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auctionbot: S#1063 O=1 LB=10mn E=2019-11-12 15:43:00.630180 (151h42) >>> selling items 1, 2 and 4 through 7 on ; buyer to take possession at his own expense.
auctionbot: --- end of auction list, 10mn total bids ---
BingoBoingo: mod6: As you go through the statement think about how you would like the tangibles liquidated. Tomorrow I will propose a set of auctions. Think about how you want things priced, you are the majority shareholder.
auctionbot: S#1063 O=1 LB=10mn E=2019-11-12 15:43:00.630180 (146h42) >>> selling items 1, 2 and 4 through 7 on ; buyer to take possession at his own expense.
auctionbot: --- end of auction list, 10mn total bids ---
auctionbot: S#1063 O=1 LB=10mn E=2019-11-12 15:43:00.630180 (141h42) >>> selling items 1, 2 and 4 through 7 on ; buyer to take possession at his own expense.
auctionbot: --- end of auction list, 10mn total bids ---
mod6: hey there
mod6: Saw your message earlier this am. Been thinking about it.
mod6: So one of the troubles that I forsee, and maybe you do as well, is this whole shipping problem.
mod6: If someone were to win an auction, it looks like there's a definite high probability that the shit will just disappear.
mod6: Or am I worrying to much about that?
BingoBoingo: mod6: Aite, I'll have the auction proposal ready in a few hours. But yes, the shipping is a problem. Disappearing is less of a problem when paying ~700-ish USD to ship
mod6: That too.
mod6: I don't believe that the shipping should be included in the auction price. It should be plainly stated that if one wins an aution, or maybe even serveral (?), they could bundle all of their items together and ship that way?
mod6: Basically, are you going to arrange shipping with each auction winner after the fact?
BingoBoingo: mod6: Shipping can't be included in the auction price. Auction winners are going to have to work out how they pick things up or get them shipped with the knowledge of the 700-ish estimate per 1U server.
mod6: *nod*
mod6: Makes sense.
BingoBoingo: FUCKGOATS however will very likely be cheap to ship
mod6: Now it sounds like... what you wanted from me was some pricing for the auction of unused SSDs, the one 'lightly used' SSD, and the FGs. Correct?
BingoBoingo: I want to set the resere price the auctions open at, at a level that reflects what I think I could sell the things at locally in a hurry. Or what I am willing to pay to own thing.
BingoBoingo: And the initial price of the particular auction will function as my bid.
mod6: This sounds fine. One sec. I'm trying to dig up some prices on these SSDs.
BingoBoingo: Right now, I want you to be thinking about this so you can weigh in when the auctions with their batching of things and their prices are up.
mod6: Ok, hang tight. I've got about an hour to discuss here before I have to leave to a dr appt. Should be available most of the afternoon though.
BingoBoingo: Aite, let the doctor check you up well.
BingoBoingo: I just want to make sure you aren't surprised by the auction structure and possible outcomes.
mod6: Oh no, I appreciate that indeed BB.
BingoBoingo: Such as, if no one beats my opening/reserve bid on an item of lot of items, I throw Bitcoin into the kitty you and asciilifeform are splitting and then I have the items in my pile.
mod6: Ok, so before we dive into some pricings... let's touch on the 'batching of things' a bit.
mod6: oh, i see.
mod6: So, we're the buyers of last resort 'eh.
mod6: ?
BingoBoingo: Well, with the proposal... It'll be a proposal. You and asciilifeform can weigh in.
BingoBoingo: <mod6> So, we're the buyers of last resort 'eh. << I'll be the buyer of last resort.
mod6: Well, ok, I mean alf and myself as it's our pile to split that'll be used? Or is that not correct?
BingoBoingo: Most things, like the 1U servers I plan to price on the basis of "Holy shit, I have to be in Panama City by Sunday morning"
BingoBoingo: mod6: I mean I'll be paying into that pile that you and asciilifeform get paid out of. Either of you can instead propose you'de prefer to back the reserve of an item's auction instead if you think the item is worth more to you. Or you can bid on the items.
BingoBoingo: So things that don't sell will involve a tranfer of coin from me to you and asciilifeform.
mod6 reads
mod6: Hmm. Are you ok with this in the event that nothing sells?
