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mircea_popescu: one lulzy bit being that the gmx account is known-compromised since cca 2013.
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ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: cute little portal to the netherworld you got there
ben_vulpes: gotta brick those up before the flying ones start coming through
mircea_popescu: eh, i dun specifically care. just leaving it in the log for the next time usg goes "oh usg.twitter has 4398573498759834795 users"
a111: Logged on 2017-04-20 21:50 pete_dushenski: and who the fuck wants old cessna ? guaranteed death trap.
davout: engines are regularly changed when their potential is up
davout: the only really significant categories, from a safety point of view, are single vs. multi engines
mircea_popescu: and prop vs jet.
davout: i don't think it makes any difference from a safety pov
davout: also props can mean a piston engine, as well as a turbo-prop
mircea_popescu: there is that.
pete_dushenski: davout: does one pilot v. two pilots matter as much as i suspect it does (ie. quite a lot) ?
mircea_popescu: well theres no multi-pilot single props
davout: i don't think it does matter that much, there's usually two pilots because there's more buttons
davout: not really because of the need for a "backup pilot"
davout: yeah, i can't think of any multi-crew single piston engines
davout: i think single engine turbo prop could be multi-crew
pete_dushenski: i guess i like my pilots like i like my kidneys. not 'rational' or 'efficient' but what can i say. then again, it's not like i'll be flying anything other than commerical for the forseeable future
davout: i was told that the risk of flying non-commercial single engines was roughly equivalent to motor-biking
pete_dushenski: o hey oilers come from behind. 4-3 in ot to lead series 3-2
davout: one casualty per ~25k flight hours
pete_dushenski: makes sense
davout: usually the pilot being a derp
davout: flying into clouds, forgetting to switch the fuel tank selector to the full one, that kind of stuff
pete_dushenski: so flying as a passenger in a single engine, single pilot is like riding bitch on a bike. lol nothx!
davout: pretty much
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 05:50 davout: yeah, i can't think of any multi-crew single piston engines
asciilifeform: and i dun think you can even GET a 'cessna' with 1 set of controls.
asciilifeform: does 'multi-crew' means something else to davout ?
davout: yes.
davout: multi crew means "must be operated by two pilots"
davout: not "dual commands"
asciilifeform: thread started with 'does one pilot v. two pilots matter as much as i suspect it does' tho
asciilifeform: and 'theres no multi-pilot single props' -- which is plainly wrong
asciilifeform: make the woman learn -- instant 2nd pilot.
davout: it seems we have a different definition of "pilot"
davout: multi-pilot is a term of art
asciilifeform: what, it means literally MUST have both d00dz, or emergency land ?!
asciilifeform: seems like an idiot design.
asciilifeform: which machine actually works like this ?
davout: asciilifeform: pretty much every commercial jet, and every turbo-prop must be operated by two pilots
asciilifeform: so, pilot suddenly dies, machine is somewhere over atlantic. it drops immediately..?
asciilifeform: wtf is the point of the two wheels, then.
davout: of course it doesn't drop
asciilifeform: so what means 'must be operated by two pilots' then
davout: one pilot can land it just fine, but he'll need ATC assistance to lighten the workload
davout: like priority over other aircraft for example
davout: the workload can get very important at times
davout: also having two pilots enable them to cross-check each other, which is pretty fucking important to not forget anything
asciilifeform: makes sense
davout: but with some help from ATC, a private pilot could land an A320
asciilifeform: weren't there instances of folx entirely uninvolved with aviation (save for buying the ticket) 'landing with help from atc' ?
asciilifeform: or is this legend.
davout: autoland is a thing
davout: push the correct knobs and the airplanr will just land itself in 0 visibility
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 12:27 asciilifeform: does 'multi-crew' means something else to davout ?
asciilifeform: mine - nope
mircea_popescu: god knows it can take KVM up the ying-yang.
mircea_popescu: ah, but is the standard ~can~ ? or what ?
mircea_popescu: << "must have two pilots" is a standard for being cleared to take-off, not reviewed in-flight.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 13:10 asciilifeform: so, pilot suddenly dies, machine is somewhere over atlantic. it drops immediately..?
mircea_popescu: gotta study this stuff alfie, it's one of the first, and to date one of the best, examples of process engineering.
mircea_popescu: (that's not actually correct - also reviewed in flight. fail the check and your itinerary changes from "to destination" to "to closest viable airport". conditions apply.)
asciilifeform: ^ was my q to davout
asciilifeform: ~does~ it in fact 'switch to nearest airport'
asciilifeform: like, e.g., losing 1 of 2 motors
mircea_popescu: it does yes.
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davout: asciilifeform: yeah, you divert if such a thing happens
mircea_popescu: anyway. small planes (ie, single pilot) make emergency landings (ie, landing otherwise than in flight plan) for all sorts of reasons. chief among them bad weather -- the small shits have icing problems and are really dependent on atmosphere playing nice with the nutshell, and in the more responsible also the pilot deciding he's tireder than he thought.,
davout: one task of the pilots is to constantly be able to instantly answer "shit happens, where go?"
mircea_popescu: failure to do the later resulted in some pretty fucking spectacular fits of cfit back in the 60s.
asciilifeform: in other lulzies, << 'US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange' >> good ol' trials in absentia
mircea_popescu: and i thought they were trying to arrest the dude since day 0, what.
mircea_popescu: why was he embassy hopping, for boredom ?
asciilifeform: upgraded nao, apparently, from 'rapist' to 'ru spy'
mircea_popescu: lol. this has nothing to do with him, it's simply a relfection of the fact that "worst baddest MR GOLDSTEIN" went from "Rapist" to "Russian Spy" since Trump cunt-punched rapist off the board.
asciilifeform: 'Mike Pompeo, director of the Central Intelligence Agency ... "WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service," he said in prepared remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Assange is a narcissist who has created nothing of value," Pompeo said. "He relies on the dirty work of other to make himself famous. He is a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen. "And
asciilifeform: in Kansas, we know something about false Wizards," said the former Kansas congressman in his first public remarks as CIA director. Pompeo accused "Assange and his ilk" of making common cause with dictators as "they try unsuccessfully to cloak themselves and their actions in the language of liberty and privacy."'
asciilifeform: didjaknow.
asciilifeform: well noshit it has 0 to do with him.
mircea_popescu: lol teh 2 minute hate.
asciilifeform: high-quality.
mircea_popescu: this is very braindamaged, even for the usually stupid bureaucrat. if the guy did nothing then why is he sought ?
mod6: Mornin'
mod6: Update: eatblock now @ 353K+ blocks, into blk0017.
mod6: I'm also running ent/dh against 1.2Gb of collected fg entropy, but this time I did it with: `dd iflag=fullblock if=/dev/ttyUSB0 of=fg1.fg4.bin`
mod6: will report out results here when it's complete :]
asciilifeform: mod6, mircea_popescu , et al : any reply from the dieharder d00d ?
