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Vex: there's also an arrow. hazardous to say. where your old snowmobil/jetskit runs not on dino goop, but pina coladas
Vex: gotta turn some new brass jets in da shop, but fuck does she stink nice. meet more chicks than riding the bus
Vex: 2-stroke with copra juice & rhum
Vex: wrong vidya. excute the faggotry
adlai keeps lines of communication open ; not expected to have mental bandwidth for pest comments anytime soon
adlai: please do not eat brain ; depression is contagious etc etc
Vex: hiya adlai. long tome no see
adlai: << gross oversimplification ; tel aviv, if anything, represents the side of Israeli society less likely to advocate for chemical and biological erasure before conventional steamrolling and whatever messianic visions the zealots entertain.
dulapbot: Logged on 2023-10-09 13:16:10 mats: is this the moment in history when tel aviv finally exterminates palestine
adlai: I realise that from your external perspective, 'tel aviv' stands for Israel's seat of power, rather than the symbolic one on the mountain... still if you're gonna pundit about some conflict, it is sometimes worth distangling the politics a bit further.
adlai: Vex: long tomes do not appear without motivation, and that is not in high supply these days.
Vex: I'm sorry to hear that adlai.
Vex: are you war entangled?
Vex: I'd love to talk to you, bu the special cellar is half an hour away
Vex: brb
mats: what's to untangle, adlai
mats: i don't claim to any pundit status, and i'd insist if anybody assigned it
mats: just entertained by watching israel pound palestine into rubble like the folks who did raqqa
adlai: it is not so entertaining when it is closer to home! and it is only fracturing society further
mats: and entertained by the interesting observation of universal human rights by americans when it comes to europeans, and excluding others
adlai: there is a sufficiently large plurality of non-zealots that evaporative cooling has not yet turned Israel into a fascist personality cult around whoever leads the zealots that election.
mats: the odds aren't good
mats: but your ancestors made this choice by taking shit that wasn't theirs under the pretense of some thousands year old promise
adlai: the only thing I'm cynical enough to find remotely amusing is how the Israeli government has gone completely doublespoken about hostage rescue, while the USA has its famous "never negotiate with terrorists" policy... so if Israel were the 53rd state, overseas voyeurists would have been greeted with a much briefer spectacle.
mats: never negotiate, except all of the nth times they did, like bowe bergdahl and the endless line of guys before him
adlai: what is amusing? occasionally politicians have admitted that their primary goal is victory against Hamas, and avoidance of harming hostages is what has caused the invasion to progress so slowly; and this leads to immediate wailing and gnashing of teeth from their constituency and their new haters.
mats: usa could end this whole charade by giving brooklyn to the hebrews
adlai: that alone would not work; there are already critical masses of zealots from multiple sides
mats: let the muslims slaughter each other, why wear the shit magnet
adlai: it could have worked in the 19th century, when folks laughed at Hertzl for suggesting the zionists set up camp in some arbitrarily-chosen reasonably-empty African territory [at the time, in modern-day Uganda]
mats: the muslims would overrun israel within years if brooklyn was made a semi autonomous jewish state and worldwide immigration was possible
mats: ...and american aid was withdrawn
adlai: he suggested that to europeans at the zionist congresses, and understandably they did not like the idea; setting up Israel within turkish / british land was the schelling point for the obvious cultural nostalgia of reversing the diasporas
mats: hilarious
adlai: modern Israeli zealots are not fans of him; the 'founding fathers' popular with them are ones who were considered terrorists by the British, until 1948
mats: as is tradition
adlai: I don't think Brooklyn is the only viable candidate for such an exodus, although it is obviously the stereotypical one due to existing current demographics.
mats: their mistake is failing to follow the american example and exterminating or concentration-camping all of the inhabitants
mats: there's almost 50 muslim states, i don't think its extremely unreasonable to suggest the jews oughta get one, if we're fantasising about handing out land like they're mcdonalds hamburgers
adlai: plenty of historic empires have done similar, although I don't think it helps in the long term.
adlai recently drank Karen Armstrong's book "Islam: A Short History", strongly recommended
mats: trick is to eat the whole land, from ocean to ocean
mats: not this retarded river to sea shit
adlai: it did not give me much new insight about the fundamental theological structure of Islam, as positioned within the stream of semitic theologies; although it did give me lots of required perspective on thirteen centuries of culture that had pretty much been absent from my education.
mats: my understanding of islam is mostly shaped by bernard lewis's "the muslim discovery of europe"
adlai: even if for no other reason, I consider Islam fascinating because it includes such a huge example of a closed theology.
adlai: literally, the space of correct formal statements is topologically closed; and this is a core ideology of such a large portion of the human population, and of stronger influence than e.g. Freudian psychobabble.
