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mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, so, nobody gives a shit about empire ? kinda self-obvious result, neh.
mp_en_viaje: oh btw
mp_en_viaje: hey phf, since i'll be in minsk for a while, how inconvenient is it to hop in a plane, come have a beefsteak or something ?
mp_en_viaje: or are you back on east coast
mp_en_viaje: BingoBoingo, the lulziest part comes at the end.
mp_en_viaje: so : 1. "Juan Sartori, hasta el domingo 30 precandidato por el Partido Nacional y propietario del portal Ecos, decidió que ese medio abandonará el periodismo y pasará a formar parte de su aparato de propaganda, y así se lo comunicó este martes a los periodistas que lo integran."
mp_en_viaje: this 1 meaning, that "the workers", in a very lofty plural, NOT ACTUALLY WORKING for a thing NOT ACTUALLY MAKING ANY MONEY by very far (which'd be the MEASURE of working), found out that yes, the necessary correlate of not working is not being free.
mp_en_viaje: shock and awe, a bunch of idle cuntlets went to new york to "be journalists" aka "do whatever the fuck i please all day as if i were mp" only to discover mp is mp because mp, not because new york, and cowpoke girl from indiana doesn't get away from HAVING TO suck cock just because got away from indiana.
mp_en_viaje: wow and awe.
mp_en_viaje: but moving on : 2 . "El mensaje lo transmitió uno de sus asesores, ; además que los periodistas que no estuvieran de acuerdo, tenían que presentar la renuncia y que no les correspondía el despido"
mp_en_viaje: this even way the fuck loftier 2 meaning, that "the message was transmitted by ~ONE OF THE~ hounds" of this sartori comedian. because he's so lofty and important and practically speaking a nation in himself, he can't even fucking talk, like trump. he has a humongous (you better believe) horde of vechili & other nigger handles at his beck and call. he's just that fuckign cool, what.
mp_en_viaje: and the ~content~ of that grandiosely transmitted message, with such grandeur as we have discussed let it not be forgotten, was that the pretense to independence requires the acts of independence!!! the precious cuntlets can't place the burden of their own independence on others not even when it comes to "who calls who"! THEY have to call, if they want to be "human persons, just like men are".
mp_en_viaje: just as importantly : that "the state" and "laws and regulations", ie this complex construction of precious cuntlets supposedly there to guarantee them costless independence, ie that they can go around dressed as if they;re whores (by which "dressed" we mean -- having a cunt between the legs, that's all the dressing required for [
mp_en_viaje: n-73.1-79.1][the natural obligation]) and i'll pay men to guard them lest anyone does the deed, and cashes the check they're writing.
mp_en_viaje: that the femstate, i say, DOES NOT EXIST, and DOES NOT MATTER. hurr. duh. omgwtfbbq, and they thought they were "periodistas", ie, cyclerers. which is somehow different from historical womanhood, they're the special cuntlets of 2019, so, so very unlikely every other generation of "grin and bear it"... empirebuilders, let's say.
mp_en_viaje: as you can see, lofty topics, aerated pretense, serious fucking problems. a clash of civilisation altogether, the hopes and dreams of hu-midity revolting against the hu-manity and its constraints! oh-wee!
mp_en_viaje: except, of course, then we come to the actual punchline. 3 : "El equipo periodístico, integrado por una editora, un subeditor y cuatro periodistas"
mp_en_viaje: a four-nigger farm! the whole fucking discussion is about this married couple and their four niggers! they work together ten acres of shitty land, half corn, half cotton. THESE are the lofty concerns. this is what "the state" is supposed to exist atop and deal with ?
mp_en_viaje: then these completely inconsequential morons come to the republic and pretend to act as if the roles are completely reversed! as if they're some kinda big deal, as if the republic were anything other than their eternal lord and master.
bvt: hello. i have also prepared a work schedule document; however internet at my workplace died this week, will post the plan as soon as the internet goes back up; the plan for next two weeks is to get to ffa14b, update asm code to it; after that, i will have a look at some other work.