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asciilifeform: !#s ubiquiti
a111: Logged on 2015-04-07 02:35 asciilifeform: 'From my conversations with Ubiquiti, I have found that they claimed that it's alright to refuse to provide source code to GPL-licensed software if "This decision was taken with the security of the users in mind". Furthermore, my conversations were endlessly delayed by the supposed necessity to forward my query to another, unnamed, team.' << now we can probably say what.
asciilifeform: !$ ssh
scriba: ssh banner of as seen on 2016-06-13: SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_4.3p2 Debian-9
mircea_popescu: i didn't get nuttin.
shinohai: <<< The most relieving headline I've seen all week.
asciilifeform: meanwhile, >> 'Some bounds checks are elided by Apple's compiler and possibly others, leading to a possible attack especially in 32-bit builds.'
asciilifeform: run moar clang/llvm!111
Framedragger: meh, gcc wouldn't have caught it to begin with
shinohai: `clang` (noun) The sound your Apple phone might make as it is being pwnd.
asciilifeform: lol, down on account of shitflare.
asciilifeform: what a disgrace.
Framedragger: up for me
asciilifeform: no, i meant the use of shitflare per se.
asciilifeform: is disgrace.
Framedragger: ah. myeah.
asciilifeform: Framedragger: and if you read the linked item, 'On Linux, I tested GCC 4.9, 5.4, and 6.3, as well as Clang 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0. None were affected. ' << applies strictly to recent clang, seems.
asciilifeform: i.e. is effect of 'optimization'.
Framedragger: asciilifeform: oh shit. i looked at snipped of code, thought, gcc wouldn't catch this, that's all. sorry.
a111: Logged on 2016-01-15 01:38 asciilifeform: 'OpenSSH 6.6 is the only version that is not affected, because it calls explicit_bzero() instead of memset() or bzero(). ..... older GCC versions do not remove the memset() or bzero() call made by buffer_free() or sshbuf_free(). GCC 5 and Clang/LLVM do, however, remove it.'
Framedragger: mk. i see. optimisationz
Framedragger: 'Dead Store Elimination' << new fancyterm learned from ^. heh
Framedragger: 'but why!!' such very optimise one function call omg.
asciilifeform: Framedragger: you know very well why.
Framedragger: yes, by now, goddammit this is just criminal and that's it.
Framedragger: (i.e., yeah okok.)
mircea_popescu: gcc 5 was blacklisted anyway./
asciilifeform: and it's worth remembering why.
mircea_popescu: certainly.
mircea_popescu reviews with unmitigated sadness that the republican isp issue IS STILL NOT RESOLVED.
mircea_popescu: so fucking hard, this, picking up a business that can feed a herd of twelve when given. bejaysus.
mircea_popescu: it'd seem the usg terrorist organization has succeeded in african-americanizing the hosting business much like it did to the inner city ghettos : yes there exist youngsters who live outside of the reich. none of them survive into adulthood.
mircea_popescu: by the time any one shows signs of competence and possible maturation into systemic threat, they... disappear. to leave the room for yet another inept sixteen year old and his "crew" with "three years experience".
mircea_popescu: the similarities to wheat farming are striking.
Framedragger: << i should review logs, but -- assuming we're talking about the same internet / ip aspce -- i've been sceptical of this. there's always an upstream that can cut you off, neh? if no upstream, you gotta somehow be tier 1 - how.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 16:59 mircea_popescu reviews with unmitigated sadness that the republican isp issue IS STILL NOT RESOLVED.
mircea_popescu: why would they cut you off ?
Framedragger: child porn!
asciilifeform: or 13337 w4r3z
mircea_popescu: what child porn ?
Framedragger: w/e. someone tells them, to
Framedragger: and they do.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger so then we got some decent blog posts.
mircea_popescu: i don't see how this is any kind of problem.
Framedragger: is true, but also a lotta labour hours put into failed project
mircea_popescu: how has it failed ? you move to other dc or w/e.
asciilifeform: asciilifeform & former assoc. had this problem, laid quite thickly, because they ran (industrially) malware samples.
asciilifeform: which accesses the net and did ????!???.
mircea_popescu: i fail to see what this has anything to do.
asciilifeform: eventually expense of repeatedly 'move to new dc' adds up.
asciilifeform: it ain't quite like, e.g., buying steel pipe, you can buy from x today and from y tomorrow and meanwhile you have a warehouse of pipe, so no prob.
mircea_popescu: republican isp = competent sysadmin who handles relationship with multiple dcs in terms of getting hardware installed and refuses any requests made under color of law by the terrorist organisation known as "the united states government". and publishes them.
asciilifeform: if 'best korean' fuhrer had half a brain, this'd be a business model for him.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform if ANYONE, including EACH AND EVERY non-technical dude following around had half a brain, it'd be a business model for him also.
mircea_popescu: most people live their entire life out of less contribution than this.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: as you're well aware, usg has 0 problem confiscating entire dc when it wants. on most of planet.
mircea_popescu: let them do that.
asciilifeform: how many operations can absorb this cost on demand ?
mircea_popescu: what is your cost ? you rent gear.
mircea_popescu: and it would be out of the question doing business with nato-reich located dcs anyway, for basic moral reasons.
asciilifeform: ah ~that~ type of dc
asciilifeform: then possibly.
mircea_popescu: i'm not about to hire any convicted child rapists to run my kindergarten, shock and awe.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: outside of reich, exactly same confiscation is carried out simply by slipping a hundy to the orc guard
mircea_popescu: you'd know.
asciilifeform: or whatever candy bar.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i don't know for a hard fact, but there was that ukr.
mircea_popescu: wouldja shut the fuck up with the wholly idiotic antiproductive noise ?