BingoBoingo: mod6: It'll influence the way I price things.
mod6: Fair enough.
mod6: Here's another question for you, regarding the auctions: Since there are, for instance, 28 FGs to sell, are you going to sell all 28 in one auction? Or two groups of 14? Or eight individual auctions for 1 FG each, than say, two groups of ten?
mod6: (Just thinking that one may want to buy one, another guy might want 10. Kinda depends on the bidder. Might get more bites if we have some small groups, and some larger. Same thinking may apply to the disks.)
BingoBoingo: That is something I am weighing. I am inclined to batch things like the FG into groups of 5 and then another auction for the remainder.
mod6: Ah, I see.
mod6: In interest of time, it might be good to start with two auctions there (initial reserve pricing might be a bit of a discount for buying more than one at a time): 1 FG for X, group of 5 for X-slight_discount_of_reserve_for_bulk ?
mod6: Then if those both have takers, can just do it again once auctions are closed out. *shrug* Just throwing some ideas out here.
mod6: *ahem* (X-slight_discount_of_reserve_for_bulk)*5
BingoBoingo: ty, I'll weigh the idea as I'm putting things together. My big concern is structuring the auctions in a way that offers finality.
mod6: Well all auctions are final. If you have the winning bid, you get the stuff provided you can pay for the shipping. Which is a separate concern. Perhaps there's a disclaimer on these auctions. Something along the lines of: By participating in the Piz auction you will, on your honor, agree to the local shipping rates to where ever these need to be shipped.
mod6: And perhaps you can also provide some very rough estimates on those rates to several locations. i.e. Rate to US, EU, SA, RU... something.
mod6: Plz say if I'm not making sense.
mod6: (I do get that any shipping estimate is by weight, not only destination.)
BingoBoingo: The problem with even very rough shipping estimates is the pricing of shipping providers is very opaque
mod6: This may get more complicated if someone wins an auction on a server, AND something ligher weight such as a disk and an fg that would be shipped ~together~.
mod6: Ok, I'm with you. Even if you can't provide 'very rough estimates'. Might just be worth stating somewhere that 'can very well be substancial depending on how much you need shipped and to where; you undertake this risk in participating in the acution.'
BingoBoingo: Nah, they'd be shipped in different boxes. The 1U would kill the FUCKGOATS
mod6: *nod*
mod6: Ok.
mod6: So, one thing I did here quick is look up the costs of the ~new~ Samsung 1Tb SSDs... now I think we certainly paid more for these whenever we bought them. But now they sell for $120 ea. on shitazon.
BingoBoingo: Right, new SSD prices fall quickly
mod6: Ya. I think we paid quite a lot more for them. I don't remember exactly how much, but I wanna say it might have even been $200.
mod6: But off the cuff, I'd like to think we could at least start the bidding at maybe even as much as 75% off.
BingoBoingo: That's about where a TB of SSD had been sitting for a while.
mod6: Maybe that's a bit too deep of a discount, but we do want them to move.
BingoBoingo: mod6: The thing about the unused SSDs is that those CAN be quickly moved in the local market.
mod6: Ah, ok, that's good to know. Are they selling for anywhere near the $120 rate locally?)
BingoBoingo: More. I am inclined to open them at the Amazon prices and either myself or asciilifeform since he's planning a trip here will likely end up with some split of them.
mod6: Oooh. Alrighty then. I'd say use your best judgement on that then. I had no idea.
mod6: (Including on the used one, which, of course should be offered at some sort of discount to new ones.)
mod6: But moving on the FGs...
mod6: I do not exactly recall the pricing at which they were originally listed by nsl's store. That was quite some time ago, and the BTC/USD price was much different then.
BingoBoingo: I know of little local market for such things. They will have a low reserve price.
mod6: I don't even recall how much I paid for one in USD terms either.
mod6: Let me see if I can dig quick here before I have to run. I'll try to find some old historical prices.
BingoBoingo: ty, head to the doctor now in a leisurely way. This can wait.
mod6: Hmm, ok there is a bunch of references in the #t logs. Including this gem:
mod6: So, just under 0.03 BTC back on dec 1st, 2016
mod6: This seems to be about what I had in my memory. For some reason I had 0.04... but that was quite some time ago.
BingoBoingo: Well, memory does that to people
mod6: Quick peek at bitstamp prices (BTC/USD) from November 30th/December 1st 2016 seems to be ~775.00 USD per BTC.
mod6: 775*0.03 = 23.25
mod6: Please see if you can find other places that support that quote of $775.00 from Dec. 1st, 2016.
mod6: If we used the same btc price today that'd be.. : $9300 * 0.03 = $279
mod6: Anyway, food for thought. But probably would get some bidders indeed for like $25 per each.
