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phf: hanbot: and another option is to use this vpatch, unsigned because i'd like to wait till wednesday to roll all the fixes and cuts together
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i've been quite enjoying your last articles btw.
mircea_popescu: hard sheep makes a life worth living, eh ?
mircea_popescu: !!rated BingoBoingo
deedbot: mircea_popescu rated BingoBoingo 4 at 2016/05/17 03:20:10 << his lordship the lord goebbels.
mircea_popescu: !!rate BingoBoingo 4 the gringo wildcatter
mircea_popescu: (for the innocent : a wildcatter is say philiph's character in clemens' "the gilded age", or more generally any guy who sees a mine where no one else does.)
mircea_popescu: << well, i'm trying to reopen them
a111: Logged on 2018-02-24 04:56 phf: << that works for me also, i seem to recall threads where alphabets were discussed and maybe byte order was dismissed, but my memory is vague on subject
mircea_popescu: truth -- the latins were idiots ; nevermind they didn't even have zero in their lol of a numeration system -- they didn't even have commas. or, for that matter, dots. meta-alphabetic notation (such as the dash here that permited me to ~signify~ something about symbol relation) is entirely a post-industrial invention. fuck, the bright minds of alchemy-era mathematics didn't even have =.
mircea_popescu: so the problem of how to alphabetically sort meta-alphabetic signs is not liable to be informed by ancient practice.
mircea_popescu: << reworking the code so it doesn't rely on the complex macroconstructs not an option ?
a111: Logged on 2018-02-24 04:54 phf: also make vdiff `-D_Noreturn=__attribute__\\\((noreturn\\\))' is even better work around, but the combination of shell/makefile seems to pass the parenthesis through on bash but not on zsh...
mircea_popescu: a there we go, extern void xalloc_die(void) __attribute__((noreturn));
mircea_popescu: seems rather the right approach neh ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform did i miss a picture post somehow ?
shinohai: gm mircea_popescu !
mircea_popescu: i really should link that bit about teh bureaucrats more often.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> BingoBoingo i've been quite enjoying your last articles btw. << Thank you.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> hard sheep makes a life worth living, eh ? << It really does. Who knew getting fired could be such a great thing when the right person does the firing.
mircea_popescu: i've been on a blogreading kick of late.
BingoBoingo: I have as well, in addition to the blog writing. Events have been very 2013 part II entonces feel I ought read more 2013 and 2014
mircea_popescu: i can see it.
asciilifeform: i'ma write an actual essay about time, when i figure out an actual rhythm worth writing of. currently all i have is a 'triage', to actually track what eats resource, and cut off deprioritized ( mainly , real-time interactions... ) items when running short.
mircea_popescu: candid means you're in there an' n ot posing for it!
asciilifeform: i ain't posing.
mircea_popescu: well yes, but you're also not visible!
asciilifeform: exceedingly difficult to fit both a little clock face and my face in 1 frame. ( doesn't mircea_popescu already have a picture of my mug , lol )
mircea_popescu: this isn't about to repeat pattern is it ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Girl has hands and aesthetic judgment?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: girl, since you mentioned, said, approx, 'this is dumb, and tell'em to piss off'.
mircea_popescu: unsupportive, eh. well, so sit it somewhere and turn on the timer, what can i tell ya.
asciilifeform: hmm lessee...
asciilifeform digs for a tripod
asciilifeform: where's my tit fee!111
mircea_popescu shall deem this satisfactory.
mircea_popescu: and yes, re rythm : time discipline is not a torture device, it's a tool. it's supposed to help you achieve your goals not make life inconvenient.
asciilifeform: i must admit, i've been enjoying saying to various folx : 'sorry, out of time, laters'
mircea_popescu isn't just saying things, to fit in with the crowd or the fashions of his generation or whatever. literally, "help you achieve your goals".
