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deedbot: << Qntra - Pantsuit Loyalist Sees Pension Plummet
mircea_popescu: so i'm doing a little bit of maintenance, and will be deleting later today
mircea_popescu: if anyone wants it that still hasn't got it.
deedbot: << Trilema - The Night of the Hunter
ben_vulpes: lobbes: any idea what is all about?
lobbes: ben_vulpes no idea. Though I apparently got a pm from "live_cadaver" with similar spam message
lobbes: I'm gonna do some log spelunking on my own boxen tonight. Perhaps I'll uncover similar things
mircea_popescu: and in other overheards, "may i dress for car washing ?"
mircea_popescu: everywhere else, women undress to wash the car. but here...
mircea_popescu: aaand in today;s random trilemalulz, "Meantime the camp was filling up with people, and there was a constantly growing excitement about our Humboldt altcoin. We fell victims to the epidemic and strained every nerve to acquire more "coins." We prospected and took up new chains, put "notices" on them and gave them grandiloquent names. We traded some of our "coins" for "coins" in other people's chains. In a little while we owned
mircea_popescu: largely in the "Gray Eaglecoin," the "BitColumbiana," the "Branch Mintcoin," the "BitMaria Janecoin," the "Coinverse," the "Root-Hog-or- Die Coin," the "Samson Coins Delilah," the "BiTreasure BiTrove," the "Golcoinda," the "Co InSultana," the "Buttmerang," the "Great Republicoin," the "Grand Mogulbit," andfifty other "chains" that had never been molested by a developer or scratched with peer review"
esthlos: Hi all, I developed a vtron, writeup here: . I know I need a comments mechanism: next project is to get mp-wp working
hanbot: speaking of which, i'll have a genesis of mp-wp up this coming week.
esthlos: excellent, happy to be a test subject
deedbot: << Trilema - Incursion in classical pantsuit discourse
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