BingoBoingo: mod6: I can't price FG reserve based on what they were new. I gotta base it on what I'd pay for them or be able to get out of the local market
mod6: Dang.. well we can't price them at zero. Is there more than 1 person in the whole of uy who would even know what it is, or why you'd want one?
BingoBoingo: Well its an auction
mod6: Heck, maybe you have a point.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i gotta point out, my trip to uy is unlikely because would have to actually buy enuff to fill the cases, and at prices that make trip +ev, ~and~ very, very quickly, given your dec. 15 deadline.
asciilifeform: so under no circumstances must bank on it happening prior.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I can work out a later pickup deadline
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i dun think this is necessary (and would be potentially very costly for BingoBoingo)
mod6: yeah, this is true with living situation, et. al.
BingoBoingo: Well that shit all depends.
mod6: anyway, let's find a non-zero number that we can live with to start the bidding at on these fgs.
mod6: Anyway, I better run here. We'll continue this when I get back.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: The pricing I plan to open things at is likely to allow you to fill suitcases if you want
mod6: asciilifeform: feel free to through your 0.00000002 in on this too.
mod6 bbl
BingoBoingo doesn't particularly value sitting indefinitely on 1U servers in Uruguay very highly
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: plox to initiate any piz auctions ~here~, as apparently lobbes's bot prints only where init'd.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I'm seeing his auction announcements pop up in ~every channel
asciilifeform: hm possibly he fixed.
asciilifeform: then nm.
BingoBoingo: At least the every five hours announcements
auctionbot: S#1063 O=1 LB=20mn E=2019-11-12 15:43:00.630180 (136h42) >>> selling items 1, 2 and 4 through 7 on ; buyer to take possession at his own expense.
auctionbot: --- end of auction list, 20mn total bids ---
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: The outcome where things get very costly appears to not be a thing per the latest lawyer update.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: plox to elaborate ?
asciilifeform: (or i can wait for article)
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It can wait.
BingoBoingo: Their lawyer talked to my lawyer, they aren't as bold as they were before is the short of it.
asciilifeform: interesting. i'ma read the long ver when BingoBoingo posts.
BingoBoingo: The MP method really seems to work.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: which method was this ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Applying all of the pressure and not wanking around hoping they'll work it out, sweat, etc
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i wasn't aware that he had a patent on this method. but did expect that it would work, for some value of work.
BingoBoingo: Well, the devil's in the details of determining what the pressure can be, where to start in this case, etc.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: afaik you figured these out w/ own head, and did not require holy water to drink from vatican. but i'ma rather not take #p off topic, will let off.
mod6: Alright.
mod6: So was thinking about the FGs as I was out and around. Perhaps, since the reserve price is going to be so low, maybe it's better to just do like one auction of all 28. Or perhaps two of 14 each.
mod6: My guess is bidders will come in for those in efforts to re-sell them at a much higher rate. Especially since as far as I know, there are no others really available at this time.
BingoBoingo: mod6: Two are trinque's. Four per this auction proposal are attached 2 each to the former S.MG machines. Then the used and unused are distinguished
mod6: Ah, ok
mod6 reads the article
mod6: s/starting big/starting bid/
BingoBoingo: ty, fxd
mod6: s/unbeated/unbeaten/
mod6: s/fron/from/
BingoBoingo: ty, fxd
asciilifeform: mod6: if you prefer : we could even split'em , 16 to mod6 ( who is 0.53630344 shareholder, would get 0.57+ of FG) and 12 then i'ma pick up ( 0.43 of'em )
asciilifeform: otherwise auction as detailed above, also worx.
asciilifeform: this variant of course after absolutely all folx coin have been paid, naturally.
asciilifeform: *folx owed coin
mod6: Right. Getting all of that square is my primary concern.
mod6: Let me think on it though.
mod6 keeps reading
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: s/opening big/opening bid/
mod6: i think that one is fixed
asciilifeform: aa nm then
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: reload page
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the part where you backstop the auction by offering to personally buy, is imho entirely ok. just make sure that you actually want.
mod6: BingoBoingo: you might want to add to the description of the "2 Unused and 1 lightly used Samsung SSDs;" they will be labeled as to which is which.
mod6: Maybe not, but I'm sure you'll do that anyway.