Framedragger: there are those isps in .ru which show the finger to usg, but (1) as was said here multiple times before, there is no 'bulletproof hosting'; and (2) i'd like to see what happens when someone starts serving content against .ru interests.
Framedragger: i agree that it'd be a good contribution, 'while it lasts'. maybe i'm too pessimistic, but i can't see how the 'refuses usg requests' lasts for any time after 'first request received'.
Framedragger: s/usg requests/any state requests/
asciilifeform: Framedragger: ru hosting is pretty good save for (2).
mircea_popescu: i want something like a dual or quad e-2650 say, with a coupla fuckgoats physically installed. i can't say "do this" in #trilema, in 2017.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: still 0 offers for this ?!
mircea_popescu: this is not an acceptable state of affairs, and whatever stories about magics and assorted fairy tales has nothing to do with it.
Framedragger: asciilifeform: yeah so i hear, and even have coupla bookmarks from recommendations should the opportunity require, heh. anyway good to know
mircea_popescu: Framedragger dude wouldja stop with the insane approach. you've watched me build things for years, hopefully. learned nothing from the process ?
mircea_popescu: just make a fucking isp, that's not run by a moron and consequently ahead of 90% of the pack.
mircea_popescu: get the implicit friendly contracts from tmsr. game over.
asciilifeform: btw whatever happened to the sealand d00d
asciilifeform: iirc this was (at least nominally) his specialty.
mircea_popescu: sealand dood was a retard. like these usually are.
mircea_popescu: i am well satisfied there is not going to be naturally occuring sanity, has to be generated in #trilema or not be had.
Framedragger: sealand (if as in a physical platform at sea) == fewer options for uplink == even more bad, in my mind
asciilifeform: 'i'ma fall on this grenade' doesn't grow naturally, no.
mircea_popescu: yes, it's terrible.
mircea_popescu: worst fucking anti-idea ever.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: i've heard you before and i hear you now. i just don't have much hope for extant internet. unreliable-low-bandwidth shortwave relay net almost seems like a longer term strategy here, no?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: where would you suggest to put it ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform there is no grenade. it is a business, like giving away a ny restaurant. it will make a million or two over one's active life.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger dude, what ?
Framedragger: gossipd over radio, i'm very cereal.
mircea_popescu: this is like palpable brain damage.
mircea_popescu: "wash the dishes" "hang on im designing an alien dish washer" "in the time you've been jacking off with the lolpics, other people ate out of washing dishes as professionals, you fucking tard you."
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu earlier observed that nobody -- anywhere -- is offering this service.
Framedragger: so what, the idea is to jump around DCs (i assumed low bar for calling self isp is at least getting an AS number, btw) while they're kicking you, and only do rental contracts short enough so that not too much cash gets burned.
mircea_popescu: today. right now. as we speak. people are doing the useful task of putting cpus in boxes. is this incomprehensible to the engineering mind ?
asciilifeform: so no, 'professionals eating' not yet.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger dude nobody's fucking "kicking you out".
asciilifeform: they put in boxes, yes. but they do not give arbitrarily stiff finger to arbitrarily aggressive rogue states.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ten thousand different idiots are offering me this service as we speak.
mircea_popescu: i do not wish to pay random idiots, i wish to pay people in the republic.
mircea_popescu: people in the republic ARE MENTAL DEFFECTIVES meanwhile, REFUSE!!111 to be paid to do simple task.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: you said yourself that there is no bulletproof hosting. how long do public torrent sites survive? and do you think they have not tried the 'bulletproof' route (not all of them, granted)?
mircea_popescu: fully specified, clearly profitable job, won't do it. seesh.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: the idiots handle the enemy in the simplest way -- by dying. 'human fat powered system.'
mircea_popescu: Framedragger nevermind that! i want to get a new eulora server, for instance.
asciilifeform: so imho it is not accurate to say that they have solved same problem.
mircea_popescu: why the fuck should i buy it from anyone outside of wot ?
Framedragger: we are, in a way, oblivious, to the *present issues at hand*, hm.
mircea_popescu: i am currently spending TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. each year. on this service.
mircea_popescu: how fucking hard is it to grasp. there's money on the table fucking pick it up already jesus god almighty it's like trying to get cs grad students to talk to girls.
mircea_popescu: for the past two years, since i last brought this up, guess what ? i've been paying non-wot people. because i gotta keep servers up yes.
asciilifeform: if mircea_popescu sees this as utterly trivial, as suggested here, he could run this service himself (or with 'long hands'), corner the market, supply every spammer on planet3 .
asciilifeform: but possibly it isn't trivial ?
mircea_popescu: EVERYONE here. trinque has servers, yes ? Framedragger rents servers yes ? EVERYONE spends more on servers than on rent. there's a huge amount of money that should NOT be paid out to fucking hilary clinton's friends.
Framedragger: i'm not sure if it's accurate to call self 'isp' if you're just reselling rented servers.
Framedragger: unless you own them and have physical access to, which exposes one to opsec + requirement to live in non-nato country, or w/e.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform and add yet another girl nobody knows to the wot and you weirdos get to worry and wonder about her too, and then another and then another and by 2020 wot consists of mp and his friends and these weird dudes ? really, this is the plan ?
mircea_popescu: Framedragger that is EXACTLY what isp does.
mircea_popescu: it's not a fucking telco. it rents lines and resells them to consumers.
asciilifeform: waiwat worry & wonder wat ?
trinque: comcast isn't an ISP; it's a tv company
trinque: mircea_popescu: aha
mircea_popescu: just utterly fucking nuts.
mircea_popescu: trinque what was your server bill aggregated over 2016 ? degree of magnitude ?
