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mircea_popescu: <undata> if I had a few mil, I'd try to build a greenhouse on a barge << barge powered by ethanol, lemme guess ?
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> try moving your only 1mil overseas, intact << if it makes you feel any better, when i left romania (the first time) i gave away large chunks of what otherwise'd been "wealth".
mircea_popescu: just like if al saud decides to leave saudi arabia he's not likely going to SELL it.
decimation: mircea_popescu: as to our conversation a few days ago about what King Louis XVI could have done about the socialist uprising, perhaps one answer is that actual people everywhere have an interest in damping the enthusiasm of this kind of mob
mircea_popescu: sure, so you have an interest. what now ?
decimation: I suppose these kinds of counterfactuals always factor down to 'should have killed private Schicklgruber'
mircea_popescu: looky here, dying empires don't dampen the mob. that's a job for the earlier times.
mircea_popescu: back when men still believed in the future of the entire construction, the effort and inclination to take children and wives over the knee can readily be summoned.
mircea_popescu: once it's fate is sealed, who can be bothered ? would you punish your children for misbehaving in a nuclear shelter ?
decimation: yeah that's a good point. especially if some homeless laut is peddling a false hope in the corner over there
mircea_popescu: let em have fun, what.
decimation: and so what comes is a generation of spoiled brats, willing to listen to whoever is promising bread & circuses
mircea_popescu: "Let Gingrich and Gore hail the arrival of the information superhighway that "the people" can use to talk back to our "leaders." Their illusive dream of "participatory democracy" will be short-lived.
mircea_popescu: Because this highway doesn't lead to Washington."
mircea_popescu: no roads lead to washington, actually.
mircea_popescu: "The information revolution will transform the politics of power just as surely as the broadcast media did 70 years ago. Only this time, power will devolve back toward its sources, not inward toward demagogues seeking to gather it. The Net will subvert the centralized economic and social control mechanisms that allowed the great welfare-warfare states[33] of the 20th century to dominate our commerce, our psychic landsc
mircea_popescu: ape and even our definition of who we are."
mircea_popescu: Wait for the day when citizens, incessantly polled by leaders trying to jump out in front of each passing parade, don't even bother answering the questions. "Do you feel that your group is going to get its fair share of the booty your elected representatives plan to pilfer from that group?" Get lost.
mircea_popescu: I am an American, but my children will be free citizens of the Net. They may reside in this country[22] or that, but their economic and social intercourse will effortlessly span the globe.
mircea_popescu: this guy should get some sort of journalism reward.
decimation: yeah Jim has a point, it seems to me the Internet has a tendency to empower the periphery at the expense of the center
decimation: when communication between the outposts becomes cheap, a giant bureaucracy to 'coordinate' things suddenly seems redundant
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undata: mircea_popescu: I have no philosophical objection to burning gas
undata: whatever the cheapest power plant is at the time will do
undata: I'd plan on still making software for money in such a scenario
undata: I think I could stomach enough human contact to tank up.
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ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> and im pretty sure isis is the first place with a serenissima embassy, for that matter. << this exists in point of fact?
ben_vulpes: i miss all the good logs.
ben_vulpes: <bagels7> can i use a credit card << no but he does accept payment in tits, albeit roundaboutly
ben_vulpes: ;;later tell bagels7 can i use a credit card << no but he does accept payment in tits, albeit roundaboutly
gribble: The operation succeeded.
ben_vulpes: ah hilarious
ben_vulpes: the RT iPhone app is a million times better than the WSJ's
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ben_vulpes: ditto for al jazeera
decimation: I tried to use the deutsche welle app once, it crashed my phone
ben_vulpes: !up Vexual
Vexual: I was just saying, when you're emailing your local member of parliment, realise that it might not be he that reads it, and know what you're selling
ben_vulpes: <mircea_popescu> <cazalla> bagels7: the beatings were way worse than any bdsm "master" i had <<< lol same << lol wait, bagels7 is into bdsm ? << the funny thing here is that *cazalla* is XD
cazalla: am not
Vexual: senate comittee starts tommorrow
ben_vulpes: lady doth etc etc
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Vexual: free rabbits
ben_vulpes: i'll pay for some rabbit stew
Vexual: ^ ditto
Vexual: i'd roast it up with some oranges
Vexual: sweet meat
Vexual: ive been vego for a while
Vexual: i'd eat a galah
cazalla: Vexual, ya mate zhenya fucked up
assbot: Digital BTC Lose By Mistake | ... ( )
Vexual: who now?
cazalla: i've dealt with the auDA fuck heads before, tried to take mah domains off me
Vexual: hes not a mate or an associate
cazalla: i emerged victorious!
cazalla: Vexual, yeah yeah :P it was a joke
Vexual: i read the anual report tho
Vexual: it's not his main business
Vexual: although the model is quite nice
Vexual: his bitcoin consulting fees were higher than his directors renumeration
Vexual: they made some good moves
Vexual: but theres still this interface between the bitcoin pace and the asx or whatever
Vexual: Yo can watch tmz and dcc, and that melbourne thing that never floated
cazalla: bitcoin group? that guy who is trying to float got social engineered lol and lost like 100 btc and he wants to run a company when he is so stupid to click emails
Vexual: really?
Vexual: i thought they were supposed to float a few weeks back?
Vexual: what form you do put in when you fail like that?
cazalla: nah, postponed he says
cazalla: medibank floated today
cazalla: another telstra scam by the looks of it, price is already under IPO on day one
cazalla: !up Vexual
Vexual: anyway zt doesn't mean zou tung anymore, this guy could buy his debt like me buying a cornetto
cazalla: i wonder if zt will just buy back the domain from new owner
Vexual: he might just ask nicely
cazalla: nah, new owner will prob want a pay day
Vexual: he might just get it
Vexual: i don't think zt needs it tho
Vexual: leaving 36k on the table might be a thing
cazalla: well, he bought it for digital BTC, so technically the company owns it, or did, not him
cazalla: so now he has to go to shareholders and tell them, at least i assume so
Vexual: yeah, ive read the annual
Vexual: it's obviously an oversight
cazalla: on his part yes but common way to get domains in .au
cazalla: auDA won't force new owner to return simply because of a mistake
Vexual: dog businnes
Vexual: but if you're not using it... eh
cazalla: few times people have taken it outside of auDA and to court though, ZT could do that or simply buy it back which i bet is likely to happen
Vexual: well h ecould verily claim he is
cazalla: Vexual, perhaps new owner just uses it for email, there is no criteria stating he has to have a webpage
Vexual: im sure it will all sort out in the wash
cazalla: can claim, must prove
Vexual: anyway, that cunt can just hop n his aero and take a few more bitmain to iceland
Vexual: wot dhl?