mp_en_viaje: internet at workplace died ?! this world!
bvt: well, i still have access to irc/inet at saltmine; and working offline is also possible, so i don't waste time in meantime.
mp_en_viaje: ah, i'm sure you don't. just... i am starting to suspect "internet problems" will become the fish store joke of our generation.
mp_en_viaje: the internet may become more alike a dream than a lived reality.
diana_coman: well, it'll "work" up to local isp that serves the lolcats required and nobody will even notice
mp_en_viaje: god knows nobody notices ~anything even now ; and who the fuck noticed jack shit in 1980 ; or for that matter...
bvt: i see, when the last person who was there when the isp was set up retires... ; the internet situation in germany is outrageous -- dsl everywhere, highest prices for shittiest quality, providers (2 or 3 that are still there) making sure that no fiber gets to the customers, etc (iirc they invested heavily in copper 'cause "isdn is the future!" in 90ties).
mp_en_viaje: !Qlater tell hanbot "Dr. Nut was a soft drink produced by New Orleans-based World Bottling Company. It was introduced in the 1930s and was produced until the late 1970s."
lobbesbot: mp_en_viaje: The operation succeeded.
mp_en_viaje: bvt, you'll end up moving to romania, where they have fiber to the door (unlike the us, say). but the problem is... IT TAKES THEM THREE WEEKS!!!! to get a new connection in
mp_en_viaje: ie, there's no real solution to the problems of women in the workforce. even antique (ie, very good, leftover) infrastructure is not enough by itself.
mp_en_viaje: in other lulz : fast food across the way adverises this comical mascot, "kroshka kartoshka"
mp_en_viaje: i'm almost considering going, which'd be like the first time mustachioed advertising manages to call to action
mp_en_viaje: meanwhile, back from a modest breakfast built around poached eggs and Брэст-Літоўск smoked cheese.
mp_en_viaje: take THAT alfie!
mp_en_viaje: speaking of : BingoBoingo you must cease this 9 digit invoice thing, it's fucking up my copy/pasting. there can't be sub-satoshi divisions can there ?
a111: Logged on 2019-06-14 19:38 deedbot: Invoiced mircea_popescu 0.469075862 << Annual Colocation for Two S.MG servers through June 2020
feedbot: << Trilema -- MiniGame (S.MG) Statement on Q2 2019
feedbot: << The Tar Pit -- CL-WHO demo: The Coad Pit
asciilifeform: << strangely enuff, it appears to be the ~only thing that actually worx better in asciilifeform's penal colony than in cr, europistan, etc. currently. ( and prolly tbf must note that this working fiber -- costs what could almost feed small orc family in ro etc )
a111: Logged on 2019-07-05 08:25 mp_en_viaje: the internet may become more alike a dream than a lived reality.
mp_en_viaje: i dunno man, i have fiber cable right here in minsk.
mp_en_viaje: and not THAT expensive, either.
asciilifeform: and doesn't randomly fart ?
asciilifeform: << over here also 'to the door' BUT if you want it, yer stuck living in vehehehery small % of the ameri-landmass, it is ~unobtainable anywhere outside of major 'nuke target' cities and their suburbs
a111: Logged on 2019-07-05 09:00 mp_en_viaje: bvt, you'll end up moving to romania, where they have fiber to the door (unlike the us, say). but the problem is... IT TAKES THEM THREE WEEKS!!!! to get a new connection in
mp_en_viaje: not so far ; moreover, it's not even the 60mbps thing. it's the 3ms pings.
asciilifeform: notbad, approx same as here. (and presumably 10x cheaper)
mp_en_viaje: bout fiddy bux
asciilifeform: aa so 2x
asciilifeform: does back-connecting work ?
mp_en_viaje: haven't so far tried.
asciilifeform found that reasonable trb noad more or less requires adult fiber. set it up one time in a commercial pad where 'commercial cable', would sit for months and not sync
mp_en_viaje: incidentally, does anyone recall the (i suspect antique) trilema piece where various things (such as, insane us medical """costs"'") were explained in terms of "whenever one party pays and another party benefits you get chaos" ?
mp_en_viaje: in what's becoming a god damned tradition, i can't fucking find it.
a111: Logged on 2019-07-05 11:15 mp_en_viaje: speaking of : BingoBoingo you must cease this 9 digit invoice thing, it's fucking up my copy/pasting. there can't be sub-satoshi divisions can there ?
