to say it but won't do that again"
diana_coman: wtf is ghostwriter?
diana_coman: shrysr: did you just delete the latest posts on your blog??
shrysr: diana_coman: no - nothing is deleted -- i'm just trying out stuff on the server. The blog is changing shape yes. I want to implement and stick to static sites. Using webmentions solves the issue of comments / trackbacks, and will enable me to post, as well as share notes in a much more convenient manner. No xmlrpc... just rsync and hugo and emacs and
shrysr: figuring out how to enable web mentions without any 3rd party services. The plan for this week is to set this up. I'm capturing my notes and also have some progress summaries. Essentially - I have my notes and files setup such that something like this is easily possible. I want to share all my notes easily. My goal this week is to finish setting up the above, and by the end of
shrysr: the week to publish updates on stuff done so far, and resume the pattern.
shrysr: by implementing the above - you will have a better picture of my activities, and the process will no longer suffer lag between 'writing' and 'publishing'.
shrysr: lol ghostwriter is the themes name.... all of that will change. dont worry.
shrysr: rather it is already changed. Just not pushed on the server yet.
diana_coman: shrysr: mk; but note that you're back to futzing with the blog so it better be indeed finished by this Sunday and really finished (i.e. you don't come back to it yet again in a few weeks time because x and y)
shrysr: yes. I completely agree. I just *need* to set this up... i've already figured out most of it, and have documented quite a bit as well. I intend to finish before sunday... actually quite excited about the impact. I have wanted this particular kind of publishing setup since atleast a year... its noot like i havent tried before - but I cdnt see the solution. maybe now my fluency in handling the vps by ssh is
shrysr: so much better now... or maybe my attitude has improved.... i dont know. I dismissed this webmention thingy as being too complex and went to wordpress..but turned out... it was not that complex, and actually kind of syncs with the things we talk about (from what i understand so far).
shrysr: besides this >> i've also made a lot of progress with learning Docker... I was sort of partly into a docker course when i joined ossasepia. though I know it is a dependency - there are some strong possibilities when there is fluency in teh basics... i can whip up a 'standard' test environment to quickly test out something related to data science, or even a nginx container to serve something and so on... i
shrysr: can even run a git server / pastebin etc via docker. I will be done with the course this week... but the point is i am fumbling a LOT less when i see a docker command. Unlike python - R does not really have a good 'package manager' or system. I have been concerned about the reproducibility of results.
shrysr: i.e no virtualenv in R. Docker can alleviate this to a decent extent. Besides - using a docker image, i was able to easily access all the base R and ML libraries on the server... the conventional method of installation is very cumbersome.. it actually failed the last time because I did not have enough swap / RAM. Had no issues with the dockerised approach, though I did have to increase SWAP for some
shrysr: libraries.
diana_coman: well, it's a vps and therefore smoke and mirrors/nothing yours anyway so there's nothing *more* to going all the way with the postmodernism at least; hopefully you don't intend to actually *rely* on the whole thing as something in anyway solid or even still working in a year's time (or whenever one of the chairs in that pile you rely on for "quick" gets knocked over/taken out)
diana_coman: but falling over is the best way of learning so go ahead, you still have a few days until this Sunday
shrysr: not all smoke and mirrors, other than not owning the VPS! just a few strong chairs... i will write about it and you will see!!
diana-coman: lolz, kk
diana-coman: !q help
snsabot: diana-coman: my valid commands are: seen, s, src, help, uptime
diana-coman: and here: thank you asciilifeform !
asciilifeform: np diana_coman
diana-coman: !q uptime
snsabot: diana-coman: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 17m
diana-coman: !q s chairs
diana-coman: asciilifeform: does it eat a txt log file (irssi-made)?
asciilifeform: ok username thing fixed, i think
asciilifeform: diana_coman: it eats phf's format.
asciilifeform: 1s, will illustrate:
asciilifeform: e.g.: 1926177;1564727032;mp_en_viaje;in the meantime, everyone's invited on trilema & other blogs.
asciilifeform: first column is absolute index (per chan) ; then unix epochal time ; then speaker ; then payload
asciilifeform: when 'action' (slash-me) speech, there is a * before name of speaker.
asciilifeform: that's the whole format.
asciilifeform: earlier i asked lobbes to bake a znc-format eater, i have a znc that only missed maybe half hr of log in entire year, could fill in e.g. #piz
asciilifeform: ( though i only joined yours recently, so do not have full back archive for it , with which to fill )
asciilifeform: diana_coman: i'ma genesis the logger, in day or so , when i'm satisfied that it and the bot aint catastrophically braindamaged.
asciilifeform: then you can also stand up own logger, and not have to rely on mine or anyone else's
diana_coman: looking forward to it
diana_coman: by the sounds of it, at most I might need some awk to turn my local log in something the bot can eat so no big trouble there either
asciilifeform: diana_coman almost certainly
diana_coman: ftr and use of noobs, channel logs are at
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