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punkman: "if I buy 10 USDT, can I get $10 back?" can you even do this at the bank, considering withdrawal/transfer fees
punkman: "shoot, in De-Fi, someone can't even tell if they are dealing with a terrorist"
shinohai: !!v 638F38ED2953EF453F64C0BEAFE3A624CD3FED210D6FFC0DC0DEC9F791F37515
deedbot: shinohai rated jonsykkel 1 << Wrote a pest implementation in C, other goodies at
signpost going to be shamelessly stealing "puted" as a verb, has an appropriate vulgarity to it.
signpost: in other vulgarities, the state dept website for passport renewal still shows *only* two genders!
signpost: how can one live under such conditions
shinohai: Equality for apache attack helicopters NOW
signpost: wherein shinohai discovers a loophole in arms control
PeterL: puted - shortend form of "computed"?
signpost: yerp, but also wrote-code. we will have to defer to jonsykkel for exact usage
jonsykkel: means to put a thing somewhere, to put,puted,have puted (i puted code, i puted groceries in frige) but i like computed also, will permit any of these
shinohai: Puted: When president of Russia farted.
jonsykkel: way to vulgar this is a christian mirc server
vex: on reading puted, I also puted an umlaut and püted püted
jonsykkel: well püted mein nigga
vex: you still breathing asciilifeform?
vex: buck up brother, you'll come good
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