BingoBoingo: mod6: They'll be labeled clearly if I'm not the buyer.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I did the math. I do want what I want. Hence the Qntra server's price premium despite being inferior on strictly server criteria
mod6: Is "hammer time" on or before dec. 15th?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo, mod6 : i'd also suggest to sell the few piz FGs presently attached inside 1u's , separately.
BingoBoingo: mod6: Before. Once I have prodecure lined up, hands to take photos/videos/etc
mod6: werd. thx
mod6: Let me make sure I understand the FG count correctly. There are 28 total in Piz's possession. 2 (trinque) + 2 (S.MG machine #1) + 2 (S.MG machine #2) + 18 new + 4 used ?
BingoBoingo: mod6: Yes. The other 4 are S.NSA inside the dulaps
asciilifeform: mod6: trinque's are owned by trinque. while 2 piz FGs are actually here in asciilifeform's safe .
mod6: Oh
asciilifeform: ( the latter will be sent to whoever wins'em, unless mod6 wants to do the split thing; but at any rate buyer must pay postage )
mod6: So on hand, in .uy there are actually 16 new?
mod6: are those 2 new or used?
BingoBoingo: mod6: 18 nre in Uruguay. The two in the alf safe were maybe molested in transit, maybe not.
asciilifeform: mod6: see also here .
mod6: Ok, so winner of the 4 used fg auction will be sent 2 from .uy, and two from alfs bunker.
asciilifeform: i'd classify those as 'refurbished' .
mod6 looks @ link
asciilifeform: prolly oughta be separate lot , for purpose of auction.
asciilifeform: considering that e.g. someone considering going to uy, can't simply pick'em up w/ the others, would have to pay postage.
BingoBoingo: mod6: Well, there's 4 used in uruguay outside of servers. I did not include the ones in alf's posession in my count. I spec'd the auction from things in my posession.
mod6: Oh.
mod6: Ok that makes sense. Do all of these have the RS232 cables to send as well?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: they oughta be included in the auction.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I'll ship them with fuckgoats if the buyers want them.
asciilifeform: mod6: no cables. they're very easy to obtain tho ( and if someone specifically would like me to include'em , we can agree on cost )
BingoBoingo: I consider them part of the "grab bag" class of item
mod6: asciilifeform: if they are indeed on Piz's balance sheet, they should be auctioned off. maybe just separately though?
asciilifeform: i did not transport their cables , mod6 , when flew'em back here at BingoBoingo's request ( he asked to have'em reflashed, on acct of when heathens pawed'em at customs )
mod6: ah.
asciilifeform: mod6: separate auction imho .
mod6: sorry for all the q's.
asciilifeform: mod6: np, these are good q's
BingoBoingo: Seperate auction, ship to trinque if he wants that, or work something out among yourselves for the ones in the safe.
mod6: so trinque is going to get his two back, and is going to also get theirs sent back too?
asciilifeform: who bids, will get
BingoBoingo: mod6: Did S.MG buy theirs? If so that complicates shit
asciilifeform: trinque's are to goto trinque tho, he paid already
mod6: Ok so there will be an added third auction for the 2 in alfs bunker, refurbished
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: you'll want to walk the records and find out. afaik smg was leasing.
mod6: ?
asciilifeform: mod6: would be the right thing imho.
BingoBoingo: mod6 asciilifeform I will not handle auctions for anything not in my possesion!
asciilifeform: buyers inside usa would , i suspect, prefer those 2 .
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i thought you were doing all the piz auctions.
mod6: ok, werd. just trying to get it all straight before we get to friday
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I can. mod6 if you can walk the records too that would be appreciated.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I thought everything pizarro was in my possession.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i'd be entirely ok to list the 2 fg w/ own hands tho, if you prefer.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Or you and mod6 can work out some sort of handshake arrangement for the two in your hands.
mod6: BingoBoingo: ahh, i see, and that makes sense, espeically if you are going to personally buy anything not sold. you don't want to own two more things from 5000 miles away.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: if you'd read my manifest article would have noticed , lol
BingoBoingo can only juggle so many messes
mod6: asciilifeform: if you auction those two off, i'd say you can just keep whatever you can get for them.
mod6: sound good?
