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asciilifeform: << even if sumbody uploaded the official cia film (they like to make these for some reason) with full commentary, Official Troof will still be 'putin blew own pipe because reasons' etc
asciilifeform: reich switched from 'clever shams & persuasion' to 'full bore goebbels mode' long ago.
asciilifeform: mats: demanding that plebes believe riotously absurd lulz (e.g. 'building 7'(tm)) worx a++. immediately reveals who is and who is not 'politically reliable'.
mats: to be clear i don't think there's clarity whodunnit one way or the other
mats: anon sourcing is highly dubious and unreliable
asciilifeform: mats: reich press was afaik unanimous, unsurprisingly, re 'who', lol
asciilifeform: 5min after
mats: hersh writes, 'according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning.'
mats: and goes on to claim cia did it
mats: excellent oldfag trolling
asciilifeform: oceanic pipes are defenseless. (correct ru response oughta've been to drop identical bombs on a coupla atlantic fibers, logically, imho. but go figure.)
asciilifeform: possibly not happened simply because comparatively mosquito bite, in economic terms, fibers massively redundant
mats: a russian spy satellite broke up in orbit yesterday
asciilifeform: mats: they're normally good for a yr or 2, neh (when make it past launch 'bathtub curve')
mats: its the second one that has mysteriously exploded in orbit
mats: and there's a third still floating round
asciilifeform: nfi whether 'mysterious' (per owner, rather than reich press) but expect that sumbody at some pt will decide 'foul play' and set off 1 of the barrels of tnt+ballbearings likely already parked in various orbits, scrubbing whole thing clean for errybody
asciilifeform: after which wait 50y+ for the balls to slow down and start over
asciilifeform: ( the actual, not so seekrit, reason for the famous 'no war in orbit' treaty )
mats: takbir
mats: but then what happens to my tomtom
mats: :(
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