BingoBoingo: This seems to be close, but I suspect not quite on its own what you are seeking:
feedbot: << Trilema -- How the good folk at Kjlberggata 29B, 0653 Oslo, Norway (dba variously as "Central City Apartments", "", "REISE BYR BALA SUMAN BALASUNDARAM" etcetera) attempt to scam me went ; what dealing with Oslo police is l
BingoBoingo: Then there's which hits the US crowning Obama fail
BingoBoingo: Thought you'd enjoy that lul. Huge fuss over six bodies receiving messages from on high by guy who really wanted to be president of a people he can't bring himself to talk to.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, nah, it was detailed, and much earlier. i suspect 2012
asciilifeform: possibly ro era
mp_en_viaje: sadly. makes any search that more dubious.
mp_en_viaje: whoa that obama piece is strong
mp_en_viaje: now why the fuck are "comments closed" ?!
asciilifeform: 1st time i see this on mp_en_viaje's www. (maybe elbowed wrong button?)
mp_en_viaje: me either ?! nfi when or how tho
asciilifeform: and lol! they rented mp_en_viaje a janitor closet, for cost of whole flat?!!
mp_en_viaje: you know ?
asciilifeform: based on phf's reports, even in india this aint a thing in 21st c
mp_en_viaje: anyway, fixed the weirdness re comments
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, nowhere i know of ; not in africa, nowhere. oslo only feature, nordic system.
asciilifeform: do they have equiv. of usa's 'small claims court' in naggumistan ?
BingoBoingo: Nordic system: hardscarbble derps derping along to soften hard environment imagine the tourists want their accomodations to mimic Nordic austerity hell as well
mp_en_viaje: how they live with the shame is anyone's guess ; but the norwegians have plenty to be ashamed for.
asciilifeform: seems like textbook case for smallclaims
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, i dun even want the dough ; i want that thing ended.
BingoBoingo: And small claims rarely kills, except when it does
asciilifeform: i bet losing case over even just the cost of that room would kill it
mp_en_viaje: item belongs as a museum of european stupidity.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: the police report and all of the claims appear to be in order. Gotta beat the fucks and put fear into the scammers that didn't have the fortune of crossing MP.
BingoBoingo: "Wow this scamming the tourists business got awfully dangerous all of a sudden, lets go back to scamming the downtrodden"
asciilifeform: tourist in any shithole country is 'king and god', i have nfi how their own ministry of tourism avoids nailing this idiot
BingoBoingo: Because Norway isn't a county. It is just a shithole.
asciilifeform: not even speaking of wandering mp filing lawsuit, how the fuk does something like this stay in biz for yrs
mp_en_viaje: in other local flavour : a) never in life seen so many drunks ambling about, not even in ro 90s, not in moscow 90s, never. this place is something else. b) never before seen radical feminist hairdo that works well! they have them here, just complimented girl on her peculiar shaved sides with thick braid on top of head. cute as fuck.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, possibly by nobody complaining.
BingoBoingo: Well if you get enough puppies, they'll eventualy get tired and cuddle up for protection. This doesn't actually offer any actual protection against "the bad" no one locally wants to be.
