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vex: meanwhile, most of his scams sound very familiar. convergent crackpottery or does.. erm.. cough Dr Wright read da logs
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-07 11:10:54 asciilifeform: << what was this about? ( i have not read the mega-pile'o'shit ) -- iirc wright tried to 'borrow against' 'his' shitoshihoard ?
vex: If it ever comes out that he rented his camry to his cat, I'll be seeking funds
vex: I think he's broke now tho
vex: shoulda stayed in oz
vex: tfw
punkman: reminds me of mp blog post
vex: whoa
vex: milka
vex: imagine being 14 and that
vex: yes
vex: just yes
vex: i'd never complain ever
vex: /ME always ptotec gal
cgra: does asciilifeform (or anyone else) have a good reason why isn't the peer being banned for pushing bad blocks in the following cases:
cgra: re 1) i mean duplicate input, ie. same output of a particular source tx
verisimilitude: Suppose my domain be an octet, and I want to test that a number is below 250.
verisimilitude: I made a mistake.
verisimilitude: Suppose my domain be an octet, and I want to test that a number is below 250.
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-12-07 11:21:46 asciilifeform: << this needs moar context ( asciilifeform was not able to make sense of the thrd )
verisimilitude: I could use this: (0 .. 249 => False, 250 .. 255 => True)
verisimilitude: However, notice 250 has its first four bits set.
verisimilitude: So, I could use this, where the index is the final four bits: if (ANDBITS 0 1 2 3) then (0 .. 9 => False, 10 .. 15 => True)
verisimilitude: This is perhaps a contrived example, but the basics of using finite functions expressed as tables, with small compositional rules to use them in more situations, is very appealing.
verisimilitude: I suppose that should be ``are very appealing.''.
verisimilitude: I suppose I also swapped False and True from how they should be, not that it matters; perhaps I should've just used zero and one for the example.
verisimilitude: Anyway, this is what thinking about Elision so much has done to me. I keep thinking of how beautiful the text-processing system that turns most operations into simple table indexing is and I know more programming should resemble it.
jonsykkel: "A rekeying is deemed to have aborted (any slice Sx, as well as Kn if it has been generated -- discarded by the station) if it does not complete within an operator-specified interval Tk." << at which step exactly is the rekeying considered completed?
jonsykkel: also does the ignore count as one of the 3 packets?
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