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vex: liligo has a cute little esp cb radios 2 watts of fun
vex: how's your wristwatch going shinohai? if ur githubs' nifty they'll make things to ur design
vex: ya get a cent on erry unit or something. oughta be enough for a bowl of noodles. ---fff actory inspection! send the scandinavian.
vex: moar smol. sir is already smol do not anger. smol.
asciilifeform: vex: looked on vendor page for a sd slot for onetimepad, but author apparently too cheap to have included 1, lol
asciilifeform: ( could solder it on, but could just as easily solder whole thing, sorta defeats the 'software-only terrorist walkietalkie' allure of the thing )
vex looks confused for about an hour.
vex: wws will need coinage
vex: world wide spectrum. you're inviting a speculum
vex: knees up ease up.
vex: prolly `ven pest beyond the folks you've met needs coinage
asciilifeform: dafuq's the point of walkie w/ programmable micro if ~not~ for crypto. ( regular chinese walkie in same spectrum is ~20bux a set )
vex: these are 37 aud
vex: i'd prolly use them legally
vex: wotever that looks like
asciilifeform: in that case buy the regular kind, which at least come with normalpeople plastic shell
vex: who had the 3d printer back in that day?
vex: fench pilot no?
asciilifeform: nfi, naodays ~erryone has
vex: not I
vex: recommendations?
vex: I cant 3d cad anyway
asciilifeform: nfi, asciilifeform has a random chinesium 1 ( bday gift )
vex: notbad.
vex: presumably improved by now?
vex: alternate presumption is that it's collecting dust. dutifully removed by the giftor
vex: fuck ur reciever, we're building transmitter casings
vex: why does the tf card fall out so easily? fucked if I know
vex: transflash? welcome to 2023 baby
vex: laser blinkers for horses. how to make
vex: cant print a quarter wav/ngth
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