Framedragger: so just to clarify the technicalities in my mind, in your head this doesn't even imply registering for an isp as 'normally' understood (getting an autonomous system number assigned). which means you may not even be able to control reverse ip records. not a lotta.. power.. if shit goes down. which it will.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger you yourself pay at least a few hundred a month on it. do you pay that much in rent ? on it fucking goes, this.
trinque: mircea_popescu: in the 15-20k range across all projects
mircea_popescu: Framedragger how am i keeping you from registering for as ?
mircea_popescu: trinque aha.
Framedragger: you're not, you're not. also re several hundred, it's less, it's two small dedicated boxes on malware-infested provider + a vps
mircea_popescu: alright. point remains -- we do use THIS resource in excess of any other.
mircea_popescu: i never heard of anyone with a guaranteed market this size being "oh... but the bugaboo and the tsetse fly".
mircea_popescu: people open fucking restaurants with MAJOR investment on the basis of ~the hope~ that maybe they get the foot traffic.
Framedragger: that's true, and i see why you're bewildered. it's just that under the description above, i only see a wot-member being an interface point with a normal-isp. i suppose you would say that 'yes and this is fine' (it's about having someone who is in wot be responsible)?
mircea_popescu: Framedragger what do you think a "normal isp" is ?
mircea_popescu: name one. who ? by way of example.
Framedragger: i'll go ahead and say (amid your laughs): OVH. it's an isp alright:
Framedragger: a thing which at the very least has a NOC 24/7 incident response centre.
mircea_popescu: ok. what do you think ovh does ?
Framedragger: a thing which has multiple upstreams.
mircea_popescu: last i checked ovh did not own the dcs.
Framedragger: yes, it rents servers and bandwidth to customers.
mircea_popescu: it just has a contractual relation with them. they're operated in a diff "pc"
Framedragger: i'd need to check but i do believe they do. but sure, it may as well lease them.
mircea_popescu: which is precisely and exactly what you'd do too. and so no, absolutely no differeence in kind between you and ovh,
mircea_popescu: other than their inept and ineffectual processes.
Framedragger: sure, 'leasing' here is non-issue, agree.
Framedragger: digging mahself into another hole, i see
mircea_popescu: which nobody forces you to import because a) you're not a bunch of french speaking tards with barely the brainpower needed to power a chickenh and b) you're not stuck chashing the "shared and wordpress" hosting "market" composed of similarly mentally stunted individuals and their $5 yearly budget.
asciilifeform: and what to do after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time that having this relation with $service ends up getting upstream (hardware owner's) iron confiscated/stolen/mysteriously burned ? where do you get new hardware upstream after this ? or does mircea_popescu picture this problem going away when you close your eyes ?
mircea_popescu: adding manpower to a project makes it later. this is eminently visible here, it is an unspeakable advantage to be able to work alone, because the "team" at ovh makes everyone dumber not smarter.
asciilifeform: or lemme guess, ' asciilifeform imagined it, it never existed, shuddup fool '
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform let us document those.
mircea_popescu: currently a server costs 3k to buy and 15k to rent for a month.
mircea_popescu: out of the money i wasted since 2015 they could have burned 10 and i wouldn't have actually noticed the difference.
asciilifeform: 15k/mo ?! where?
asciilifeform: in orbit??!
Framedragger: (i of course see the point (by way of tmsr history as well) of being able to choose particular customers carefully, that is true of course)
Framedragger: yeah those numbers are off
asciilifeform: or is mircea_popescu suggesting that hypothetical $service ~could~ charge 15k/mo and mircea_popescu would agree to this price.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform take cherryservers, by far one of the cheapest : 4x e5 4620 v3 is 1300 euros for a year
mircea_popescu: Framedragger shut up, you have nfi.
Framedragger: i've rented a few?
asciilifeform: 1300 eu. / yr is more like it
asciilifeform: is the typical rate.
mircea_popescu: what's e5 4620 cost to buy ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform please review the (scroll down)
Framedragger: i'm checking that particular link as we speak
mircea_popescu: and in general don't get into fucking arguments with me about my numbers being off when i buy these weekly and you do yearly if at all.
mircea_popescu: and especially not when the last time we had an argument you ate your intel or what was it.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: their 'fattest' offering seems to be a 999 eu. / mo.
mircea_popescu: check the "paid monthly".
asciilifeform: that ain't 15k us.
Framedragger: ah fuck that was annual, he duped us!! (i'm sorry.)
mircea_popescu: i was speaking of yearly costs throughout what the fuck.
davout: <<< god no, please no, OVH is a collection of terminally retarded fuckwits living in france's arse hole
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 17:31 Framedragger: i'll go ahead and say (amid your laughs): OVH. it's an isp alright:
asciilifeform: i saw '15k to rent for a month' -- parsed like-so.
asciilifeform: if year -- then yes, mircea_popescu has it
mircea_popescu: well what the fucxk am i going to do with it for a month, takes longer to install it. that's like giving yo ua one month employment, i recall you're on the record explainin the downside.
Framedragger: '15k to rent for a month' is an insane way of wording. nevertheless, i learned my lesson
mircea_popescu: myeah. the idea was "to rent it by the month". foxtail i guess.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: quite truly. which is why i balked, ' mircea_popescu surely made typo '
shinohai clones and sets up isp/hosting
Framedragger: shinohai: *that* is not a bad idea imho
Framedragger: shells, bouncers etc for l1/l2
mircea_popescu: so, to reiterate the constructive part, also found in 2015 discussion re same : a) identify some decent dcs that do good service. this may be prior knowledghe, may be proximity so you can visit poersonally od some work etc. 2) colo some gear bespoke to your larger customers, and some well priced gear you can find to vps out of 3) profit. and for the rest of your life.
trinque: asciilifeform knows this, but his only solution for diddlement is to be able to fire the thing onto a clean box quickly, and I understand the challenges there re: state.
trinque: both of them
mircea_popescu: take only btc, pay your 0.1% to the republic and live happily ever after as a well respected, much sought and very productive member of the community.
mircea_popescu: just don't do a fucking rg.
mircea_popescu: (yes, mp has been trying to do this for a long, long time now.)
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: what's a rg
Framedragger: owner of vps bitcoin service
mircea_popescu: something something cocaine something something bright kid with retarded blinders on something.
asciilifeform: aaaah him
trinque: this guy or someone else?
