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shinohai: <<< would like to hear asciilifeform 's thoughts on "why detached sigs" when he has spare time.
snsabot: (trilema) 2020-01-15 diana_coman: hardly seems worth it though for that sort of case and I don't quite have any other clear reason for detached sig on vpatches.
feedbot: << Qntra -- USG.NSA And Microsoft Push "Emergency" Windows Crypto Update While Depreciating Windows 7
asciilifeform: shinohai: mp will helpfully illustrate why, when he breaks it ( similarly to how it was mengele who finally demonstrated 'what happens when cut out liver and sew back up' )
shinohai: It just feels neater, at any rate, to put sigs from ppl in your wot in `seals/` imho
asciilifeform: shinohai: nuffin to do with 'feels neater'.
shinohai: No, of course not but I simply like well organized things.
asciilifeform: detached sigs are indep. of the signed matter and of ea. other, which gives decentralized ( folx dun need to 'ask permission' to sign ) and lang-indep. system.
asciilifeform: mp otoh wants, naturally, centralized reich, with self as 'sun emperor'. entirely logical that he'd want to break v in specifically this way.
asciilifeform: i expect at some pt he'll 'reinvent' pki also. what insubordinate nonsense, where plebes can rsa w/out permission from the throne!1
asciilifeform: fwiw shinohai fella was quite up-front re what he is, w/ the 'meaning flows from structure of authority' etc.
asciilifeform: this aint some kinda 'bait & switch', but logical flow from his quite overt 'i am god-emperor' pos.
asciilifeform: shinohai: ftr i dun have a problem w/ crackpots making broken/incompat. vtrons. it only becomes a problem if you want to work with'em. i'ma ignore, just as i ignore microshit's idea of crypto.
shinohai: ^ This is of course the proper stance, simply kek and move on.
asciilifeform: this sorta clownade may be new/interesting to american folx, but on asciilifeform's homeworld there is looong history of this. the finale is quite predictable.
snsabot: (trilema) 2017-11-14 asciilifeform: when asciilifeform wanted to read lysenko in the original , he had to visit the rarest-rarities reading room in american national lib of medicine
asciilifeform: '3rd dud harvest in a row' 'let's shoot more wreckers' '4th dud harvest...' 'shoot more wreckers' etc
asciilifeform: i'll admit it aint clear to me why folx want to endlessly re-enact the tragicomedies of 20th c. on tabletop. but evidently some do.
asciilifeform finds it interesting how 'god emperors' ~never seem to realize that they themselves breed 'pantsuits' ( typically dim folx, trying to act on their entirely unsurprising disillusionment w/ concept of 'meaning from structure of authority' ) -- rather like how population of vermin explodes in time of war
feedbot: << bvt's backtrace -- Re PBRT
feedbot: << Bingology - BingoBoingo's Blog -- Argentina Getting Pissy With Uruguay Envy
asciilifeform: lol BingoBoingo , botched 'amazon' delivery ?!
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Apparently was flourish in delivering cordero for an asado.
asciilifeform: dunno that i'd want to eat a meat dropped from chopper ( expect it'd be rather like to eat roadkill, in re texture ) but to each his own
BingoBoingo: Well, they dropped it into a pool
asciilifeform: dun expect it makes a detectable diff, water ~= cement after '10 story' or so drop
Apocalyptic: "water ~= cement after '10 story'" indeed
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