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billymg: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $65649.51
billymg: checking in from a mini vacation in San Jose, happy new ATH everyone
shinohai: Heya billymg ... hope you are enjoying vacation!
shinohai: thimbronion: I published some notes on Alcuin and made a genesis of v99994 (mainly for own benefit) but since I'm not in scoopbot 's rss feed:
shinohai: $uptime
busybot: The bot has been up for: 90 days 17 hours 41 minutes and 56 seconds
billymg: shinohai: ty, it may be the last one for a [really long time][]
billymg: i'm so rusty on here i forgot the ordering of the link parameters
shinohai: lol they are trying to do that shit in CR too?
billymg: yeah, locals i've talked to think it'll be unenforceable everywhere except e.g. walmarts and hiltons but we'll see
billymg: i have a feeling they'll be making a strong effort of enforcement in the city centers at least for the first few months, to make a few examples out of small businesses trying to ignore it
shinohai: Lame.
shinohai: According to above-linked piece they've required vaxx proof to enter country for year now? O.o
billymg: shinohai: just to avoid having to purchase the mandatory traveler's insurance
billymg: which itself is a complete racket, like the pcr testing
thimbronion: yeah you can still get in w/o
signpost: this death of USD thing is the best porn ever made.
thimbronion: shinohai: read your notes - thanks for kickin' the tires on it.
asciilifeform sadly mired in commercial liquishit, prolly will not get a chance to test thimbronion's thing for anuther coupla wks
asciilifeform defo encourages other folx to test, however
asciilifeform: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $66942.69
asciilifeform: oh hey mega-pump
shinohai: <<< sing out if I can help ya test anything, this is first time I was able to get thing working properly (though I suspect was my weechat and not your item that caused the woes).
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-10-20 10:31:30 thimbronion: shinohai: read your notes - thanks for kickin' the tires on it.
thimbronion: shinohai: something you could test is setting up random network graphs and verifying messages are arriving properly and not duplicated.
shinohai: Will do thimbronion ... I discovered trivial bug if you specify a `--logdir` from cli, it will barf, solution was simply to import datetime in `lib/`
thimbronion: shinohai: noted, ty
shinohai: Not entirely sure log is useful though, since actual log is in alcuin.db - log file only shows what individual spoke in #pest chan
thimbronion: shinohai: it's something that was there in the original irc server code - never used it myself
BingoBoingo: Uptober continues
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