Vexual: id guess he cares more about mining his own tx's than a domain name
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cazalla: !up Vexual
Vexual: i tell you wot, id consult for zt
Vexual: if he wasnt so scary
Vexual: if hes worth a mil pa id be 200k
Vexual: but with a loss like that, id recommend less
Vexual: here we go, it;s 20yearmoney to tell u sabout growth
Vexual: Jou Ma Se poes in a fish paste jar.
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mircea_popescu: <decimation> yeah Jim has a point << it was actually one Bill Frezza. jad just reprinted it.
mircea_popescu: <undata> mircea_popescu: I have no philosophical objection to burning gas <<< sure, but if you're on a barge you can't conceivably drill for oil. so ethanol's left.
mircea_popescu: (moreover my point was that growing shit is taking care of the small problem, most of your energetic needs aren't "what to eat")
mircea_popescu: <ben_vulpes> and im pretty sure isis is the first place with a serenissima embassy, for that matter. << this exists in point of fact? <<< not quite, no.
mircea_popescu: !up orkaa
cazalla: bitcoin price after last years black friday sale?
cazalla: drop i mean
cazalla: ah never mind, went to moon soon after
mircea_popescu: by now "price" as reported by "exchanges" is pretty much a random value.
mircea_popescu: all the scams with "margin" and 90% fake trade volume get to report a "price".
cazalla: mircea_popescu, yes but i would prefer that random value be on the lower side either tmw or after black friday
cazalla: not usually something i worry about but i am sure there will be a long line of people handing over coins for useless shit on black friday
mircea_popescu: i have my doubts.
cazalla: namecheap 99c .com sounds ok though
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cazalla: looks like bitcoin conferences are moving onto blockchain conferences now lol sponsored by ethereum
assbot: Latitude 19.3N | INTERNATIONAL BLOCK CHAIN | January 2O,21,22 2015 ... ( )
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mats_cd03: aw, i fell asleep before all the activity
mats_cd03: fergudishu, even.
jurov: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 381.05, Best ask: 382.49, Bid-ask spread: 1.44000, Last trade: 382.49, 24 hour volume: 20437.64069085, 24 hour low: 372.91, 24 hour high: 395.11, 24 hour vwap: 0
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ben_vulpes: office space is painfully tight in pdx
ben_vulpes: "tech bubble" top when?
mats_cd03: my bets are on the next five years
ben_vulpes puts fuel in the product arm of the biz in a vain attempt to survive the music stopping
mats_cd03: whaddya need office space for?
ben_vulpes: 'Children’s need to be “stimulated, pushed and encouraged to take risks is as great as their need for stability and security,”' << merry go-rounds aren't a thing in the states any more, because children might get scraped up.
ben_vulpes: mats_cd03: i run a consulting shop. far easier to get contributors to contribute/consult when there's an actual place to go.
ben_vulpes: plus, i like to get out of the house.
ben_vulpes: plus, i'd like host client meetings somewhere that isn't a noisy-as-fuck coffee shop.
ben_vulpes: like *to
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assbot: Thrift Shop PARODY "I'm Obama" ~ Rucka Rucka Ali - YouTube ... ( )
mats_cd03: struggle.
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assbot: IN FERGUSON: Businesses burn, police cars torched as violence 'much worse' than August : News ... ( )
assbot: Late-night looters trash Oakland stores - SFGate ... ( )
BingoBoingo: Nice work cazalla
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assbot: Ferguson protests, fires follow grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson. ... ( )
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mats_cd03: for whatever reason accepts left, right arrow keys as input changes the page...
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mats_cd03: as inputs, and*
BingoBoingo: !up Shakespeare
assbot: Op-Ed: Protester getting 'ready for Ferguson' shoots herself in the head ... ( )
assbot: ORBilu: Biryukov Alex - Deanonymisation of clients in Bitcoin P2P network ... ( )
mats_cd03: the nature of the negligent discharge seems dubious
mats_cd03: more likely the driver got into an accident while attempting to kill a nuisance.
BingoBoingo: Who knows. It isn't like more than half of clear homicides get solved in the StL metro.
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pete_dushenski: manual scoopbot incoming:
assbot: Bitcoin Year-In-Review: The Price Went Down, So We Prepared For War | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
assbot: An Ode To My Tygers | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
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assbot: Recent Sony Pictures hack seems to point toward China or Korea due to included file encoding. More details:
jurov: such expert
pete_dushenski: brofessional
assbot: Social, economic, & intellectual aristocracies have an almost error free mechanism by which members can identify each other very rapidly.
pete_dushenski: ^eg. la serenissima
jurov: lol how do you identify e.g. Vexual?
jurov *sniff* *sniff*
pete_dushenski: how don't you?
jurov: lol pete doesn't like to get sniffed
assbot: Sony Pictures Suffers Targeted Cyber Attack | ... ( )
BingoBoingo: * jurov *sniff* *sniff* << On the internet everyone is Dog
BingoBoingo: !Up Fergudishu
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BingoBoingo: !up ParadoxBTC
ParadoxBTC: Why thank you :)
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fluffypony: Jurassic World trailer is out
assbot: Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube ... ( )
thestringpuller: Haven't seen fluffypony in a while
fluffypony: I'm like a ghost
thestringpuller: i thought that would imply you are dead but still alive (fake dead, but people believe it)
thestringpuller: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 378.08, Best ask: 379.42, Bid-ask spread: 1.34000, Last trade: 378.07, 24 hour volume: 19462.53412919, 24 hour low: 372.91, 24 hour high: 395.11, 24 hour vwap: 0
thestringpuller: !l m s.mpoe
assbot: Last trade for S.MPOE on MPEX was at 0.00041182 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: for those unfamiliar:
asciilifeform: !s terry davis
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thestringpuller: asciilifeform: i never new logic gates were so fun.
asciilifeform: !up diametric
assbot: Kill init by touching a bunch of files ... ( )
diametric: asciilifeform enables my laziness
asciilifeform: 'Of course, this already happened: someone wrote a patch... in 2011... That said, the patch was rejected, and that's that. The bug lives on.'