BingoBoingo: It just means if no one complains because there are no tourists, no one rocks the boat. Lest they become the sad puppy in Nordic system.
asciilifeform: this is good q -- are there even tourists in naggumistan on typical biz day
mp_en_viaje: c) these people are genuinely fucking nice to a degree not seen since costa rica. they're not usually very efectual, for systematic reasons beyond their control, but holy shit they WANNA help.
asciilifeform: ( to see -- what ? naggum's tomb? fjords ? )
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, according to multiple sources, not nearly as used to be.
asciilifeform: not difficult to guess why...
mp_en_viaje: mostly other-nordic kids, who apparently are just as fucked in the head, but stuck with a more functional country against their will.
mp_en_viaje: needless to say the experience cut stockholm off map ; and possibly copenhagen also.
asciilifeform: in asciilifeform's extended meatwot, there was a d00d who moved to norway. declared that it was on acct of some peculiar heathen music he played in a band, that is in fashion there, stayed, he said, for the pliable chix
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: iirc sex per se is moar or less illegal in stockholm.
mp_en_viaje: pliable in what sense ? all i perceived was neurosis.
asciilifeform: ( if assange et al is anyffing to go by -- just landing there with an intact cock prolly is worth coupla thou in legal bill )
mp_en_viaje: poland, pliable. minsk so fucking pliable they come talk to you. norway ridoinculous.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i did not follow him to naggumistan, never found out what he meant. ( and fella wasn't ever heard from since. )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: in sovok sphere, they in fact ~will~ talk to you. (even when abroad, in deepest swamp of washingtonistan, ru chix in crowd watching some 'occupy!11' nonsense, found somehow asciilifeform in the crowd and spoke !) they do this, the generally accepted theory is, on acct of plain demographic catastrophe .
asciilifeform: in sovok world, detectable shortage of males as such.
asciilifeform: and i'm speaking of generic people, even; i imagine mp_en_viaje had to beat'em away with sticks.
mp_en_viaje: in other sads, went through all ro articles searching for reasonable terms, could not find item. im pretty sure it was english, early english. oy vey.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, my theory is, tbh, mental heath.
asciilifeform: of whom ?
mp_en_viaje: girl aged <30 that manages to go through entire week without approaching ~at least~ few males and then does not leave the fucking place, is on that basis alone broken in the head to clinically relevant levesl.
mp_en_viaje: very much like a pizarro that manages to go through week without approaching any customers.
mp_en_viaje: it's not like that cunt's gonna fill itself.
mp_en_viaje: nor is this peculiar burden on girl. i don't stick around in idiotlands either, once it's discovered it's also abandoned.
mp_en_viaje: if she genuinely sees NO ONE to talk to, what the fuck is she thinking being there.
mp_en_viaje: after 30, w/e, "gotta take care of dependents" what have you. but a young woman with wallflower syndrome's not healthy.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: speaking of the (entirely fair) 'customers, motherfuckers' prod from mp_en_viaje : i'ma take the smg broadcast as official marching order re the machine delivery, and make the purchases, so we've what to sell . ( and on that front, the mips item is ready for war. i'ma also need to cuntoo . )
mp_en_viaje: anyway, re sticks : no sticks necessary, even vaguely. sane people do the look and nod thing, like argentine tango used to work (century ago, when they still had it).
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, yes, iirc i was held to pay for a piece of hardware to replace extant ? or was it two ?
mp_en_viaje: aite, plox to bill at convenience.
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: will. and BingoBoingo as i understand piz is paying for transport ? ( rather , asciilifeform pays, asciilifeform owes piz, plox to credit it , when billed , against his tab )
BingoBoingo: re: tango - Replaced over here among the young by Cumbia provided the old women don't kill what's left of nightlife on their way out
a111: Logged on 2019-07-03 19:29 BingoBoingo: Also in local news, "What is nightlife and why should anything happen after midnight?"
mp_en_viaje surveys his (no doubt painstakingly reconstructed) "southern homes and gardens 1980 edition" interior, chuckles at himself.
asciilifeform: 'партия сказала: надо! комсомол ответил : есть!'(tm)(r)
mp_en_viaje: belarus has such a vhs america hardon like YOU COULD NOT BELIEVE
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Works
mp_en_viaje: i expect you could get yourself free drinks for rest of life in any bar of your choice here, on the strength of "i used to live in wash dc" stories.