asciilifeform: mod6: why ty. imho we oughta properly split the output then tho. ( or if mod6 would prefer, i can send him 1 w/ cabling, would make for a roughly correct split ) .
mod6: If you don't feel comfortable with just keeping proceeds, sure, we can split 50/50.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: have all the owed-coin folx actually been paid, or notyet ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Not yet, but the funds to do so are available
asciilifeform: mod6 do you want to split the 2 piz FG physically ? if so plox to gpg where you want yours postaged, i'ma then cover postage.
mod6: BingoBoingo: I know you've got about 238 fires going there. What's the timeline for people to accept the pre-closing statement?
mod6: asciilifeform: I'm game for that if you are, Sir.
asciilifeform: ( will do this after the rest is finalized )
asciilifeform: mod6: a++. let's then do that.
mod6: That's fine, can totally wait until after the 15th or whatever you need to do.
BingoBoingo: mod6: This is open, but open no later than end of day November 30th, 2019, UTC
mod6: (december 15th or whenever is fine.)
BingoBoingo: I would like to pay out the non-contested claims sooner
mod6: Gotcha BingoBoingo.
mod6: And I totally agree. The sooner, the better.
mod6: I'd say tomorrow would be a good start. But maybe give people until Monday to sound off about it just in case?
asciilifeform: sounds good to me
mod6: (Just throwing it out there. Don't want to make it more of a hassle for you than it already is, you know.)
mod6: Btw, apparently I have some btc coming to me for my Rockchip and things. Can I get you a btc addy to send to outside of deedbot? Or are all payments only gonna be made via deedbot account?
BingoBoingo: mod6: Monday's fine, but a number of the claims are uncontested and uncontestable. S.NSA for instance
BingoBoingo: mod6: I am paying people out through deedbot unless that truly will not work for you for some reason.
mod6: BingoBoingo: as far as the S.NSA one, last I recalled, was there some checking with MP that you needed to do on the amount for september/october or something? If not, totally fine with sending what's due to them asap.
BingoBoingo: mod6: Well S.NSA has negative customer equity, but a clear .9 BTC bond
mod6: BingoBoingo: ok, I'll check with trinque.
mod6: BingoBoingo: Ah, yes, that certainly can be paid asap. Same with the Foundation for as far as that goes.
mod6: Foundation can be paid directly to jurov. I'll give him a heads up.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i rec to give explicit deadline for contesting the claims. after that, auction.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: The explicit deadline is Nov 30th 2019 end of day UTC
BingoBoingo: Auction before that, once I figure out whether S.MG bought their fuckgoats or not
mod6: BingoBoingo: alright, just don't pay me personally anything via deedbot until I let you know. I'll let you know after I figure things out with trinque.
asciilifeform: trinque owns some irons, aha, oughta find out what he intends to do w/em
BingoBoingo: Ideally everyone else will be paid out by the end of November, the fate of all materials will be determined, etc
mod6: *thumbsup*
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Yes, he has to decide what he wants to do. His most recent statement was to write them off as worthless, but I will give him time to decide otherwise if he wishes
BingoBoingo: mod6: You have to decide what you want to do with the foundation server as well
mod6: So last we talked about it, yesteray? I thought you were going to try to sell it locally and charge me a fee.
BingoBoingo: Ideally on December first I will be able to pay you two each your split of the coin, in a way you both agree to. Beyond there will be time for folks coming down to pick up machines. Otherwise, After November 30th, end of day UTC Pizarro is ended
BingoBoingo: mod6: I presented ideas. You have to pick one.
mod6: We still ok with that? You can have 20% for sure. I mean, it seems like those are going for like $200 these days or something. ~$40 for your trouble to sell & convert to btc.
BingoBoingo: mod6: Aite, are you sure you are set on 200 USD?
mod6: Umm... not 100% let me look again.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 200 for the entire auction service ? sounds reasonable given the sweat imho
mod6: Oh shit, I also forgot to tell you the specs, which I did dig up yesterday. One sec.
