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juche: Hey, I don't have too much to contribute to discussions here, but I feel compelled to reach out. I've been reading the logs for a couple years and I'm a former math student currently preparing for a CS masters.
juche: First learned about this place from verisimilitudes on his IRC server when I was in high-school. I've got some book smarts, but most the virtues of the Republic are WIP for me, including works.
mats: welcome
juche: thanks!
asciilifeform: juche: welcome to #a
juche: ty ascii
asciilifeform: juche: i rec to make use of the search button, see what was said re subjs of interest to you.
asciilifeform: juche: paste link to log to cite thread.
juche: I've used that button many times. I'll be sure to cite when relevant.
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