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assbot: Logged on 10-10-2014 04:18:11; asciilifeform: 1 of the 3 other monkeys, perhaps, knows russian (which imho is an absolute hard requirement for this particular stunt)
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asciilifeform: adlai: because that is the language in which fundamental research in computing continued, while in the west - died in 1950s.
adlai: madness, blasphemy. all research must be conducted and documented in english!
mircea_popescu: outside of biochemistry and perhaps some aeronautics, i struggle to think of a field where research is done in english
cazalla: fluffypony: Jurassic World trailer is out <<< i could not be more disappointed
fluffypony: cazalla: it just looks like a rehash of the first movie but with better CGI
mircea_popescu: We present an efficient method to deanonymize Bitcoin users, which allows to link user pseudonyms to the IP addresses where the transactions are generated. Our techniques work for the most common and the most challenging scenario when users are behind NATs or firewalls of their ISPs. They allow to link transactions of a user behind a NAT and to distinguish connections and transactions of different users behind the same
mircea_popescu: NAT. We also show that a natural countermeasure of using Tor or other anonymity services can be cut-off by abusing anti-DoS countermeasures of the bitcoin network. Our attacks require only a few machines and have been experimentally verified. We propose several countermeasures to mitigate these new attacks.
mircea_popescu: anyone bother actually read the pdf accompanying these tall claims ?
cazalla: fluffypony, the new male lead is no ian malcolm either
cazalla: BingoBoingo, hopefully it gets more traction in aus IT press, they love stuff stories like this
mircea_popescu: "a method for revealing IP addresses of Bitcoin wallet owners with success rate between 11\% and 60\%." ugh. my interest died.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: My take on it is if you connect to enough nodes, you can probably tell which one prodcasted a transaction first, sometimes.
BingoBoingo: Amazing the rather abvious shit people pass off as "research"
mircea_popescu: let me guess, 11 to 60% of times, where 40% is arbitrarily defined as equal to "those cases where users use private connect lists"
mircea_popescu: derpity derp.
mircea_popescu: in the same line, here's this extraspecial pair of glasses which removes clothes off women
mircea_popescu: success rate ? about 11 to 60% of cases where woman splays herself naked on display.
cazalla: oh look at that, cointelegraph linking to qntra now as well
assbot: If You Bought From Silk Road, Coinalytics May Have You Mapped ... ( )
assbot: Logged on 15-11-2014 00:56:46; Adlai: assbot is immune to suicidal depression, because it doesn't even know it exists
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kakobrekla: bash flushed
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asciilifeform: 'de-anonymization' paper << mega-snore.
asciilifeform: in other news: usg's oceanic fiber tap catalogue apparently leaked.
assbot: 2014 Proof of Honor (POH) Awards - Official Voting begins December 1st (12/1)! ... ( )
assbot: I mortgaged my future with a Mac ... ( )
mats_cd03: 16:06:20 <+asciilifeform> in other news: usg's oceanic fiber tap catalogue apparently leaked. << link?
asciilifeform: mats_cd03: buncha pdf turds on 'cryptome'
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assbot: School Board Member: ‘We Have Prepared Our Students’ to Protest in Ferguson « CBS St. Louis ... ( )
BingoBoingo: !up babbys_first_bit
BingoBoingo: Hello babbys_first_bit
BingoBoingo: What brings you around these parts
babbys_first_bit: trilema and the convalex
babbys_first_bit: contravex
babbys_first_bit: reddit is cancer and bitcointalk is semi-cancerous
assbot: Why is /puellavulnerata's account all locked up? /hashtag/tor?src=hashcc /yashalevine /paulcarr
assbot: dpaste: 2BRBXP7 ... ( )
BingoBoingo: Indeed, chemo needed
BingoBoingo: Atm though I think bitcointalk's cancer is probably more terminal
The20YearIRCloud: Well, today we closed on another loan, putting the company back to a state with plenty o extra cash laying around.
babbys_first_bit: these sub 400 coins, they're cheap right
BingoBoingo: Probably
BingoBoingo: Just make sure you can actually move them to an address you have sole control over
babbys_first_bit: I've migrated from bitcoin core to Armory
babbys_first_bit: i have a shitty laptop that I've devoted to my cold storage, disabled wifi etc
babbys_first_bit: Those paper wallet backups I made, if someone were to get a hold of them , and somehow know what they meant, could they steal my coins, or would they need my password?
BingoBoingo: That's a very good queston. Haven't used Armory in years
BingoBoingo: I instead [censored] my [censored][censored] with [censored][censored][censored] under a [censored] mountain
mike_c: babbys_first_bit: the paper wallet gives access to coins sans password.
babbys_first_bit: I find it kind of odd how I'd need to use a USB stick combined with accessing my offline laptop with the password before I can send coins, yet if someone were to get my paper wallet and knew what those four letter words meant, they suddenly have the keys to the kingdom
mike_c: it's kinda the point
mike_c: if that bothers you, encrypt the paper wallet and then print it out.
mike_c: or ask BingoBoingo to stick it in his mountain.
assbot: Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
babbys_first_bit: I suppose unless I go around telling people IRL i've got a paper backup with my bitcoin wealth tied to it, nobody who happened to find it would even know what it meant. It's not like i wrote "ARMORY BACKUP FOR EXTREME BITCOIN WEALTH" on the backup
BingoBoingo: How do you know for sure you already didn't?
babbys_first_bit: i do tend to get falling down drunk on occasion
babbys_first_bit: i've hidden in a pretty gud place
babbys_first_bit: hidden it
babbys_first_bit: i dont hide myself
BingoBoingo: But with yourself and a soldering iron someone might extract the paper's location
babbys_first_bit: torture me?
BingoBoingo: Sure, someone could.
BingoBoingo: They insert soldering iron into a convenient opening and wait for it to heat up
babbys_first_bit: i think they'd go after the winkvoss twins bfore me
mats_cd03: uh, ok
babbys_first_bit: what's your excuse for not owning 1% of all bitcoins
BingoBoingo: But there's two of them and they are in shape from all of that rowing at indistinguishable northeastern school. You on the other hand have baby in your IRC nick and infants suck at avoiding abduction.
mats_cd03: a dubious claim
BingoBoingo: !up babbys_first_bit
babbys_first_bit: what happens to the channel if you automatically get to speak upon arrival
assbot: #bitcoin-assets new WoT and voice model ... ( )
babbys_first_bit: so that fat fucker from mt. gox, do u think he stole everyones coins or were they just "lost"
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30400 @ 0.00040665 = 12.3622 BTC [-]
BingoBoingo: He prolly ate them. Maybe Jed from Ripple/Stellar/WTFBBQ stole them after he sold Gox to Karpeles. hard to know.
babbys_first_bit: is the only online wallet where the website owners can't just run off with my coins
dignork: babbys_first_bit: they can.