asciilifeform: as mp_en_viaje prolly already knew decades ago, 'vhs amer' is ~religion for sovok orcs.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform absolutely gotta try minsk asap. evne their industrial foodstuffs are not that bad, they somehow manage to buy the machines without the evil pastes, put genuine ingredients in.
asciilifeform: they take in 1980s rubbish, 'diehard' etc, with mother's milk
a111: Logged on 2017-08-24 17:24 asciilifeform: e.g. film 'diehard' ended up translated by one 'genius' to title 'умри тяжело'
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: i picture food situation much like in ro, aha. minus the rubbish trucked in from germany.
mp_en_viaje: honestly it's perhaps better.
asciilifeform: ( interestingly, in proper ru, i am told, not so great, 'americanization' is making inroads there )
mp_en_viaje: i guess increasing salaries worst thing for the people.
asciilifeform: absolutely deadly
mp_en_viaje: they still make the god's given 3-400/month here, place is beautiful.
mp_en_viaje: ru more like 1k right ?
asciilifeform: i was told 200-300 was typical in timis.
mp_en_viaje: somethinglikethat, anyway.
asciilifeform: nfi how solid this figure.
mp_en_viaje: lol, watching girlparty returning ladden in groceries tryina open the door on teh security webcam thingee. will amusements never cease!
asciilifeform: there's also moving parts , orcologically speaking, that asciilifeform doesn't at all understand. e.g. how , in fucktarded argentinistan, typical orc 'can't buy empanada except on layaway' but somehow flat still costs 300k(us)
mp_en_viaje: cuz everyone's a lawyer and lotta printolade.
mp_en_viaje: i understand it fine.
asciilifeform: bbut somehow still 'empanada on layaway' ?
asciilifeform: i.e. can't buy it with the printolade or pyramid would topple ?
asciilifeform: i recall a mp_en_viaje article where there was detailed portrait of argentine 'academic', with bow tie etc, demanding shop credit line to buy a pair of boots or what was it
mp_en_viaje: socks.
mp_en_viaje: very much a turkey dollar problem. everyone's rich in jam tomorrow, jam today on ration card.
asciilifeform saw an almost 'argentine'-grade scene at trump fest. wanted to buy bottle of ice water. went into queue, of six people or so. then noticed that queue dun move ~at all. assumed, like idiot, 'hm must be out of water? waiting for truck with moar?' -- then got to end of queue, and jaw dropped. vendor chix was counting change ~on calculator~. bbut! calculator ~on ipnoje~, so therefore also attending, must have, to arsebook etc. ping
asciilifeform: maybe 10 whole min. per bottle.
asciilifeform: for that matter, where was the 'genius' who even thought to price bottle '2.73' or what it was.
mp_en_viaje: what's wrong with just giving her three bucks ?
mp_en_viaje: o wait... NOBODY HAS THREE DOLLARS.
asciilifeform: and ran!
asciilifeform: there was even an indian d00d who offered her a 20 and 'stop counting the change for next n people omfg and move the fucking line'
BingoBoingo: lol, dafuq
asciilifeform: this was 1st such scene that i've personally witnessed
asciilifeform: i can only guess that nowadays if, in this here colony, you can 'do floating point' you will work somewhere other than the scorching swamp heat selling bottles..
asciilifeform: chix, evidently, came from factory without fpu installed.
BingoBoingo: The biggest danger here with lines is when the tills run out of change. The very sad mass people movers will even have signs begging folks to buy their tickets with the 2 peso coin
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: for all i know, this kinda thing has been 'normal' here for yrs. asciilifeform simply stays out, usually, from mass panem et circenses scenes, simply not seen
asciilifeform: fwiw it was such a sad chunk of sadness that i regret what spent on the train ticket, not even speaking of time.
BingoBoingo: Back in old country at such events there was always a certain caste of old women attending to or supervising such concessions for their ability to make change or round the damn prices.
asciilifeform: i did learn that ccd in camera can overheat, had nfi this was possible.
