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whaack: billymg: Is this a good spot to discuss block explorer web interface plans?
billymg: whaack: sure, i think it can work for now, even though will eventually move to dulapnet
billymg: whaack: i'm planning to make the crawler live tomorrow on my rk
billymg: so this is good timing
whaack: nice, just got back to junqs, gonna be grinding on the block explorer again for a bit starting tomorrow/saturday
whaack: i guess what you want is an endpoint where you can do get requests and get the data back... what format do you want me to return it in? json?
billymg: whaack: yeah, i think json would be ideal for me
billymg: in terms of how to structure it, if you look at one of the heathen explorers and work backwards that would probably narrow the scope of possibilities somewhat
billymg: i'm sure whatever you come up with would be sensible and workable on my end, and since we're both working on it at the same time we can always make tweaks on either side
billymg: ah, or even just look directly at their API and see what's useful:
whaack: billymg: Cool. I probably will have it so that all options are passed by query params instead of doing the url shenanagins
billymg: whaack: perfect, that works for me
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