BingoBoingo: There's ways they can run off with coins too
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3802 @ 0.00041705 = 1.5856 BTC [-]
dignork: babbys_first_bit: and if you insist on comparing bad ideas, greenaddress is somewhat better.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35706 @ 0.00040111 = 14.322 BTC [-] {2}
babbys_first_bit: how many bitcoins will i need today to be a millionaire in 10 yrs
kakobrekla: ill tell you for a buttcoin.
babbys_first_bit: Why haven't the devs or the general userbase demanded we switch from BTC to micro BTC or whatever
kakobrekla: !down babbys_first_bit
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[]bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for No on "BTC to reach $5000 or higher in Q2 2015" Odds: 10(Y):90(N) by coin, 10(Y):90(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.821 BTC. Current weight: 92,629.
assbot: Russian Official: Ferguson Highlights ‘Serious Challenges to American Society and its Stability’ « CBS St. Louis ... ( )
asciilifeform: ^ these folks need to invoice moscow for their orlov cheques.
Apocalyptic: asciilifeform, has it been established Mr. O is paid by Moscow btw ?
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: lol, no
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: but mircea_popescu once confessed that he suspected.
Apocalyptic: I was kind of wondering about it recently, it could make sense
assbot: Logged on 31-08-2014 18:52:01; asciilifeform: so, formula is: 'don't own. if you own, don't admit it. if you admit it, don't write about it. if you own and admit and write, don't sign your name. if you own, admit, write, and sign name, don't be surprised.' (apologies to rev. t. reese.)
kakobrekla: based also iirc.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: tor drama << i don't get it. what, exactly, was the linked thing about ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: One of the tor devs drawing their USG funded paychecks was an operator of one of the "Anonymous" movement twitter accounts
asciilifeform: this surprised - whom ?
BingoBoingo: This surprised, I guess the small number of anons who might not be from USG's vegetable garden
asciilifeform: tor project funding wasn't secret, either
asciilifeform: it was (originally - and semi-publicly) spun as a 'our spies need to do their thing under the cloak of a river of shit traffic so here's this free service' gizmo
BingoBoingo: Sure, but the Tor people hate bringing that up.
asciilifeform: then rebranded as a u.s. dept. of state 'dissidents need to plan their glorious democratic multi-coloured revolutions without interference from cruel orcish gestapos' gizmo.
BingoBoingo suspects .ru darknet markets survive because USG figures russian drugs are russia's problem.
asciilifeform: usg ships afghani opium directly into ru.
asciilifeform: fought a war partly to make this easier.
BingoBoingo: Sure, they ship Afghani opium pretty much everywhere for refinement into heroin.
BingoBoingo: CIA only hated Pablo Escobar because he was competition
asciilifeform: at no point may the orcs have a leader who is not an active muppet.
BingoBoingo under the impression USG uses drug money to fund all of its porcelain as opposed to golden toilets
asciilifeform: this is a top reptilian priority.
BingoBoingo: The big question this week is will the Bird that weighs 11 kilos clean and dressed thaw adequately by Thursday Morning.
gernika: May I ask where the reptilian reference comes from? (lizard hitler, et. al) I see some references to Hitler being a Lizard Alien Being on google, but nothing beyond a literal interpretation of that.
asciilifeform: !s lizard hitler
asciilifeform: comes from an infamous crackpot whose name i've forgotten, who wrote a lengthy treatise on how planet has been secretly ruled by lizard-like aliens since time immemorial
gernika: Wonder if that's what inspired V.
BingoBoingo: I suspect actual alien influencers would be avian
gernika: Seemed to have a lot of references to the Nazis. 80s made for TV series in which lizards disguised as humanoids invade the planet.
assbot: V (1983 miniseries) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( )
assbot: Very RARE Ferrite Core Plane Memory 4pcs Board USSR Military Aviation Air Force | eBay ... ( )
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Yes,a tv show. Reptilians in government was actual US pop culture artifact
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: note the ics -and- ferrite combo.
BingoBoingo: Beautiful pictures.
asciilifeform: in usa, ferrite core memory was also manufactured well into the ic age
asciilifeform: why? because persistent.
gernika: There was even gassing of dissidents.
asciilifeform: and far more durable than spinning disk.
BingoBoingo would kind of like the rest of the plane too...
asciilifeform: (eeprom with blockwise electrical erasure did not exist en masse until mid-80s)
asciilifeform: if BingoBoingo like ancient russian airplanes, he should get in touch with city hall in timisoara
asciilifeform: there is a titanic pile of them at the little airport there.
asciilifeform: literally, piles
asciilifeform: seems possible that they might agree to part with them for price of scrap, if you arrange transportation.
BingoBoingo: I might have to make a trip there when I can convert BTC to pallets of local scrip
asciilifeform: incidentally, you can see some of these planes from 'google maps'
asciilifeform: they sit in open air, rusting.
BingoBoingo: Also might be fun to rent a hangar and extract them of their own power.
assbot: Google Maps ... ( )
BingoBoingo: Dunno how many rusting planes it will take to convert to flying plane though
asciilifeform: ru-made interceptors though.
asciilifeform: won't be crossing any oceans.
danielpbarron: 07:29 <+gernika> May I ask where the reptilian reference comes from? << probably from david icke
asciilifeform: aha yes that was him.
BingoBoingo: Ah, so too heavy/long to land on aircraft carrier
asciilifeform: really, the quintessential specialist's toy.
BingoBoingo: So, you suspect they wouldn't be useful for liberating Rhodesia?
gernika: danielpbarron: thanks
asciilifeform: with engine MTBF measured in tens of hours - doubtful.