BingoBoingo: With that 2017 eclipse, I though a lot of people learned ccd's can overheat
asciilifeform: yea but this one wasn't pointed at solar corona or anyffin of the kind
asciilifeform: simply had the misfortune to be out of the shade, in godforsaken swampistan
asciilifeform: was filming, like idiot, 'cuz any minute nao, TANKS!1111', in 60fps '4k'
asciilifeform went like clockwork to 4 jul fireworx fest for 15 yrs nao, but this might be last one
mp_en_viaje: finally getting off your own vhs america hardon ?
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: lol 'off' circa 1995 or so
mp_en_viaje: !!key Gorwrath
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: found, by way of the misfortunate outing , that oddball chinese 'falung gong' cult in washingtonistan has ~300 people ~in orchestra~ alone. holyfuq.
asciilifeform: whole thing must've moved here.
mp_en_viaje: prolly being financed by as "useful subversives".
asciilifeform: since day1 afaik
mp_en_viaje: lotta ro "academics" in same zoo.
mp_en_viaje: spyked, << is this even a good idea ? why would you want to interleave lisp and html ? how the fuck is anyone gonna debug the salad ?
mp_en_viaje: BingoBoingo, not it sadly.
asciilifeform: ( for the innocent: at no public function in washingtonistan is 'falung gong' ever absent, and the presence is always in the form of 2-3 platoons of chix holding up posters of where supposedly 'they take us apart alive for organs' )
mp_en_viaje: pretty lulzy alt-world menagerie the usg is building for itself.
asciilifeform: large zoo. e.g. 1 time i saw coupla 100 persia-flavoured 'activists' with pickets in front of wh, 'we demand bombing of teheran nao' etc
mp_en_viaje: logic.
mp_en_viaje: whatever, if all the morons that actually want to live in the us gather in washington to populate usg zoos, the world will be better,
mp_en_viaje: and we can just glass washington.
asciilifeform: iirc they started with the cubans
asciilifeform: they filled an entire miami with'em
mp_en_viaje: and look how well that worked, too!
asciilifeform: i have nfi how to even calculate 'worked'. at 1 time, during reign of kennedy, plan was to draft'em into an invasion army. this was done, it was turned into mincemeat, and afaik there was never any 'plan' since
asciilifeform: even when sovok croaked, i dun recall any 'emigre dissidents' being sent back into the crater to help usgificate, rather was done by entirely other folx + locally grown axe handles
feedbot: << Qntra -- British Navy Returns To Piracy With Seizure Of Iranian Oil Tanker, Iran Points Out Their Obligation To Retaliate In Kind
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, as near as i can tell plan was never to "use" in any meaningful sense, certainly not anything beyond "these are '''winners'''' of tournament market, aspire, aspire, aspire!"
asciilifeform: aaa so like the hollywood chix.
a111: Logged on 2019-06-30 05:26 asciilifeform: recall belenko, stole last model mig for.. not even '30 silvers', or esr's 'millions', but for life diet of canned cat food
mp_en_viaje: that's the best theory i got.
asciilifeform: ^ d00d was famous for, among other things, having admitted that he ate for some length of time the cat food, and had nfi what it was, aside from 'it's delish'
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: imho a++ theory. and ties in with the item also.
a111: Logged on 2017-06-08 15:10 asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i can't comment on ro emigres, but with su world there was a lulzy twist : 1st wave (1970s -- largely j000z!11) wrote home, 'i'ma full professor and it rocks, come on over', 2nd wave went, to discover that market -- glut, and hello cab
asciilifeform: i.e. cultivation of 'axe handles' in orclands using miami inhabitants as 'live bait'.
asciilifeform: will admit, even as a boy was thoroughly puzzled, 'for what do they need us in usa, why invited?'
