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RusAlex: hi, thanks for voicing. just found a link on and Im here.
alex__c: she won the contest, btw
alex__c: nothing really.. went for Amish when ppl asked
alex__c: 2 KKK guys, another with the kekistan flag lol
alex__c: meanwhile in Timisoara, yesterday's Halloween party:
alex__c: she cute
alex__c: that's still in beta mkay
alex__c: unsure if you're talking about Aurora/Flavia or some other flea market
alex__c: eh, didn't find one that both me and gf would find attractive
alex__c: I had lotus on facebook, unfriended recently; he still misses Fain if you can believe that
alex__c: thanks diana_coman
alex__c: gotta triple check I have the password saved somewhere
alex__c: at any rate, rent price in Timisoara has been going up in the past 1-2 years
alex__c: Cairo probably
alex__c: can't find any further explanation on what investing means, and how to prove it
alex__c: or, it's 4 years if you 'invest' in Romania at least 1`000`000 euro lol
alex__c: + some other assorted requirements
alex__c: checked out of curiosity.. for a Romanian passport you need Ro citizenship.. and in turn, you can get citizenship after 8 years of having lived here
alex__c: so.. do I have to join #eulora specifically to get an account for the game?
alex__c: thanks
alex_c: hello :)
alexsanjose: if you come across in humans in Central America who have bitcoin gambling operations and they want to talk to a reporter, tell them i dont bite
alexsanjose: enchanting even
alexsanjose: illuminating
alexsanjose: well thank u guys
alexsanjose: thank u
alexsanjose: that was very clear
alexsanjose: independent of this whole us gambling regulatory backstory
alexsanjose: so u really see it as a separate phenomenon
alexsanjose: so the question is whether bitcoin -- which is outside of traditionally banking -- allows bettors and sites to sidestep all the regulatory hassle (in addition to lowering costs, etc_)
alexsanjose: but as soon as the bank does that, they can go after you for fraud, money laundering,e tc in addition to violating UIGEA]
alexsanjose: these are anecdotes from people in the industry anyway
alexsanjose: or a runner ould show up at your house for the cash
alexsanjose: and not to bet
alexsanjose: saying that it was to buy golf balls
alexsanjose: banks would have to misclassifry transactions
alexsanjose: how so
alexsanjose: but they had to resort to really sketchy stuff to get money fto and from clients
alexsanjose: there are plenty
alexsanjose: so by penalizing the payment process, they brought banks into it
alexsanjose: but it s not just poker
alexsanjose: because the 2006 law makes it illegal to accept payments associated iwth "unlawful: online gambling
alexsanjose: but it became increaseingly harder to process payments
alexsanjose: some of outfits continued to operate
alexsanjose: because after 2006, and especially ater 2011 when the doj shut down the three major online poker establishments that us plays could illegally access
alexsanjose: do u think that online bitcoin gambling has benefitted from the troubles regular online gambling outfits have faced -with paymnet systems since UIGEA?
alexsanjose: which makes all this super relevant
alexsanjose: but as u note its a global phenomenon
alexsanjose: if it s happening there, i need to bring in that element
alexsanjose: i didnt lie
alexsanjose: i m almost done, apols for having taken up so much of your time
alexsanjose: do u see bitcoin gambling spreading? despite the regulatory push in the US and people s fears about volatility etc?
alexsanjose: i dont have a law degree. i did cover the CFTC for a while
alexsanjose: which penalizes a funds transfer, etc
alexsanjose: then u d be ok prolly on UIGEA
alexsanjose: well if u could win on this argument -- It is our considered opinion that Bitcoin does not constitute either “Money” as discussed in the second reference nor does a purchase of a Bitcoin denominated virtual security such as offered on MPEx constitute “the placing of capital or laying out of money” as discussed in the first reference.
alexsanjose: oh the mpex - satoshi thing
alexsanjose: which bit
alexsanjose: do you bitcoin gamlbing will be found by courts to run afoul of it?
