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btcvixen: yeah it would have helped... but overall you just seem to be a shallow man that doesn't seem to realize the entire scope of human individuality
btcvixen: My mind, my strength, and my integrity are worth far more than those 2 bitcents of pittance you offer me.
btcvixen: I know who I am, and any little opinion you have is worthless to me.
btcvixen: just because you say otherwise doesn't mean anything. You may have money but the one thing you don't have is authority over my identity.
btcvixen: i did what you asked for, why not extend yourself as promised. I told you who I am. I know who I am.
btcvixen: where do you get off on this?
btcvixen: and you are denying me what you asked for females
btcvixen: Yes it does, as my government id says "Sex: F"
btcvixen: just because your personal philosophy doesn't accept who i am as a person doesn't invalidate me or my identity.
btcvixen: there's XX males and XY females
btcvixen: why is it when i am hormonally female i function so much more clearly and feel so much more comfortable
btcvixen: is this the purpose of your whole little thing?
btcvixen: shinohai, did you purposefully bring me here to mock me?
btcvixen: I am female.
btcvixen: it's not fraud, i am who i am.
btcvixen: i would have been fine if ben_vulpes did not blow up my spot.
btcvixen: but i am female
btcvixen: You asked for females to show you tits. I am female, I showed you tits. Why are my real tits less legitimate than a female with silicon tits?
btcvixen: or do you have special rules for me based on a whisper?
btcvixen: do you ask for anyone elses vagina/
btcvixen: i can show you that
btcvixen: my id says female though
btcvixen: i have no make up though
btcvixen: i can add face my mistake
btcvixen: okay
btcvixen: mircea_popescu, case sensitive?
btcvixen: actually i might skip that part since it's hard enough to write numbers mirrored on my own tits
btcvixen: mircea_popescu, can i throw my twitter or chaturbate there too or just the code?
btcvixen: ask mircea
btcvixen: oh cool, already got my tits.
btcvixen: okay lemme go get a sharpie and my tits lol.
btcvixen: I was thinking of writing a book.... entitled "from hashcodes to Heroin: a bitcoin legacy"
btcvixen: instead i'm camwhoring.
btcvixen: i've been cleaned up since march though, but i really could've used that $100 million
btcvixen: mircea_popescu, i generated 6600 coins cpu back in 2010, unfortuantely i got raped and spent them on heroin and they were gone by march of 2012 when they were worth $2 a pop
btcvixen: lol, i've been spectating it for several years.
btcvixen: I have been patiently waiting here for this, almost in disbelief in what sort of digital harem you've managed to accumulate.
btcvixen: mircea_popescu, yes
btcvixen: hey ben_vulpes
btcvixen: really the reason i started camming
btcvixen: not much, really hoping to get into motorcycle racing
btcvixen: shore area :)
btcvixen: new jersey
btcvixen: name is Jade, btw.
btcvixen: can i link my chaturbate channel here?
btcvixen: shinohai, can i whore my stuff here?
btcvixen: pornhub
btcvixen: i have cam4 profile, chaturbate profile
btcvixen: yeah
btcvixen: where do I prove I've been naked before?
btcvixen: oh neat.
btcvixen: what do I Have to decorate on my tits now?
btcvixen: so what do I have to do?