BingoBoingo: Ah, shame
asciilifeform: have to understand, jet fighter is not really a complete machine. it is a tentacle of the larger industrial slave empire which produced and employed it.
asciilifeform: much like your finger cannot function for long or very usefully unless attached to the rest of you
asciilifeform: as i understand, this is why countries that inherited, bought, stole, etc. some xxx quantity of soviet aircraft yy years ago, tend to fly some small handful z of them at a time
asciilifeform: the rest - are kept in parts graveyards.
asciilifeform: a greybeard and squad of monkeys parts them out, maintaining the handful in some semblance of working order.
asciilifeform not involved in this profession in any capacity, knows from thirdhand sources.
BingoBoingo: I thought generally that's how jet fighters work everywhere. Hundreds of planes maybe tens available at any given time if lucky
asciilifeform: only when collapse.
asciilifeform: think of a taxi or bus park. there's usually a handful of disabled vehicles, but they either await the scrapyard or a shipment of parts, given as the latter can be had
asciilifeform: but what if they cannot be had.
asciilifeform: then the situation is reversed - handful of working items, large and sometimes well-guarded lot of cannibalism
BingoBoingo: I thought even US aircraft now are just parts waiting to be consumed by their brothers and sisters
asciilifeform: if this is not yet, then only a matter of time.
BingoBoingo: Maybe not for all aircraft, but it seems the case for the ones the empire uses with regularity in anger
asciilifeform: interceptors and fighting jets in general are a special case of 'cold war' hardware, in that they were never expected to last.
asciilifeform: repairable - yes (at least in ru schools of design). durable - no.
asciilifeform: phun phact. you can download the repair manuals for most of the 'mig' machines.
asciilifeform: why is another question. but - there they are.
dub: I think my body is burning out
dub: brain seems mostly ok with long term sleep deprivation, body taking it harder
dub: some kind of pre-diabetes thing goiing on with suddenly running out of blood sugar
undata: so uh... go to bed?
dub: and muscle cramps worse than anything I've had
BingoBoingo pretty sure body needs sleep more than brain
BingoBoingo: dub: Eat banana, take diphenhydramine, go the fuck to sleep
asciilifeform: diphenhydramine << iirc, snips off stage 4. no thx
assbot: Go The Fuck To Sleep - Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson - YouTube ... ( )
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Varies from person to person.
dub: soft tissue recovery slow as fuck too
assbot: International - Snowden-Leaks: How Vodafone-Subsidiary Cable & Wireless Aided GCHQ’s Spying Efforts ... ( )
dub: wake up screaming with cramp in calf, still sore month later
undata: dub: why are you still complaining about this?
dub was in a rather large room full of taps this morning
undata: want someone to actually come over there and tuck you in? go to sleep
dub: its ok undata, I will sleep next month
dub: from the 10th or so
undata: dub: farming pitty in the meanwhile?
undata: *pity
dub: yes, pity
dub: from #b-a
asciilifeform: dub is in... war zone? programmer's death march? or where? why no sleep
BingoBoingo: Honestly after last week's broken dick hard to farm pity for health reasons for a while
undata guesses #2
undata: BingoBoingo: who broke their dick?
undata checks logs
BingoBoingo: undata: Xanthyos
dub: buddy of mine broke his dick, no joke
BingoBoingo: !s disfigured
BingoBoingo: !s fracture
asciilifeform: !s but with meat we fell behind
assbot: 0 results for 'but with meat we fell behind' :
dub: asciilifeform: overkommitment
assbot: Logged on 24-04-2014 23:07:06; asciilifeform: 'when it comes to milk, we're even with america, at last; as for meat, they're still the leader - our bull broke his cock, alas.'
undata: "xanthyos: they won't even see me because i called the dr a faggot" << winrar right here
undata: I'm also rating the likelihood that this is true at 0.001%
undata: "xanthyos: i act and speak with total sincerity at all times" << pfffff
dub: dick break is apparently not that uncommon but limited to a subset of men
dub: the big dick having set
asciilifeform: the power tool fucking set ?
undata: asciilifeform: or people that think positions seen in porn are enjoyable for anyone who isn't a camera
dub: missionary in my friends case
asciilifeform: reminds of ilkka kokkarinen's 'alien problems':
asciilifeform: 'I’d like to see one expression coined by the poker writer Matt Matros become common parlance, since it applies far more widely than only to poker. An “alien problem” means some problem that might be fun, interesting and educational to analyze, and it would be really important to know the solution if you ever found yourself in that situation, but the point is that you shouldn't even be having that problem in the first pl
asciilifeform: ace, because it can only have resulted from you having made choices that are obviously wrong and easily avoidable. At the poker table, the description of an alien problem might begin “So I called a raise and re-raise preflop from the small blind with my jack-three offsuit...” Say no more. Don’t call a raise and re-raise from the small blind when you have nothing but a measly jack-three offsuit, and you won’t have to th
asciilifeform: ink about how to get out of problems like that. Outside the poker table, consider any problem that starts with the words “So, I have been having a steamy secret affair with the wife of this violent mob boss, and now she...”'
BingoBoingo: It's in the log, he did a persian penis trick compulsively to quash his boners, and this time it went wrong
undata: pics or gtfo
undata: gpg signed
danielpbarron: he put the pics on twitter, but it's a private account
undata: bah! hearsay!
dub: the break happened in another buddy of mine, her telling it was standard drunken missionary. Loud snap, deformation, severe bruising, hospital visit, months of rehab
undata: dub: am I supposed to believe every joker that claims he broke his dick? standards, man.
danielpbarron: months??
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: re: historic hardware: ever own a 'ibm workpad z50' ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I've never had that experience.
dub: danielpbarron: never torn a uscle?
dub: muscle*
danielpbarron: i guess not
danielpbarron: never had months of rehab
danielpbarron: and i had my appendix rupture
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: odd little bugger. the usual nice 'thinkpad' keyboard, but inside - a 'mips' cpu. normally ran embedded winblows (yes, for mips!) from 16m rom. but easily hackable to use netbsd or linux.
dub: lucky you
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: ~1kg weight, iirc. no built-in networking.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: also notable for the option of running on 'aa' batteries.
assbot: Do I Have a Broken Penis? ... ( )
dub: fuck that I cant even read that
undata: dub: I know it's a thing
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: << rom on 3rd photo from bottom
assbot: 404 Not Found ... ( )
BingoBoingo: Interesting. Might have to play with one some day. Probably worth it to keep one on hand because of the AA batteries deal
decimation: asciilifeform: did you ever play with an hp 200lx?
asciilifeform: decimation: yes. sold it many years ago though. terrible keyboard.