alexsanjose: the 2006 us gambling law -- u familiar?
alexsanjose: so UIGEA
alexsanjose: thanks
alexsanjose: who s furuknap
alexsanjose: u familiar with UIGEA etc?
alexsanjose: after 2009
alexsanjose: i ve heard of the internets. i think al gore made them
alexsanjose: but i m wondering if the bitcoin gambling sites flock to the same plays where vanilla online gambling was big
alexsanjose: (i get your prior point abt locations being interchangeable)
alexsanjose: do you have a sense of where many are set up
alexsanjose: nest pas?
alexsanjose: a question i forgot from earlier that i think i know the answer to -- mp -- u have no way of tracking where your customers are or who they are
alexsanjose: anyway
alexsanjose: i know it s silly
alexsanjose: in order to justify doing this story
alexsanjose: i need some in Costa RIca to talk to me
alexsanjose: thank u
alexsanjose: it s beautiful and round
alexsanjose: what happened to the spoon feeding :)
alexsanjose: why 128?
alexsanjose: who 128?
alexsanjose: which brings me to my next unknowable question -- the value of the industry
alexsanjose: i understand but these are the things editors yearn for
alexsanjose: seems like there are tons
alexsanjose: coinbet? cloudbet strkesapphire seals w clubs
alexsanjose: of the percent of bitcoin transactions that are for gambling
alexsanjose: another one -- what about an estimate on the number of online gambling operations in bitcoin
alexsanjose: if only i d gone to Mizzou
alexsanjose: ugh. any thots on getting an updated figure?
alexsanjose: but who counted it
alexsanjose: i get that the ledger is countable
alexsanjose: u have a source on that?
alexsanjose: so some industry stat questions -- a lotta stories say half of bitcoin transactions are online gambling related --
alexsanjose: but what did u do there for 3 years?
alexsanjose: so zero ties to CR
alexsanjose: but are u based in the UK then?
alexsanjose: or "dateline the world"
alexsanjose: if only i could write "dateline cyberspace"
alexsanjose: it s global story
alexsanjose: i agree w u
alexsanjose: ergo i ask if u are said comapny
alexsanjose: but i also have to talk to a company that has something there -- a call center, a server, a license
alexsanjose: look, u have important privacy concerns which i can only begin to imagine.
alexsanjose: i tried to pitch it as a world news thing
alexsanjose: its somewhat silly
alexsanjose: because i can t really write the story unless i can tie it somehow to the region i cover
alexsanjose: an online gambling site
alexsanjose: i mean to operate
alexsanjose: to ill
alexsanjose: <+mircea_popescu> can u at least confirm u re licensed in CR?
alexsanjose: i recommend the guayaba
alexsanjose: Boingo is a decent juice maker down here incidentally
alexsanjose: u should come over to the dark side BingoBoingo
alexsanjose: we reporters, we like locations
alexsanjose: however
alexsanjose: i get that cyber shizel makes some of these considerations less relevant
alexsanjose: i cover economics and markets if i cant help it in mexico
alexsanjose: like the undisclosed number of humans that work for bitbet and the servers
alexsanjose: and what about location?
alexsanjose: take that, AP
alexsanjose: and it wont be disclosed i take it
alexsanjose: and how many employees do u have on just the bitbet end?
alexsanjose: beats the sands for higher average bet u mean
alexsanjose: hahaha
alexsanjose: one becomes a journalist bc one is bad at it
alexsanjose: yes math
alexsanjose: so 10,000 bets, of 15,000 btc in a little over a year
alexsanjose: so i can use the above phrasing?
alexsanjose: 15k btc in total bets -- from jan 2013 to march 2014?