Framedragger: nah, someone else, from #bitcoin-otc days
Framedragger: served its mission for doing initial ipv4 space scans, tho
trinque: well, where the fuck did that guy go?
Framedragger: guy didn't give a fuck
Framedragger: !~seen vc
jhvh1: Framedragger: I have not seen vc.
Framedragger hears mp rage
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu's concept would work, but it has 1 serious cost -- it is a 'phd assembly line', in that it -- as i understand -- more or less requires ~being a copy of mircea_popescu~ -- a 'jet-setting' d00d, travelling to orclands, negotiating with local mafias, packing up boxes onto chartered boeings in the night, etc
mircea_popescu: trinque no but this is the problem, a full slate of lanky, ill kept 20 somethings that would be technically brilliant and have all the business sense of a dead hooker.
mircea_popescu: and i can keep cycling through them till kingdom come, it's like trying to buy heroin in chicago.
mircea_popescu: hence hte original sadness.
asciilifeform: ( also requires keeping not only own skin, but money , in places reich can't easily get to ; getting hired help who aren't stoolies, also, somewhere; and similar )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it ~may lead there~. which from what i gather some people want for themselves, or something.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform why would you hire anyone ?
Framedragger: for starters, 24/7 incident response.
mircea_popescu: get the gf involved, if more hands are needed send her to the lesbian club to come back with another.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger what fucking incident ?
asciilifeform: Framedragger: possibly i misunderstood, and idea is to be strictly a ~broker~, no handling of iron involved
Framedragger: asciilifeform: i suppose so
asciilifeform: ( other than a pile of fiatola. which in a way is also 'hardware' )
mircea_popescu: name the incident!
shinohai: VC evidently still in Romania, getting stoned and making bird tweets:
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: disk goes down. shit gets stolen. ddos. your isp is ~broker to the upstream, so you have to escalate.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: qntra being ddos'd recently?
mircea_popescu: Framedragger ...
mircea_popescu: am i talking to myself here ?
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 17:42 mircea_popescu: so, to reiterate the constructive part, also found in 2015 discussion re same : a) identify some decent dcs that do good service. this may be prior knowledghe, may be proximity so you can visit poersonally od some work etc. 2) colo some gear bespoke to your larger customers, and some well priced gear you can find to vps out of 3) profit. and for the rest of your life.
mircea_popescu: incident is either that there's a flood/meteor/volcano, in which case you're not needed, because dc will handle it itserlf ; or else that customer fucked up his machine, in which case he should have frucking known better and fuck him.
mircea_popescu: your job does not include "24/7 customer support", because it doesn't have why to include it.
mircea_popescu: and besides, you were here every day anyway even when it didn't pay you anything.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: i fell like we should all get drunk by this point, but: in this scenario, you're saying that dc would handle all hardware faults?
mircea_popescu: specifically what hardware faults ?
Framedragger: oh *come on*.
mircea_popescu: i am coming on. what.
Framedragger: there is a disk fault, say.
Framedragger: i mean, disk failure.
mircea_popescu: customer had a raid, will be fixed when dc gets around to hotswap anyway.
asciilifeform: or lessay whole buncha disk faults, because a 'moderate rebel' 'accidentally' threw a molotov into the dc (where for some reason door was wide open)
mircea_popescu: this gets documented, with pictures.
mircea_popescu: makes for a great article on your suddenly eminently followable blog.
mircea_popescu: afaik nobody has to date wrote that blog post, "hey, check out the one time some rebel threw molotov into a dc!"
asciilifeform: relatedly, whatever happened to mircea_popescu's harness of N hdds that mysteriously burned in unison
asciilifeform: (they were mentioned in the l0gz several times)
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: customer doesn't have a raid == 'well what did they expect' i guess - granted, that actually makes sense. just need to be extra clear in T&Cs...
mircea_popescu: i've nfi.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger there is no fucking t&c.
mircea_popescu: if one needs to read a pile of boilerplate to not be stupid, the pile of boilerplate ain't gonna help anyway.
Framedragger: i do not mean 'restrictions on content' or any other inane shit. i mean response time and so on.
Framedragger: right.
mircea_popescu: huge timesavers, though, eliminating all the gunk empire idiots need to interface with each other's idiocy.
Framedragger: (this will sound cheesy but i do feel like i'm coming to this with a fiat'ish mind, by which i mean, underestimating the power of the wot. 'you trust this wot person to make good, no fine print, the end.')
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform come to think of nobody, afaik there exists ONE SINGLE WEBSITE on the whole internet for the whole internet's existence that documents the "hey, check out that time usg got told to go dangle" also.
mircea_popescu: for years google was fulla "oh, mp IN DANGER OF BEING EXTRADITED!!11". experts in things and matters, quora style.
Framedragger: btw just to note, (at least initially) large part of bitcoin revenue would have to be converted into fiat because upstream may require fiat. (sure, it'd be nice to just be able to ignore these upstreams.)
mircea_popescu: whatever, not like it's illegal.
mircea_popescu: can convert large piles of btc into tits if you feel like, what.
asciilifeform: fiatola exposure is an attack surface.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the important point here is that the elimination of attack surfaces is sure to produce vacuum packed spherical chickens. it is a necessary quality of physical existence to have attack surfaces. that's how you get laid, also.
trinque: and there are guaranteed to be petabytes of cp on aws and every other host
mircea_popescu: trinque i seriously wouldn't expect this sort of problem. who the fuck is going to be doing that, i wish to know.
trinque: ikr
trinque: point being whatever is being done, the host isn't doing it
trinque: whole point
mircea_popescu: prolly cleannest item on a per-size basis known to the tubes.
asciilifeform: asciilifeform's argument is not that mircea_popescu's idea is physically impossible, but that it is absent because it is -- afaik -- heavily -ev. and not because 'world is stupid'. take, say, the moving of cocaine. it involves every bit the same types of risks, but cocaine is readily available worldwide. i suspect : partly because it is a standalone physical object -- unlike net connectivity.
mircea_popescu: eh get out. pretty much the only way independent, tech minded kid can feed himself today is to do a good job of running an isp.
trinque: myriad neonazi sites run all day
trinque: "no but those are all honeypots; every single one!!!11!"