BingoBoingo: I've learned local moo cows get a bit more responsive the next time, after walking away from them because you have an appointment to make. Actual appointment not necessary.
asciilifeform: phf: your proggy built without eggog here, but then i saw and yes gcc 4.9
mircea_popescu: local receptionist girly (that's the supreme social achievement for the hairdresser class chickie here, being a doc's receptionist is almost as good as being marriewd to him) at the cima hospital (best in the country!!!) was utterly shocked when my response to her telling me the doctor who was like 10 mins late just called to say he's "on his way" but no specific eta wasn't "ok, ok" but "thast's unfortunate, i have other appo
mircea_popescu: intments".
mircea_popescu: i dunno if it did anything fgor them though, i've not been back
BingoBoingo: I'm still learning and this is a very rural city.
mircea_popescu: kinda how i recall it eyah
BingoBoingo: They area I'm in Pocitos/Buceo barrios were resort towns until the city swallowed them. Most of the other Barrios came into the city similarly as encampments and villages that the city just kind of grew into. Reading into the history here it was a sparsely populated country of men until the 1880's. Then the Italians came.
BingoBoingo: And 50,000 people turns into 1,000,000 plus and "Where my country gone"
deedbot: << Qntra - Theft Today: Djibouti Breaks Contract Seizes Private Port
mircea_popescu: apparently "private port" w/o private army worth about as much as community college degree.
BingoBoingo: 1800's South America has some truly lulzy history. Buenos Aires and Brasilero Empire agree to make Uruguay as a buffer state. Proceed to beat up on Uruguay for a decade. Buenos Aires, Brasilero empire, and Uruguay make peace by going up river and beating Paraguay into pretribal Apocalypse.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Well, that free chikkken!
BingoBoingo: In other history, whatever happened to MNW
a111: Logged on 2013-01-17 00:26 mircea_popescu: "I've survived entirely on bitcoin for a whole year. "
mircea_popescu: ~nothing.
BingoBoingo: Seems to be the case with a lotta 2013 names
phf: << that's the idea, but __attribute__ is a gcc specific feature. i'd like to have a catalog of such extension because i noticed there's few more here and there
a111: Logged on 2018-02-24 15:22 mircea_popescu: seems rather the right approach neh ?
deedbot: << PizzaroISP - Gear for hire, March 2018
ben_vulpes: << makes sense, i just published the gear Pizarro has for hire immediately. i can either lease you that box *or* a vps on it :\ immediately, but i'll also be running more boxes down in the near future
a111: Logged on 2018-02-23 15:34 mircea_popescu: also ben_vulpes : the thinking over at is that we want a dedicated box for teh server plus a vps for holding the website and such things, so we don't have to eat the whole apache overload on the game server.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes so did you disable the me engine ? or "could be but hasn't been" ?
mircea_popescu: also, wasn't specifically a proposal ; was just an example, to get that ball rolling already.
mircea_popescu: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 9712.88, vol: 13363.78940680 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 9701.0, vol: 54104.34019513 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 9729.6, vol: 9242.84054869 | Volume-weighted last average: 9706.5156004
mircea_popescu: !~calc 9706 * (0.014 + 0.048)
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: 9706 * (0.014 + 0.048) = 601.772
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: talking about the mb/cpu combo in the abstract, imma nuke it on this machine for certainsure; will update post
mircea_popescu: maybe a little on teh expensive side, but, let's not be splitting hairs.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes consider it sold ; where do i pay ? send diana teh login details.
ben_vulpes: you wanna pay for a year of hardware up front and invoices for rack space as they come due?
mircea_popescu: do i still have to pay 2x the cost if i pay for the year upfront ?
mircea_popescu: ie, i'm willing to either buy the machine or rent it ; but pick one.
ben_vulpes: "buy" in the sense of the amortization thread with davout from ?
ben_vulpes: eg yours for the year but not purchasing the machine?
mircea_popescu: mno. if you rent it out for 2x what it costs to buy it over a year, then if i pay for the whole year i'm basically spending the same money as if buying the machine, but not actually buying it. this is a bum deal. i'm willing to rent it (ie, monthly) or buy it (ie, own it), but i'm not willing to eat the downside of both approaches.
ben_vulpes: i can give you a pretty steep discount for paying the year up front, but because i'm building out the downline i want to keep the box on the balance sheet. how about a 20% markup on the machine if you pay for the whole year?
mircea_popescu: so what's the deal here : i pay for a year, at the price of 0.048xxx * 12 / 2 * 1.2 ; at the end of the year i don't own the machine ; but if it breaks down during the year you replace it free of charge to me ?
BingoBoingo: AHA, the wonderful world of retail "rent to own contracts" has opened up. ben_vulpes how long do you plan to keep boxes on the balance sheet?