mp_en_viaje: in other news, i spent the weirdest friday night out in memory
asciilifeform nearly forgot, lol, it's, what, 0300 hrs in mp_en_viaje's porta-castle
mp_en_viaje: ate (very nice food, "friendship" pectopan in friendship park, a++ beerhouse, great soup great snitzel etc) ; then went for the "moulin rouge", top best cathouse-cunnyshack. driver takes us to a... well... i dunno, construction yard ? narrow dark alley betwen a concrete wall and some metal panes delimiting an earthy ditch.
mp_en_viaje: so we opt out, go for 2nd best. it is a... well i dunno, basically looked like a bus stop in the distance.
mp_en_viaje: the casinos, those are monumental and marquee up in lights the side of the building. but apparently whorehouses occur in someone's garage.
asciilifeform: why invest in 40 metre neons and megalith if mp_en_viaje will just as happily come to properly equipped garage, maybe is the logic
mp_en_viaje: by their websites you'd think they rebuilt glory days las vegas ; but when you get there it looks more like some over-excited 11th graders got a hold of a dad's computer.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, except mp_en_viaje came by car, left by car the next minute. gotta make mp get out of car yes ?
asciilifeform finds that 'flashy' is ~inversely~ proportional to functionality in erry industry he personally touched. why ought whoring to be exception ?
mp_en_viaje: unless they make their dough at the gas station, i guess.
asciilifeform: hm. but presumably mp_en_viaje left not 'because garage' but because was empty or fulla sad people ?
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, because whoring is not an industry ? the girls don't make axles in there, you realise, it's not cnc milling
asciilifeform: ( or would've stayed if saw neons ?? )
asciilifeform: i admittedly have possibly simplistic picture, where it's quite same as miller
mp_en_viaje: would have ~gone in~ if saw gate worth going through. stayed, not necessarily.
mp_en_viaje: but to stay at all one must first go in.
asciilifeform: only mp_en_viaje can say why did not go in. i cannot.
mp_en_viaje: i would not ditch a, say, electronic parts dealer because his office is in abandoned mall by decrepit diner 20 miles off highway.
mp_en_viaje: i WILL however ditch "luxury boutique hotel" across the way from construction yard.
asciilifeform: is logic here that if it were a quality bordello, neon would be rounding error in operating cost ? and therefore 'wrong gate'
mp_en_viaje: some things sell the steak, some things sell the sizzle. hotels, bars, whorehouses, etc -- these sell the sizzle, there's no steak there.
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, yes.
asciilifeform: a++ heuristic then, makes sense
mp_en_viaje: as someone having run such, i know what to look for.
asciilifeform: iirc mp_en_viaje did one time write a portrait of a sad bordello he went into, (in cr?), where chix on flea mattresses behind curtains. but presumably this -- was for sport
mp_en_viaje: not even sport, not like i fucked anyone. was for blogging, you know, to draw a map gotta draw the limits. just like math analysis, go for the remarkable points of inflection etc.
asciilifeform: this is prolly where asciilifeform ought to honestly admit, that he dun even have the equiv. of 'three grades of church school education' in this subj : in fact had never been to a bordello at all. so the last thing alive vs subj expert.
mp_en_viaje: did not particularly feel like slumming it tonite.
asciilifeform: re 'bottom inflection points' -- iirc mp_en_viaje also described existence of whores in south amer who 'make house call' but haven't own transport
asciilifeform: which was memorably odd and howthefuckdoesitwork
asciilifeform: cannot nao find in O(1) this piece, but iirc had 'picture if you called undertaker, and he replied that he's waiting for a tram with enuff room to bring the coffin'
mp_en_viaje: amusing rotard hanger-on was just complaining about it, as it happens, "because he has detected my hypocrisy", or however it works in their brains
asciilifeform: i'ma guess that these come from same fountain of liquishit as the 'hotel' in oslo -- i.e. clients unequipped to distinguish the sham from real deal
mp_en_viaje: (there's different place where i explain that romanian "business owner" ie rotto in culo making 5k/year hussing the street has no business owning car. THEREFORE I CONTRADICT SELF!!!