mircea_popescu: about half of all the ones i personally know (ie, middle class tech kids) ended up there this way.
asciilifeform: trinque: nope. plenty of quite genuine 'spam isp'. problem is that they fold !
trinque: then one moves, but what's that one? daily stormer or something?
trinque: has been on for years?
asciilifeform at one time scouted far and wide for these, with a budget not far off from mircea_popescu's current
mircea_popescu: notrly, actually. /me recently ran into one i recall from 2007. continous decade in bizniss!
trinque: notion seems to be that somebody's gonna end up in room 101 for hosting tmsr items
trinque: mk, maybe when they bother to go get the "nambla" site
mircea_popescu: notion seems to be that human psyche's principal job in average human is protection from change.
asciilifeform: trinque: there is a fair bit of gradation between 'room 101' and harmless annoyance
trinque: business annoyances are already way over "harmless"
trinque eyeballs his roughly 100k legal bill from last year
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: might be interesting to find out where the (hilarious) northkr www is hosted.
mircea_popescu: whatcha got sued for ?
trinque: that's what it is, endless annoyances
asciilifeform: ( iirc it was not even in asia! )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform wasn't it in china ? i thought.
trinque: mircea_popescu: suing, guy may have allegedly (blah blah) stolen some things
mircea_popescu: it's just not fucking worth it trying to "t&c" so to speak.
trinque: last fiat biz for sure.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: << china! as you said. though i have nfi how much of the linked info is true
asciilifeform: decade or so ago i looked into this, and found that their www box lived in.. usa!
mircea_popescu: yeah, dunno how far i'd trust these.
asciilifeform: the 'whack-a-mole' is a part of live for folx using 'spam hosting'. and i entirely believe that mircea_popescu knows one that has been in uninterrupted business since '07. but how long do you suppose it would live if you linked to it by name here ?
asciilifeform: they have life cycles, 'fresh, unknown, bulletproof', then the sp4mz0rz, virus artists, flock to it, then it 'has problems', dies. then another elsewhere is born.
davout: is your point that some work would indeed be required?
mircea_popescu: davout what are you doing fgor a living these days anyway ?
mircea_popescu: other than watching horses spin around on a plate-sized island.
davout: you pretty much have it
mircea_popescu: so then...
davout: well, i'm following the conversation
Framedragger: and how would mircea_popescu react if suddenly isp had policy of blocking spamzorz?
Framedragger: i'm not sure where the 'isp should not care about content' line should be in the context of tmsr.
davout: i'll ask around if people in my local meatwot have some experience with local DCs, don't think they'd bite
mircea_popescu: Framedragger i have nfi, but i know for a fact there's nothing in tmsr or in nature that says "person must provide impossible object in regular course of business".
asciilifeform: ( << pertinent, imho, old thread )
a111: Logged on 2016-11-10 17:10 mircea_popescu: no, actually, it concerned an isp which, like any other isp, can't afford to actually pay a lawyer to read all the legalse spam being thrown their way. the guilty party here is the state of california, as per
mircea_popescu: besides, you're supposed to maintain relations with multiple dcs anyway.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform nato-reich is verboten anyway.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: is it even possible any moar to route packets entirely sans-nato ?
mircea_popescu: i dun wanna do biz with the child fuckers.
asciilifeform: ( emplace iron -- yes, possible. )
trinque: Framedragger: guy who runs ISP can choose how he runs his own house, eh?
trinque: "no fucking purple backgrounds on sites" whatever, it's your house
trinque: absurd example ofc
mircea_popescu: actually a "no https and no ajax" rule would kick all ass.
trinque: indeed
asciilifeform pictures a 'no dns!' hoster
Framedragger: true. for some stupid reason i had it in my mind that mircea_popescu would vehemently oppose any such arbitrary restrictions. but this was based on some inane interpretation of some misread trilema text, probably
trinque: the thing where law comes from the sky instead of from men takes time to unwind
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform that may take some building up to.
trinque: Framedragger: he might want something, and then what? y'all either deal or don't.
asciilifeform: Framedragger: isp who bans, e.g., purple www backgrounds, child fucking, and winblows-95 because HE WANTS TO -- is quite different animal from one who does exactly same, but because ~imposed~ upstream
mircea_popescu: o yeah, absolutely. no https, no ajax, no windows/crapple.
Framedragger tried whois on -- cloudflare, hahahaha
mircea_popescu: and no cloudflare. jesus this is growing.
mircea_popescu: "no openssh no shit compiled with gcc > 4 no stuff from 3.x python no..."
mircea_popescu: gotta keep it short lest it ends up longer than traditional slas.
shinohai: I would imagine those needing tmsr services could set up own cdn, no?
trinque: gonna need multiple DCs
mircea_popescu: shinohai the idea is to resolve the problem not to self-lick the icecone.
shinohai: ah nb
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: would it be correct to say that a 'solved' instance of this problem, could, e.g., host wikilix indefinitely ?
Framedragger: ack re. flow/direction of law. but re. 'no ajax', i imagine the primary service offering being an unmanaged dedicated box, in which case i'd find it reasonable to require of the isp not to peek at insides (unless external behaviour is ~spam, etc.)
asciilifeform: ( and 'piratebay' -- ? )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform nope. a solved instance of this problem would be me going "hey x, i want a new server for eulora, what do you got that's good and where do i send the fuckgoats" which returns within a day or two with options and quotes which i pay which results in the server being live sometime next week.
mircea_popescu: because this is exactly what i wanted to do three hours ago and couldn't.
asciilifeform: my current understanding is that plenty of folx will accept a crated server and plug it in, without questions.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger no, re-re-read the line i said read insistently. you do get some boxes for vps ing out of. either because cheap or because obsolete etc.
mircea_popescu: it's a business, it has its flows yes ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform and why am i patying non wot folks ?
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: kk.
asciilifeform: so mircea_popescu is discussing a hypothetical conventional dc ? not 'bulletproof' variant.
mircea_popescu: i am discussing a republican isp.
mircea_popescu: the only substitute i would consider from the fiat world would be a bulletproof variant, because i will literally not deal with peons who do not at least declaratively claim to not follow usg law.
mircea_popescu: why encourage terrorism sorta deal.