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: one year
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: 0.2881443 * 1.2 = .34577317 , and yes you'll have a spare
ben_vulpes: although perhaps i gotta sell it to you as i won't have a spare to fulfill that promise until the next run.
mircea_popescu: check you out, making money selling hardware insurance. easy $$$ when you know what you're doing.
mircea_popescu: aite, where do i send it ?
ben_vulpes: !!invoice mircea_popescu 0.345773172 one year of
mircea_popescu: well also a month of rack
mircea_popescu: o wait, another point : i want 2 fgs into this thing. you dun have fgs do you ?
ben_vulpes: how about we wait until it's online, i'll take your handshake until then
ben_vulpes: all the fg sitting here are spoken for; did mod6 ever get a quote for the ten or so i wanted?
mircea_popescu: not yet. asciilifeform we gotta get a quote to these folk, what do you figure ?
ben_vulpes: aight, get me a quote. gonna head out for a run
BingoBoingo: Is there a cannonical link for this classic somewhere in the archives rather than the toilet?;imode
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: our last price was 0.0395 ;
asciilifeform: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: asciilifeform: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 9605.91, vol: 13517.40635927 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 9569.9, vol: 54815.60952992 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 9595.5, vol: 9426.69958907 | Volume-weighted last average: 9579.2632713
mircea_popescu: ya but i mean...
mircea_popescu: how many do we have left ?
asciilifeform: !~calc 9606 * 0.0395
jhvh1: asciilifeform: 9606 * 0.0395 = 379.437
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: current stock here is 43 units.
asciilifeform unfortunately has to run, to meatspace; will be back later tonight.
mod6: I'd also like to buy five for personal use.
mod6: (Not to be confused with the 10 that Pizarro needs a quote for)
mod6: !~calc 0.0395 * 5
jhvh1: mod6: 0.0395 * 5 = 0.1975
mod6: Can pay mircea_popescu or alf directly, and send shipping info to alf if this is satisfactory. Just let me know what works.
mircea_popescu: mod6 give it a little, we'll come up with soemthing tonight/tomorrow
mod6: No rush, just wanted to put it out there. :] Thanks!
lobbes: BingoBoingo: no guarantees on canonical, but there exists some archives of it (mind the dupes):
BingoBoingo: ty lobbes
ben_vulpes: holy shit phf the trackball you mentioned in arrived today and the action on this thing is downright sexual
a111: Logged on 2017-06-27 05:12 phf: << i've been using that one for a while, with a trackball in the middle. i'm pretty happy with that setup. i've figured out how to get the firmware out of the controller, so i'm hoping to customize some of the keys (that are otherwise useless)
ben_vulpes is pleased
ben_vulpes: mouse traversal territory can now be properly and full time reserved for the engineering/tallypad
hanbot: <phf> hanbot: and another option is to use this vpatch, unsigned because i'd like to wait till wednesday to roll all the fixes and cuts together << produced executable, tyvm.
mircea_popescu: in other news, michael cera is like the representative of the 2010s ny hipster doofus
mircea_popescu: a sort of dj quals without the cool
mircea_popescu: i never knew dj quals was cool ; fucking sideshow of a sideshow (tom green) in a dubious mainstream teensploitation (road trip)
mircea_popescu: HOWEVER, ulterior decay exposes that yes, he was relatively cool.
diana_coman: <- hmmm, I can see the utility of this and I can see it as something built on top of eucrypt but I'm not totally sure I see a very strong case for including it in eucrypt as such
a111: Logged on 2018-02-23 14:52 mircea_popescu: speaking of which, what do you think diana_coman should eucrypt also include an elastic hashing algo on top of keccak and serpent ?
mircea_popescu: it's going to get built tho, he'll need a binary tree model, a merkle tree-izer, and an elastic hash-er for sure.
mircea_popescu: but maybe healthier if it's a diff lib.
hanbot: phf : patched fix for vdiff produced a genesis for me but complains about 'no newline at end of file' for some 67 files. not clear to me whether i oughta be concerned/what gives.
hanbot: meanwhile, my dad's back on the job market after a ~10 year break, keeps sending scariest want ads he finds. week's winner is "CPA (Confined Space Attendant) - Hole Watch"
mircea_popescu: prison culture, neh. ~only thing still going in teh inmatelands.
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