decimation: I remember back when my best portable computer was an hp-48
decimation: I think the 200lx had a similar 'chiclet' keyboard
BingoBoingo about to order yet another replacement fan for X120e, doesn't trust the latest offering the Chicoms on Ebay shipped
decimation: asciilifeform: apparently the lady whose website you linked has an apco project 25 decoding system
assbot: Super Trunking Scanner ... ( )
decimation: or at least, wrapped someone else's
asciilifeform: many good essays in there, too.
decimation: apparently they implemented the 'tdma' version too, which allows a single 12 khz channel to be timeshared with two radios
decimation: because the FCC demanded that all these incumbant users reduce their bandwidth
decimation: another amusing post by the friendly nydwracu:
assbot: The web of dependency | nydwracu niþgrim, nihtbealwa mæst ... ( )
decimation: "“In practice, technologies will be used by control systems to maintain their power and stability.” People subject themselves to the control system for some perceived (and perhaps even real) benefit, and then get bitten by the tradeoffs."
asciilifeform: (not a misprint! there were once intelligent, educated woman programmers in usa. but when the profession became 'blue collar' - akin to, e.g., cement mixer operator - they mostly disappeared.)
decimation: yeah there were many women in cs in the 80's
asciilifeform: not even talking about academiwank
asciilifeform: i have, for instance, 'programmer's guide to CLOS [common lisp object system]' on my shelf, by one sonya keene.
asciilifeform: it was a good book.
asciilifeform: 'As long as genetic modification is being done primarily by big agribusiness, plants will be altered to make them more compatible with central control of the food supply.'
decimation: yeah she has an interesting post related to this point: << "When pressed for details, this individual thought for a while and then said that he expects such people to be "fire and forget". In other words, you send them off and they get stuff done."
assbot: Fire and forget, or sexism in software engineering ... ( )
asciilifeform: we did this one here.
asciilifeform: (re: plants)
decimation: yeah, many conversations here have parallels with his thoughts
asciilifeform: !s monsanto
asciilifeform: ^ these.
decimation: in the comments he makes a useful summary: "Control toward reduction of violence, protection of property rights, etc. is good, because the consequences are good on net; you can’t have a civilized society when everyone is killing each other and looting the corpses. Progressive control is bad, because civilization is incompatible with progressivism, so folk culture should be protected against mass culture."
asciilifeform: but must not forget - things which cannot defend themselves - die.
decimation: well, so when it's 'easier' to sit down and eat a tv movie while having your brain manipulated by the tv, it's good to know why
asciilifeform: eventually - somehow - the hunter makes his way to the island of delicious flightless birds.
asciilifeform: or 'flightless' people.
undata: "I'm not going to be suppressed anymore" YOU HEAR THAT DAD?!
decimation: "The seductive appeal of such things was nearly irresistible, for each of these items can make a quantum improvement in a sylvan lifestyle. Acquisition of several or all of these goods is a transformative experience that makes contact essentially irreversible."
undata: I have a hard time processing how telling your underling to maximize thinking for him/herself is suppression
undata: -or- "stop talking about how shitty the code is and get it fixed"
undata: I loathe working with people who bitch about how bad the codebase that is ostensibly their "work" is
decimation: undata: I think it illustrates the 'people are replaceable parts' attitude common in 'tech industry'
undata: decimation: sure, but in the case above the worker could actually be over-communicating
undata: which runs counter to the point of hiring her
undata: if the boss has to check off every single decision she's going to make, why doesn't he just move her out of the way? at that point she's just a really slow intermediary
decimation: in practice, I've found that kind of attitude to result in workarounds on top of workarounds, because of the lack of coordination
asciilifeform: the layers workarounds happen regardless - because how could there possibly be coordination with previous programmers
asciilifeform: (i.e. those who built the layers of crud tortoises on which the elephants stand)
decimation: asciilifeform: so would it be better for the elephant-builders to take note of the shit foundation upon which they work, or simply 'get things done' new jersey style?
asciilifeform: this is why the only extant computerized gadgets that aren't total crud were built from, or virtually from, the ground up.
asciilifeform: decimation: the ultimate, inescapable fact is that most of the products don't need to exist at all.
asciilifeform: that in that world, we might all be doing (horror!) honest work (e.g., ) - such is life.
undata: decimation: dunno, I'm on the other end, and despise people who over-rely on authority to think
undata: likely the situation was somewhere in the middle
undata: some software projects are irredeemably fucked, and maybe the boss didn't want to hear that
asciilifeform: where's that mircea_popescu article re: how the average plebe has no business pretending to run a computer.
ben_vulpes: good god
ben_vulpes: so many riot geared cops out tonight
ben_vulpes: all the fuck over, too
BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: In your yard???
ben_vulpes: "little beirut"
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: this afternoon i saw a jeep 'truck' and chrysler 'minivan' block traffic on burnside for no reason. two vehicles, completely unmarked, pulled out into traffic, turned on head/taillight mars signallers, blocked the street for two full minutes, then turned said lights off and peeled off
ben_vulpes: i also saw a van with outriggers packed with riot-geared cops
undata: that makes me want to go drive around
ben_vulpes: you crazy, mang.
ben_vulpes: i'm staying way the fuck out of their way.
undata: surely nothing too nutso is going on downtown?
undata: just people marching?
ben_vulpes: nominally 1k humans derping around
undata: that'll show 'em
BingoBoingo: "Guard Busses are not to be used to block traffic"
ben_vulpes: undata: let's stay in and drink
assbot: #OCCUPYSTAMP - Twitter Photos Search ... ( )
ben_vulpes: lady v's making pies with my younger brother tonight and i don't want to be around for it
assbot: St. Louis County Police Scanner on USTREAM: This is an audio stream of the St. Louis County Police scanners.Ferguson PDRIOT-ARIOT-BRIOT-CRIOT-DRIOT-E... ... ( )
undata: ben_vulpes: can't drink tonight; I'm rolling out updates this evening
ben_vulpes: stop working
ben_vulpes: it's 6:15
asciilifeform: at umd, 'student union' (large bldg full of restaurants) is full of pr0t3st3rs
ben_vulpes: no deploys after 3pm or on friday
asciilifeform: 'While we're hurting, we want to be very visible.'
asciilifeform: 'People continued to sit and eat. So we took away their seats.'
asciilifeform: 'This is what being apart of something bigger than yourself looks and feels like' << mega-lol!
undata: ben_vulpes: maybe in a bit; lets see if I don't screw everything up
ben_vulpes: you won't
ben_vulpes: if you do, you should license my hairball
asciilifeform: '"Hands up, don't shoot" #OccupyStamp ” the one girl on her phone at the table, different beliefs?'
asciilifeform: oh noez, a wrecker!
assbot: ClubOrlov: The Only Way to Stop the Empire ... ( )
asciilifeform: ^ mr. o actually calling for 'tax revolt'
asciilifeform: imho this clinches the moscow hypothesis.
asciilifeform: not even a down's syndrome case would post this from u.s. soil.
asciilifeform: scratch that.
asciilifeform: guest article.
asciilifeform: real question is whether mr o actually drinks the 'kool aid' re: riots being 'popular anger', or merely pretends to.
decimation: asciilifeform: what amazes me is why a tax revolt hasn't happened yet
decimation: how does usg so utterly dominate the masses?
