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lru: asciilifeform: thanks!
feedbot: << Thimbron -- Bonds and Inflation
feedbot: << btcinfo -- WIP: A static GNAT with musl, NoSuchLabs Edition.
asciilifeform: lol shinohai , wai 'nosuchlabs edition' ? what's next, new 'commodore amiga' ?
asciilifeform feeds the usg.dns beast to keep old links working, but largely indifferent to the name
asciilifeform: '' for instance was simply sold at a discount, coupla bux
asciilifeform: atm they all go to same (arguably over-specced) box
shinohai: At any rate, thanks for handy aggregation of all those deps, made the above far easier to get done.
asciilifeform: yw shinohai
asciilifeform: happy gnat-ing
trinque: thimbronion: ever read heidegger? might be interesting, his project was more or less to digest nietzsche's self-immolation of western thought.
feedbot: << The Montevideo Standard -- No More Dancing: Bars Of Montevideo Slowly Re-Opening In New, Anti-Social Configurations
thimbronion: trinque: I haven't. I will put him on my list.
trinque: I'd check out Being and Time, then What is Called Thinking, then w/e suits you.
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