mats: you'd enjoy talking to that gregorynyssa guy, he loves theology
mats: the extent of what i know about the "closed" nature of islam is that the syncretic islam of se asia seems to work just fine today without the internecine conflicts of the middle east
adlai does rarely get told "study liberal arts, history theology linguistics etc; most individuals there might hate you for attacking ideas with mathematical tools, however that being your instinctive technique does not mean you oughtta suffer as grist in the mill of Industrial Society and its Academia"
adlai: re:"closed" nature -- Arabic was standardised specifically to enable standardisation of the rote recitations of Islamic texts, before the printing press and even monkish copyculture made it realistic to have the definitive copies of an ideology be printed works.
mats: ASEAN has, successfully coexisting, hundreds of millions of muslims, hundreds of millions of buddhists, hundreds of millions of christians, theocracies, communist states, military juntas, democracies, monarchies, technocracies
adlai: if you think about it, there is almost something naive about considering a printed work the definitive copy of an ideology... ultimately the executions in practice by humans will be more strongly influenced by the speech that cites passages projecting down to the closed space of the text.
adlai: whether that speech is open, closed, or clopen - varies by culture, society, individual, etc.
Vex: whagon adlai. lemme check dem logs
adlai: Vex: lol far from wagon, only temporarily sober enough to find keyboard
Vex: go 80 iq okay with me
mats: he means wagwan, its creole for "whats going on" that has since been coopted by commonwealth whites
Vex: mat him hear me clear as crisp
mats: maybe i read too much into the awful music you share
Vex: adman take a session see
mats: but i think i have it essentially right
Vex: all time mat him right. i man say 60. go 60
mats: i'm glad we could have this gathering of monologuing dipshits
mats: it was a good time
adlai: mats: imagine Vex as BingoBoingo who dove into the next bottle rather than keeping one empty on the shelf as a permanent reminder.
adlai: mats: lol you and I did not quite monologue past each other; although I realise that my textual storms are slow to orbit conversations
adlai did go to a few 'meetings'; there is much to be said for them, although... maybe not from such a cursory familiarity.
adlai: anything critical I oughtta take note of, in the context of pest efforts ?
adlai only skimmed this channel's logs since october, with the main purpose today of saying "hi; not dead yet" and going quiet for another indefinite interval
Vex: cool ur not ded
Vex: if you get bored. come to sydney
Vex: 8 minutes on the thrai. you're anywhere you wanna be
Vex: you might meet a persian girl. pls don't tell m eborther
adlai already met one persian girl ; she was not impressed with drunken indian stupidity
adlai: maybe the future will go otherwise and then there will be peace upon gondwanaland.
Vex: consider myself told
Vex: you're welcome to come and look at gondwanaland
Vex: it's peaceful here
Vex: you're probably supposed to go to bondi or whatever.
Vex: you could prolly eat some speed in methiril park
adlai: you much of an amphetamine consumer?
adlai tapered off ... it might work perfectly for some folks, although not for him.
Vex: no. I've tried gabby laddel once or twice and I like it too much
adlai: well, I think "speed" gets interpreted quite contextually
Vex: someone said tot to spill it in tha back of the car and I didnt like the direwction
adlai: my own experiences were mostly generic amphetamine, it's not even enantiopure like dexedrine; I would probably have a brief bad romance with dex or meth and move on.
Vex: oh yeah. hot rod stuff. i love it
adlai: generic amphetamine preps are typically some really artistic blend of dextro- and levo- amephetamine, I doubt there is any agreement about optimal coordinates among neurologists once you get all the skeptics out pushing ritalin, weed, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Vex: I made sick one night when a dexy girl liked me
Vex: so dissapointed
adlai: lol! girls do seem to handle the whole amphetamine family more easily
Vex: i'm alcoholic
adlai: were you mixing?
Vex: i didn't know anything. i was young
adlai: well, mixing stimulants and booze is still common because ethanol and methylphenidate are mildly synergistic at low doses, so it is not automatically discouraged ; although obviously this does not extend to amphetamines.
Vex: I respected thier knowlege
adlai: folks get really personal about drug advice. it is difficult to respect knowledge without following advice!
adlai: first time I ever got ignored on IRC was for telling someone to stop giving me free advice
Vex: someyimes advice is unwanted
adlai: it was almost certainly rock-solid excellent advice; however, I was on an information-gathering quest, and personal advice was not welcome. expressing that too strongly trod wrong on the Internet stranger's feelings, which was kinda unfortunate because she had been a good conversationalist and obviously had lots of experience to share.
adlai: ironically enough, she was a heavy user of certain pharmaceuticals , and the rejected advice was about avoiding recreational pharmaceutical use... however, that does not reveal much specific data.
adlai moves on
Vex: don't die
Vex: you wouldn't downlad a sykl
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