alexsanjose: bet volume
alexsanjose: ok that was my next question
alexsanjose: but that s cool
alexsanjose: alexsanjose does
alexsanjose: ie do u have accurate figures on how many active users u have
alexsanjose: can u track all those bets to the same user
alexsanjose: in 2 months
alexsanjose: and i made say three bets
alexsanjose: but here s my question -- so if i can go on, without registering, logging into an account --
alexsanjose: well i ll miss the spoon feeding
alexsanjose: hahaha
alexsanjose: that person will sadly not be alexsanjose
alexsanjose: thank u
alexsanjose: is there a way to estimate that if folks dont have their own accounts?
alexsanjose: what about active users?
alexsanjose: i guess i can do math
alexsanjose: do u have that info?
alexsanjose: cuz u were operating a full year
alexsanjose: so -- apols if this is out there -- but i see monthly profits. DO u have annual for 2013?
alexsanjose: thank u guys
alexsanjose: minus 1 pct
alexsanjose: is it possible for u to win and have no net gain? like so many humans take the same side as u and no one opposes and so u all just get back what u put in?
alexsanjose: and rake is charged immediately?
alexsanjose: ah rejected possible topics bets! i thot u meant that if someone wants to bet too little money their bet was rejected
alexsanjose: but wait it s not 4 am there
alexsanjose: u still there?
alexsanjose: oh really?
alexsanjose: is there a min or max for the bets?
alexsanjose: so wait, why do bets get rejected?
alexsanjose: de donde sos
alexsanjose: pura vida
alexsanjose: was just there covering elections but back in mexico city
alexsanjose: this is the best interview ever :)
alexsanjose: oh man
alexsanjose: why rejected?
alexsanjose: BingoBoingo, do u mind if i ask u what your role is w bitbet since u re kindly asnwering a bunch of my qs?
alexsanjose: haha! and do u deliberately try to space out the bets so a tricle of them are coming due every week month etc?
alexsanjose: for example there is a way to say "my" when u mean "myhusband" and a different "my" for "my bitcoin wallet" cuz humans matter more
alexsanjose: but i digress
alexsanjose: no its just interesting. for english speakers romance languages sorta open your world view when they teach u subjunctive and then the african languages is like a whol different kettle of fish
alexsanjose: but who s interviewing who :)
alexsanjose: its like an alternative view of reality
alexsanjose: Malinke is awesome
alexsanjose: and where do the bets come from? is that something you guys come up w ?
alexsanjose: i ll look for it later
alexsanjose: cape verdean creole is like simplified portuguese - mo ki bu sta?
alexsanjose: so what is the breakdown on profit -- rake v advertising?
alexsanjose: thanks
alexsanjose: and does that account for 100 pct of the profit?
alexsanjose: and what s the rake?
alexsanjose: but if i lose?
alexsanjose: its february, 2015. obama has overlooked a growing trend and failed to mention those two syllables -- i lose 100 pct of the bet i placed, no?
alexsanjose: wouldnt i tho?
alexsanjose: if i lose i lose the entire 1 btc i bet, correct?
alexsanjose: but on the mechanics of it, kust to be simple, assuming the odds dont change -- i put in 1 btc and get out 1.24 if i win
alexsanjose: the odds shift as the numbers of players and amounts of bets shifts the balance on either side?
alexsanjose: ie, if u bet 1 btc, and obama says it before jan 2015, you get 1.24683344 BTC
alexsanjose: and the odds below lay out your earnings should u win
alexsanjose: so u bet the sum that u wish
alexsanjose: prolly some sort of ethics violation there. i ll ask tho
alexsanjose: kind of u
alexsanjose: it costs me 0.22 BTC if i want to bet yes?
alexsanjose: so if i bet that obama is going to say bitcoin before 2015
alexsanjose: thanks
alexsanjose: transfer money from their wallet
alexsanjose: i was just surprised because i know the sites i m familiar with require custoemrs to set up an account
alexsanjose: hard currency is so 2009 i know :)
alexsanjose: why s that
alexsanjose: i m a consommate luddite
alexsanjose: so i read the faq on the website, but can you walk me thru placing a bet?
alexsanjose: colones
alexsanjose: hahaha
alexsanjose: what currency?