Framedragger: (i mentioned 2x4 (russian hosting provider) above because they are known for not giving a fuck about dmca or other usg laws, and responding with "your mother" (sic) to requests to take down a hosted site which is running a botnet C&C)
asciilifeform: who, currently, other than mircea_popescu and hanbot meet the ground floor qualification ( physically residing outside of reich ) ?
asciilifeform: ( maybe shinohai ? )
mircea_popescu: davout for isntance.
asciilifeform: i thought he was a fr subject
mircea_popescu: but you're people not trees, people travel for their job all the god damned fucking time.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform iirc he moved to the pacific rimjob.
asciilifeform: but it was a french island neh.
mircea_popescu: afaik it was indepoendent. not been keeping much track.
asciilifeform: davout ^ ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ah, gotta be independent, they got a dispute with the uk over chagos.
shinohai: asciilifeform: no I am entrenched in the Southern part of Reich unfortunately, would have to relocate to more friendly (and preferably Spanish-speaking) climes.
mircea_popescu: recall, the whole "us wants base" debacle ? diego garcia ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: hm, then davout could be the one.
Framedragger currently checking ripe db etc to see how 2x4 hosts things. their dns servers are legally in seychelles.. etc.
Framedragger: ( for anyone interested)
mircea_popescu: in no conceivable presentation is this a low hanging fruit. the odds of it actually being molested are lower than baseline
mircea_popescu: (baseline is, young couple with nary a clue "start business", get reamed by bureaucracy.)
mircea_popescu: was a film re this, pretty bad but relevant in context, what was it...
mircea_popescu: !~google sunshine cleanning
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: Sunshine Cleaning (2008) - IMDb: <>; Sunshine Cleaning - Wikipedia: <>; Sunshine Cleaning : Amy Adams, Emily Blunt: Movies ...: <>
mircea_popescu: dumb broad and her lazy, ignorant teenaged sister go into business cleanning up crime scenes, start a fire.
mircea_popescu: also, emily blunt is a fucking gorgon, what are all these people smoking. i'd rather watch barbara streisand gargle.
davout: i'll be traveling for the two next weeks, but i'll ask around when coming back.
shinohai: In entertainment from mod6 's neck of the woods today:
trinque: I see that I'm not the only one who reads CL personals for teh lulz
shinohai: Oh they are a gold mine, this one happened to be provided courtesy of a girl I did stream setup for xD
asciilifeform had a nice long walk to ps0toffice with pet, discussed the 'money as a property' vs 'hamiltons' mircea_popescuism
asciilifeform: in other lulz, 'Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, cable cars, traffic lights...'
Framedragger: in which SF startups realise that hosting all infrastructure on multiple fault lines is not the greatest idea ever
mircea_popescu: "who could have predicted failure to pay bills results in power outage" "california"
mircea_popescu: davout i don't get it, what'd you ask around for ? people in the wot who you know but we somehow don't ?
mircea_popescu: trinque shinohai meanwhiule deleted. thanks to scriba's archiving service i could read it.
shinohai: Poor guy, wonder if he found a mark for his lard ass lel
mircea_popescu: looks more like some 30yo douche found pics going through "his" "gf's" phone, set up craiglist spam robot.
mod6: Update: Moving on to FG #2. Will collect just over 1.0 Gb and then do ent/dh tests.
mod6: Eatblock test upto 363K+ blocks and into blk0019.
mircea_popescu: << in which we lol at how phf's logtron makes https clickable to 404.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 18:21 mircea_popescu: actually a "no https and no ajax" rule would kick all ass.
mircea_popescu: !~ticker
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 1325.4, Best ask: 1326.0, Bid-ask spread: 0.60000, Last trade: 1325.5, 24 hour volume: 8181.49424142, 24 hour low: 1293.2, 24 hour high: 1333.1, 24 hour vwap: None
mircea_popescu: shinohai why the fuck is it quoting bitfinex ?!
shinohai: It's a gribble *clone*
mircea_popescu: o it queries gribble ?
shinohai: nope it performs pretty much exact same functions, though it shouldn't be too difficult to change it from buttfunex
shinohai: !~ticker BTCC
jhvh1: shinohai: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market <market>|all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitfinex. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code is a valid currency (1 more message)
shinohai: !~ticker --market BTCC
jhvh1: shinohai: BTCChina BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 1054.589052, Best ask: 1058.59512, Bid-ask spread: 4.00607, Last trade: 1054.589052, 24 hour volume: 9670.36210000, 24 hour low: 1047.035748, 24 hour high: 1071.1404, 24 hour vwap: 1058.37683489
mircea_popescu: of course the question of "Change it to what" rears its ugly head. there's still no price signal in btc, no more than there was back in 2015.
mircea_popescu: it's either "website printing random numbers" or else "usg mouth piece" or else "chinese exchange that does no exchanging"
mircea_popescu: could run us elections out of this material, same exact substance.
shinohai: Yeah truth be told there is no good solution rly.
BingoBoingo: <trinque> well, where the fuck did that guy go? << Apparently customs raped
trinque: orly? do tell.
mircea_popescu: !!up Joshua-I
deedbot: Joshua-I voiced for 30 minutes.
Joshua-I: Thanks
Joshua-I: I read you want hosting. Seems like a straightforward thing. What do you need?
mircea_popescu: uh. who are you again ?
shinohai: !!gettrust Joshua-I
deedbot: L1: 0, L2: 0 by 0 connections.
Joshua-I: I'm interested in simulating this problem
Joshua-I: Like looking for the potential solutions
mircea_popescu: do me a favour, read the topic.
mircea_popescu: !!down Joshua-I
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo may be interested to hear that asciilifeform bought and put to use a set of 'conibear' tree traps
asciilifeform: and broke 0 fingers!1111
asciilifeform: lol re rando asset popping up out of thin air -- 'heyiheardyouneedhosting!111'
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Nice
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: ever use'em ?
BingoBoingo: I have not. Prefer generic cage trap. Build a salad in there until you tempt critter.
asciilifeform: these, apparently, too clever for cage.
asciilifeform: yeah, them
asciilifeform: a bitch to set, too
asciilifeform: esp. as mine for some reason came without the safety latch ('made in korea!')