BingoBoingo: Something SOmething 4 victims
decimation: BingoBoingo: it would be useful if someone had a copy of rachel by the bay's apco-25 widget running there
BingoBoingo: decimation: Getting within range to do that seems precarious
decimation: nah, that stuff is repeated over multiple high repeater towers typically
BingoBoingo: decimation: You have to understand I am safely on the other side of the Mississippi and would rather stay here atm.
decimation: BingoBoingo: within 10-20 miles should be easy range
asciilifeform: even if you could decode - what do you expect to find?
asciilifeform: of interest, that is
BingoBoingo: decimation: But if I go closer than my present 30 miles... I face the possibility of encountering either police or protesters
decimation: well, typically the feed that is being relayed on those websites comes from a 'track-tracker' scanner
decimation: which can usually only either receive the control channel or a data channel at any one time
asciilifeform: why a tax revolt hasn't happened yet: usg has old, reliable, well-oiled mechanisms for dealing with folks who didn't pay.
decimation: thus, one would miss conversations of potential interest
decimation: asciilifeform: yeah, that plus usg has generally used the power of printed dollars to make it such that most people don't pay taxes, making compliance a non-issue
assbot: Logged on 25-11-2014 03:23:38; asciilifeform: the folks who care about intercept of grunt radios - are concerned with tactic, not strategy.
assbot: Logged on 25-11-2014 03:23:50; asciilifeform: that is, the immediate question of whether 'they' are on the way to your sector.
asciilifeform: don't expect to find 'juicy' conversation.
decimation: asciilifeform: nah, just soap-opera stuff
asciilifeform: not even.
decimation: actually because of police encryption, the fire dept. is more interesting
asciilifeform: mostly 'robot' commands.
asciilifeform: e.g., #x-yy at quadrant q.
decimation: many fire departments have resisted adopting the pure-digital radios
asciilifeform: what i'm saying is that even if one could decrypt the whole lot, it is rarely of interest
asciilifeform: unless you're actively engaged
decimation: because the shitty codec (made by a proprietary chip company called dvsi) sounds even more shitty while wearing oxygen mask
decimation: asciilifeform: yeah, it would really only be of interest to someone who is interesting to the police
BingoBoingo: <decimation> many fire departments have resisted adopting the pure-digital radios << Many firefighters/EMS prefer being able to use personally acquired radios
asciilifeform: police, incidentally, are the accomplished masters of 'need to know'
decimation: otherwise it's kind of an old-man hobby
asciilifeform: that is, grunt blocking off a street in dc, typically is telling the truth when says he doesn't know why
decimation: firefighters want the old full fm analog system, without compression
decimation: because when you want help in burning wearing a mask, you don't want to save bandwidth
BingoBoingo: "EMS is en route for child with a fever"
BingoBoingo: decimation: I know here firefighters prefer analog for "intelligible range" of transmissions
decimation: asciilifeform: wrt police need to know < I think there is some credibility to Mr. Y's thinking that urban police 'bridge the gap' between crazy usg policy and reality
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: graceful degradation, yes.
decimation: right, the other problem with digital schemes is that they tend to work well down to a low SNR, and then utterly fail
decimation: whereas FM might drop out for a few microseconds and one wouldn't notice
asciilifeform: this behaviour is achievable on digital using error codes (e.g., trellis) but this - afaik - is not done in p25.
decimation: this is one reason why aircraft still use AM modulation
decimation: asciilifeform: yes, but that just pushes the 'wall' lower and makes it steeper
decimation: plus it implies memory in the system, which implies re-acquisition time
decimation: unlike FM, two people can 'speak' on AM radio simultaneously while being simultaneously intelligible to a third party
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 54550 @ 0.00040453 = 22.0671 BTC [+] {2}
decimation: typical FM receivers 'pick' the strongest signal upon which to lock their PLL and thus capture the full output. One can experience this with FM broadcast radio in the car, as you are on the edge of a station's coverage - you hear 'flutter' as your radio switches between two stations
asciilifeform: at any rate, anyone who isn't an active participant in the events, and expects to hear some 'interesting' secret over radio - will be disappointed.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Locally vehicle fitted with crazy antennas is one of firefighter or TempleOS app developer. Feds nevar have cool visible antennas
decimation: asciilifeform: I tend to agree. Did you see that USG banned flying over st. louis? For your safety.
BingoBoingo: decimation: Not over all of St Louis
asciilifeform: fire zone.
decimation: that's the ostensible reason
asciilifeform: usg choppers were supposedly fired upon during 'katrina'
asciilifeform: (i once spoke with a police chopper man during a local 'show & tell', asked about armour. he answered 'you gotta be kidding')
decimation: heh yeah too much weight for one thing
decimation: I don't think most us mil helicopters are armoured
undata: the no-fly thing reminds me of Joe Stack
undata: the guy that flew a plane into a TX IRS building
asciilifeform: no worries, the coming national gendarmerie will have 'apache'.
undata: too bad his manifesto was distinctly commie
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 104 @ 0.01115126 = 1.1597 BTC [-]
decimation: the only armored aircraft I know usg flies is the A-10, and they are trying to get rid of them
decimation: apaches might have some too
asciilifeform: don't need elaborate armour against civilian small arms.