mp_en_viaje: cuz yeah, totally, yurp and america, similar road / mass transit networks.
asciilifeform: pretty common cockroach in head of 'vhs' orcs incidentally -- 'in usa errybody's rich, see, even elderly widows own trucks'
mp_en_viaje: in other lulz : most slavorc towns have metro systems consisting of a big X on the map
mp_en_viaje: two lines, right angle.
asciilifeform: ( they in fact do. but not 'because rich', but rather because will sooner forgo food than to forgo to 'feed' truck, without it is as without legs )
asciilifeform: mp_en_viaje: copy of moscow
asciilifeform: ( not only slavic, also, even pyongyang has 1 )
mp_en_viaje: i'm not even persuaded it's a bad idea. if you only have dough for that track length, making a cross possibly optimal load. and if not constrained by historical idiocy, like budapest with its 1898 lines look like they were dug by moles, might as well just make a proper grid, #
asciilifeform: aha, worx by 'let'em move to where the station is'
asciilifeform: where richer orcistan : cross + ring
asciilifeform: ( notably : in washingtonistan : no ring ! )
mp_en_viaje: i'd just make a grid, every mile a line each way.
asciilifeform: dunno if even in tokyo -- grid
mp_en_viaje: poorfags.
asciilifeform: possibly not even, but that crossings are a failure point
mp_en_viaje: china builds. THREE GRIDS.
asciilifeform: it's where the sad amerimetro always breaks down -- in the switches
mp_en_viaje: asciilifeform, obviously lines on diff levels, duh!
asciilifeform: 3d metro ?
mp_en_viaje: nowere do the lines ACTUALLY cross. warsaw blue line is under red line. minsk red under blue. etc. you wanna interconnect, get off use escalator.
asciilifeform: they do not of course physically cross even here. but the trains do have to switch sides, i dun know of any subway anywhere where ~all~ stations have bidirectional platform
asciilifeform: ( in chicago, many do, but still iirc not all )
mp_en_viaje: i dunno i ever noticed line switching. that's... kinda dumb neh ?
asciilifeform: i cannot say why they did not build the (youngest, i think, in world) wash. metro -- 1972 iirc -- with 100% bidir. platforms
asciilifeform: would've thought -- 'no brainer'
asciilifeform: but no, they switch and switch sides, all day, and is where train usually gets stuck when gets stuck
mp_en_viaje: but i mean they just loop, neh ? doesn't actually switch at end of line, just loops around
asciilifeform: here they have a depot on ea. end of ea. line.
mp_en_viaje: and it's a straight line with switchings ? like in 1850 ?
asciilifeform: straight, dual track.
mp_en_viaje: i thought that;'s so fucking nutty, i even photographed it in budapest
mp_en_viaje: i thought "holy shit, this is the most antique insane thing leftover"
mp_en_viaje: apparently best practice ?
asciilifeform: i was only in budapest subway for an hour or so, dun recall how it was arrayed
asciilifeform: resembled, i think, chicago
asciilifeform: not buda
asciilifeform: bucharest
asciilifeform: grr gotta go an' see sunlight soon, will go mad at terminal
asciilifeform never been to buda-
asciilifeform: hmm, dun display, trips the mpwp spamload killer
asciilifeform: and yea that's exactly how dc metro is
asciilifeform: that same type of switch, at ~2~ ends , in each stop
asciilifeform: complete with semaphore (when used ? nfi, since time immemorial was automatic)
asciilifeform: nyc same also
asciilifeform: iirc mp_en_viaje saw the nyc sub with own eyes
mp_en_viaje: yes but years ago
mp_en_viaje: i dunno tbh how i got this idea in my head.
asciilifeform: i suspect from ~tram~
mp_en_viaje: possibly by looking at chinese plans for future development too much
asciilifeform: tram, typically, goes in loop at depot
asciilifeform went into the tram yard in timis, they left it open..
asciilifeform: re chinese, i've not had the pleasure to ride their trains or even see up close, so cannot add.
asciilifeform will bbl
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