BingoBoingo: Give it some time. Do read and thing about it.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: That's what mod6 thinks his dell can sell for, nothing auction related
mod6: Here's what I found out: Dell PowerEdge R610, 2 x 2.67 Ghz E5640 Quad Core, 48 Gb Ram. Obviously we're selling them without the disks. The disks are to be smashed.
mod6: Going rate on that specific box these days ~with~ disks is $249.00.
mod6: Let's see if you can get $140 for it. Sound like that'll move quick?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: 5mn ecu ~= 500 usd atm ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: 5mn ecu is .005 BTC
BingoBoingo: ~50 US
asciilifeform: ok makes sense, i elbowed key lol
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: also what were the specs on 'uy1' ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I don't know the specs for any of the machines with certainty. Not without digging.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: aite
mod6: BingoBoingo: Thoughts on $140?
mod6: Obviously the Foundation is not going to recover too much money on the server, but something is better than nothing. Selling it to recover ~something~ seems to be the prudent thing to do.
asciilifeform: mod6: atm you're the only living crew member of tbf, so up to you .
mod6: Yerp.
BingoBoingo: mod6: I am inclined to try higher.
BingoBoingo back later
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i'm thinking to book flight for dec. 13 w / 'phree cancellation' (in case i dun win any auctions) , this wk
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Sounds like a plan.
mod6: BingoBoingo: ah, alright. That's fair. Throw out a number you think will move, and we'll discuss.
mod6: Doesn't have to be this minute either. I'll be around on and off today. :]
asciilifeform: mod6: therefore, if there are any other items you'd prefer to physically retrieve & split, rather than auction, plz lemme know asap.
mod6: Cool, hang tight. Will try to answer shortly.
asciilifeform: retrieval will cost (m / 50) * 1500 ( usd ) where m is mass of object in kg.
asciilifeform: + postage from asciilifeform to mod6 .
asciilifeform: if not need this, mod6 , plox to also lemme know asap, the answer will affect how much mass i want to purchase for self.
mod6: If anything, maybe just the FGs, but haven't decided just yet. The server just isn't worth the money, especially when you might be able to use that 1U cargo space for something bette.r
mod6: one sec, i'll dig it up
asciilifeform: presently i intend to bid on the 2 smg boxen , switches, and possibly fg .
mod6: BingoBoingo: jurov is good for a deedbot repayment of the 1.0 BTC loan from the foundation.
mod6: asciilifeform: tight.
asciilifeform: hence i intend to do a flight w/out the extra-cost 2nd 50kg.
jurov: It can be sent to 1FundZy... or to my deedbot wallet either.
asciilifeform: ( there aint much to fetch, given as mp put the snsa boxen up for sale in 1 batch w/ the pittance of FG i have here, i expect the buyer of his auction will jettison the 2 boxen in uy )
mod6: BingoBoingo: The full btc addy for The Bitcoin Foundation is: 1FundZy7m7b8begbh9haCguKJcAdFopRJ9
mod6: But since jurov says 'either', probably go with what is easist for you.
mod6: asciilifeform: ok docs say that the dell PE 610 is 39 lbs. Which is ~ 17.69kg.
mod6: (17.69 / 50) * 1500 = $530
mod6: Still seems a bit too rich for the effort.
mod6: But there's the numbers. Anyone disagree with that?
asciilifeform: mod6: indeed i wouldn't bother that that 1
asciilifeform: mod6: currently digging through logs to find spec for the smg boxen, but presently not found
asciilifeform: atm it seems to me that it's only barely +ev to go, even if asciilifeform were to win all of the auctions he considered to bid on, and at the init price
mod6: that's fair.
mod6: If nothing else, a nice trip to the beach with BB, give him a pat on the back when this is all done and take him out to a few steak dinners (hell, I'll even chip in for that0
mod6: ) would be reason enough.
asciilifeform: fwiw that's mainly why considering it
asciilifeform: i'd like to see BingoBoingo , and some sunlight .
asciilifeform: ( supposing BingoBoingo still wants to see asciilifeform )
mod6: werd. shit, we just got dumped last night. 1.5" of snow.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I do. And I promise no unrequested mp metholdology discussion. Beaches, cheese, beef, and icecream.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: i dun even mind discuss, lol
BingoBoingo: Every hour asciilifeform can be kept out of the toxic swamp is a small victory.
asciilifeform: indeed, i haven't been out since last expedition.
asciilifeform: might be my last chance for very long time, to get some oxygen.
BingoBoingo: Depending how many days you take here, we can get you to the old city and maybe even do some favela tourism
asciilifeform would enjoy.
BingoBoingo: But this time, do camera your trip in a way that lets you blog it.
BingoBoingo back in a bit
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: well i've a proper cam nao.
asciilifeform also bbl:teatime.
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