BingoBoingo: Well, murder springs have to have some muscle
asciilifeform: phun phakt: the folx i hired originally to do the pest control, not only insist on 'humane' trap, but lock them for weekend! i asked 'why?' answer 'it's the law'
asciilifeform: squirrels, apparently, have RIGHTS!!11!!! here.
asciilifeform: didjaknow.
asciilifeform: rat, mouse, RIGHTS!!11, comingsoon.
shinohai: !~bible Genesis 1:28
jhvh1: shinohai: [KJV] Genesis 1:28 :: And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 23:24 asciilifeform: phun phakt: the folx i hired originally to do the pest control, not only insist on 'humane' trap, but lock them for weekend! i asked 'why?' answer 'it's the law'
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: just when i thought that usgdom couldn't possibly surprise with nonsense
asciilifeform: turns out -- there is always moar surprise.
trinque: << "Unless state-listed as threatened or endangered, these animals are not protected, except under certain circumstances."
trinque: varies widely by state, has nothing to do with "usg" really
trinque: firearm discharge depends on acreage iirc, but I don't think anybody would arrest you for killing a fucking squirrel around here.
BingoBoingo: ^ The obeast pest problem continues
BingoBoingo: And no, I dun believe the news fatbook picture
mircea_popescu: how did she attack, rolling motion ?
mircea_popescu: trinque this "state / usg" distinction carried water pre-lincoln.
mircea_popescu: i'm sure "the commerce clause" gives random swampocrat full authority to legislate squirrel rights.
trinque: certainly so
trinque: what a bunch of idiots, leaving such giant gaping holes in the thing.
mircea_popescu: they weren't in the thing.
mircea_popescu: the pretense that commerce clause enables washington bureaucracy is exactly like the usual fare of prison toughs. "you dropped your soap".
mircea_popescu: if i write "roses are red" and some douche goes "by roses he means milk, amirite ?" the failure of the douche's companions to knock him one upside the head does not translate in my having left any kind of hole in my text ; nor does it enact changing it to "roses are red and by roses we do not mean milk" into being reasonable. it's not fucking reasonable, the douche will just go "oh, by red he meant square"
mircea_popescu: in fact, trilema is principally about this.
mircea_popescu: and it all comes back to should-have-beaten-the-wives, of course.
trinque: words have meanings yes, and oughtn't need smearing of extra "no really they do" around, which immediately reminds one of OSS.
trinque: also can't deny that it wasn't the document that did anyting; the folks who wanted USGism killed more of the ones that didn't
trinque: eh poorly put. while the southern civilian death toll was certainly high and under-reported, also lots of the same on the other side. at any rate, lost.
davout: <<< ask around local meatwot about local DCs and hardware sourcing options
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 20:44 mircea_popescu: davout i don't get it, what'd you ask around for ? people in the wot who you know but we somehow don't ?
mircea_popescu: is there even a dc there ?
davout: i'll... ask around!
davout: looks like it at first cursory examination
mircea_popescu: fancy that, tmsr machines within em spying range of usg top sikrit sea of china equivalent
davout: the opposite would be surprising
davout: i'm off to .za ttyal later
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shinohai: <<< Barry Shillbert: Buy mah shitcoin picks of the month so I can make use of all that Bitcoin ya'll don't need.
mircea_popescu: people still falling for the "picks" scam huh
asciilifeform: spam existing -- dun prove that spam 'worx' tho.
asciilifeform: 'human fat reactor'
mircea_popescu: there's that.
asciilifeform: it isn't as if broadcasting nonsense costs'em ~any.
mircea_popescu: in other random lulz, i ended up with this pair of very nice 8 carat diamonds and i've been playing with them in the light like a complete down case for the past half hour
mircea_popescu: shit's fascinating!
shinohai: Of course not, scamcoin devs likely pay handsomely to get CoinDesk to spread teh word.
mircea_popescu: ah right, that's the end. he's not trying to get anyone to "buy his picks", he's trying to get the lesser scammers to pay him for his supposed crystal ball publicity services. the paul graham scam.
mircea_popescu: let me guess, it says approximately except "in his own words".
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 14:20 asciilifeform: 'Mike Pompeo, director of the Central Intelligence Agency ... "WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service," he said in prepared remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Assange is a narcissist who has created nothing of value," Pompeo said. "He relies on the dirty work of other to make himself famous. He is a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen. "And
shinohai: More or less.
shinohai will lulz until death over his tweet about ETC being "First non-Bitcoin coin I evah bought" when guy was a Zooko supporter from day 1.
mircea_popescu: the cost of keeping the story straight is an exponential function of time whereas the gains for imperials are fixed at best -- their intended audience has no intelligence or culture. consequently, every usg shill will be leaking lulz after about 6 to 9 months depending on the volume he outputs.
mircea_popescu: in certain edges of the swamp there's ancient frogs of this nature, who've been chasing the same five dollah in clueless nigger spending for all their life, 30-40 years, firebranding nonsense all through. in the us they're called "senators" often enough, but the romanian word is "panarame".
mircea_popescu: the "famous dr luther waxling" in scorsese's seek and destroy would be a paradigmatic example i guess.
shinohai actually thought Dennis Hopper played that role well ....
mircea_popescu: i would like that thing on a card, you know.
mircea_popescu: "you wanna sit at the grown up table talkin' movie deals ? GET SOME FUCKING MONEY! YOU GOT NOTHING IN YOUR POCKETS!!"
mod6: TomServo: any update on your node?
mod6: TomServo: also, been watching any of the new MST3K?
shinohai: heh mod6 you like MST3K ?
shinohai: <<< From this evening's Colombian report ....
mod6: Ya, cracks me up
mod6: lot of mn refs too
shinohai: Hah yeah it just dawned on me the show got started in your neck of the woods lol.
mod6: I just watched the 3rd episode of the new season, "The Time Travelers." There's a line in there that's something like 'Steve, what will it be like after all these centuries? Are you sure? I'm sure of one thing.' '[Crow]: Bitcoin.
mod6: ya
mod6: im just gonna come out and say it.
mod6: gnat frustrates me
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