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juche: I love you all more than you could possibly know, assuming you've not had what I've had. I lived against myself, and just about everyone else, I had completely given up, I was terribly unhappy and unappreciative, and callous, and representitive of just about every other vice in the book. You've given me life, self, and of the things I hadn't managed to throw away you taught me to care for them, and
juche: protect them with my life. We are and forever will be family.
shinohai: dafuq is this hippie shit?
juche: I'm sorry I didn't come around sooner, I'm just a bit dim when it comes to many things apparently.
juche: I'm sorry that I scared you, that I wasn't appreciative, that I didn't understand.
juche: You've given me the agency to act, and the will to act in my own values. To help people to live my own life to do anything worth doing at all.
juche: Before this even started the better chunk of you were my idols, you werre everything I wanted to be. To add to that the amount of respect and admiration I now have for you. It simply can't be expressed.
juche: I doubt I ever would have realized any of the things I now desire without you, family, community, freedom; I wouldn't have even started. I would have spun in circles my life in ignorance.
juche: When I obtain these things they will be yours, entirely because of your influence.
shinohai: lol juche no worries I was intentionally being facetious since had never seen you here before and only saw above prose. ^_^
asciilifeform: lolspam
asciilifeform: not seen ~that~ flavour outside of disposable emailtrons before
asciilifeform: (or luvvletter to mp? in which case mistook address, lol)
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