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verisimilitude: So, would anyone care to read my recent thoughts on how to structure an undo system?
verisimilitude: I see there's a lot of interest, so I'll explain.
verisimilitude: The original context was the undo system of an Elision editor. An editor would use a doubly-linked-list of Elision codes, with one node per word. The undo system would ideally be a doubly-linked-list of command history.
verisimilitude: I realized yesterday that it would be simple to embed most of the history in the document itself, rather than in the command history. So, changing a word would push to a doubly-linked-list of words in the node. The command history is then just ``push at so-and-so node''. An undo would know to then ``pop at so-and-so node'' and isn't that neat?
verisimilitude: I never considered this for the MMC, since I figured such embedding would make normal operation too inconvenient, but it's very little for this editor, and may be worth reconsidering for the MMC.
verisimilitude: So, the basic idea is having a measly command history, and finding a way to more naturally shove most of the history into the primary data structure of the program.
asciilifeform: verisimilitude: this is a Right Thing (and oughta be systemwide) but tricky to implement for general case.
verisimilitude: The primary issue here is that this holistic approach is at odds with a general approach. It seems easier to marry the undo system to the primary data structure, but that's far away from implementing it as a totally separate command history.
vex: what would said item feature alf? (et al)
bitbot: (pest) 2022-05-19 asciilifeform: searched for yrs for usb-controllable battery -> 5v supply to make rk 'portable', not found off-shelf
vex: im imagining one bms ic to rule them all
asciilifeform: vex: standard 'battery charger and % gauge' w/ usb interface and +5v out
vex: oh
vex: want cell blancing and hotswapability?
vex: i'm likely having a different brainstorm. i'd like my portable devices to have the perfect array of 18650s, with some sexy injection moulding
vex: railgun stylee. also good for yer laptop, or even mp's pet's buttplug? how long has she been sitting on the coil?
phf: i learned about 18650 for a mmb headlamp, and now i'm seeing them everywhere
vex: see, now when one of those cells dies, you've gotta search and undo they whole array
vex: and what if you happen across a car battery and wanna pinch some juice?
vex: i reckon one oughtta be able to pull a cell out of the lappy to keep the headlamp lit phf
vex: RAIB
vex: rudendant array of idependent buttplugs
vex: i'm thinking spacedocking, i'm thinking monthly subscriptions...
vex: and when the factory is idle; we'll make poisoned clone ledgers, and leave them for porch pirates to distribute
vex: so terra got audited, one way or another... I notice noonce claimed it
vex: pretty much a standard bank run if I'm not mistaken.
vex continues trolling himself ad infinum
vex: I sure would be like to marching up a mountain in us springtime
vex: aussies can't get enough squirrels. so good
phf: << i quite enjoy it. every time we go hiking with friends i realize just how out of shape most people are.
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-05-22 22:26:05 vex: I sure would be like to marching up a mountain in us springtime
vex: I'm kinda leightweight and I smoke a lot. uphill is easy
vex: downhill easy too; I love a drink
vex: just show an aussie a hamster tho.. he/she will stop for a month
vex: much less bitey than your average quoll
vex: "Of couse you can't have fucking hamster. It might upset the quolls"
vex: "Nope"
vex: but
vex: "no"
vex: if bingoboingo want's to come back, I've got an international for ya. quolls to japan
vex: the only downside mate, and I've gotta be honest.. you've gotta put them down your knickers.. and if they wake up, they're kinda scratchy
vex: i don't get jepordy, but "this spotted marsupial cat will fuck up most other mammals"
vex: What is a quoll?
phf: that looks adorable, and also like it'll fuck your shit up when cornered
vex: we're not allowed to keep them, they need to hunt
vex: of course if auntie karen is legit she might let you watch something for a while
vex: our hypothesis is that quolss will eat squirrels
vex: I had to hand my squirrel license in. no more squirrels
vex: phf they eat meat
vex: anything from a cockroach to a housecat
vex: saving up for a suzuki
vex: one trick homie
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