BingoBoingo: part of the traffic they stopped Yesterday in Stl County were passenger Jumbo Jets
decimation: generally commercial passenger jets are exempt
BingoBoingo: Because where runway is aimed, goes over Ferguson
asciilifeform: afaik no one has yet seen it fit to supply the pr0t3st3rs with heavier arms
asciilifeform: if moscow has a lick of sense - this is being worked on, there.
asciilifeform: all they'd need to do is tip off the right folks re: where the caches are.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Someone is prolly going through file cabinets in Moscow to find Stl metro stockpiles
asciilifeform: and how to open them without setting off the mine.
decimation: it looks like they lifted the flight restriction in question
assbot: St. Louis County police: Ferguson no-fly zone was for safety, not to keep media away : News ... ( )
decimation: "“There is really ... no option for a TFR that says, you know, ‘OK, everybody but the media is OK,’ ” he said. The managers then worked out wording they thought would keep news helicopters out of the controlled zone but not impede other air traffic."
decimation: of course the carbinari would control air traffic FOR YOUR SAFETY
BingoBoingo: decimation: I wouldn't be surprised if that status is in flux. The way Lambert Intl's runways are set... peace in Ferguson is almsot a pre-requisite for safe departures
decimation: BingoBoingo: unless winds are bad, most airports have multiple runways
ben_vulpes: ;;seen PinkPosixPXE
gribble: PinkPosixPXE was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 weeks, 2 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <PinkPosixPXE> ;;gpg info adlai
ben_vulpes: ;;later tell PinkPosixPXE hey friend got a minute?
gribble: The operation succeeded.
BingoBoingo: decimation: Sure, but not all the same length and too frequently in the same orientation
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 1585 @ 0.00124895 = 1.9796 BTC [-]
assbot: Shortest runway in the world? - YouTube ... ( )
ben_vulpes: ;;seen punkman
gribble: punkman was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 1 day, 18 hours, 25 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <punkman>
ben_vulpes: punkman: yo what's the story with deedbot and
ben_vulpes: someone actually emailed *me* about the deeds site being down
ben_vulpes: albeit in the context of our derpy fundation, but still
ben_vulpes: derpy? i mean culty.
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BingoBoingo: !up justusranvier
BingoBoingo: Hello justusranvier
BingoBoingo: Been contemplating any anti-Tempest computer setups justusranvier
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asciilifeform: !s placebocin
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: at one point i needed some conductive cloth (the kind with silver strands) for an experiment. to my great surprise, i discovered that there is a large manufacturer in usa, and they do brisk business with folks suffering from precisely the kind of phobia described in decimation's link.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It is amazing how many good things come from the demands of the misguided
asciilifeform: sticks and straw for cargo cult - amazing business.
decimation: asciilifeform: to actually 'seal' an entire room at high frequencies is actually pretty difficult
asciilifeform knows this well.
decimation: think how a cracked window makes a dark room 'light'
decimation: 'pros' use full metal welded cages with special provisions for all holes
asciilifeform: and with mu-metal for magnetics.
decimation: indeed
asciilifeform: (yes - magnetic transients exist)
BingoBoingo: Just remember to salt the ground around your ground
decimation: sure, E-M waves can be generated from either purely electric or purely magnetic fields in motion
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asciilifeform: ^ for all students
asciilifeform: no one who hears it, will forget the equations.
ben_vulpes: ah that's fucking brilliant
mircea_popescu goes to read diligently what teh gents are on about
ben_vulpes: i can't believe that i've never seen that until today
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo cazalla dude this thing's actually catching on!
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BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Today cazalla found so many new incoming links from... actual other news sites
mircea_popescu: myeah. teamwork an' errything :)
mircea_popescu: you two write more!
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: New must happen first. I'm not writing about a fucking image macro like Conde Nasty Imma write moar though
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asciilifeform: qntra << lol, it's almost at the level of my own obscure site now.
cazalla: asciilifeform, always an optimist eh
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo clearly.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Almost. Loper is a big site though. You are TempleOS without the Dopamine blockers.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well, in some perspectives.
asciilifeform: except that qntra is not as forsaken, in that i get 100-200/day except for 1-2 days in a month, where it's 10-30k
BingoBoingo: The truth is though that Bitcoin is still an obscure thing
asciilifeform: and they're all from some moron reservation
asciilifeform: e.g. 'reddit'
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Now that I've realized it some months ago I can't forget stumbling into loper well before stumbling into BTC
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: how'd you do that
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Hypercard Article
BingoBoingo: Hypercard was the tool I used to sort the girls I wanted to fuck in High School... Because 80's movies
asciilifeform: lol mr. flood is still in business?
BingoBoingo: Perhaps>
asciilifeform: quite a few paired 'joined/quit' in today's log.
BingoBoingo: TaT joined earleir today but I didn't have time to warn about Mr. Flood before join/part storm affected him
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: perhaps add to channel message-line ?
asciilifeform: 'we have mice'
BingoBoingo: Not Mice, whatever the plural of Geese is. Big, but thin neck.
BingoBoingo: Geese is threatening animal that any adult simian should be able to swiftly dispatch with bare hands
kakobrekla: 'joined/quit' < ping timeouts?
mircea_popescu: <BingoBoingo> The truth is though that Bitcoin is still an obscure thing << quote. but for that matter, theatre is still a fucking obsscuire thing
mircea_popescu: only been around for 5000 years.
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: aha
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> and they're all from some moron reservation <<< how would it work so that a large crowd is anything else ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: naturally. that's why i no longer even bother to check at most times.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: There's a utility to this though. There's a reason why men range counter tenor to contra bass and yet castrati are something else
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla hey, can assbot pm change to
asciilifeform: i no longer give a damn if it was 'reddit', 'hacker news', or whatever.
mircea_popescu: -assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), first identify with gribble and then send "!up" to assbot in a private message. If you do not have a WoT account, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary pass. If you get flooded upon connection, go to #Freenode ask for a cloak come back under a different name.
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asciilifeform: 'or come back under' ?
mircea_popescu: o wow, under 40 huh
kakobrekla: i very much doubt diff name will halp
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla how ?
kakobrekla: i mean, do anything
mircea_popescu: cloak | diff name ?
kakobrekla: diff name
mircea_popescu: but my msg says both.
kakobrekla: you think there is actually 'if cloak then look in logs for host' ?
kakobrekla: i doubt it.
mircea_popescu: ;;isup
gribble: is down
kakobrekla: its up here
mircea_popescu: i dunno it died while i was trying to read up on today's affairs.
mircea_popescu: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mircea_popescu: is that down there ?
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