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diana_coman: whaack - a block explorer sounds like a good idea to me.
feedbot: << Trilema -- Pesk-u, in all timelines, and dimensions!
feedbot: << whaack -- Spanish Study Log 3 - Diferencias Entre Palabras Agudas, Llanas, y Esdrjulas
feedbot: << whaack -- Spanish Study Log 5
feedbot: << whaack -- Spanish Study Log 4
feedbot: << whaack -- Spanish Study Log 6
feedbot: << whaack -- Spanish Practice Log 7 - Slabas
diana_coman: whaack - are you stress-testing feedbot with all the logs in one go? lol; might want to add maybe the dates in the text or somewhere since it's not clear from the publishing date otherwise.
feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 10 - Potential Tremolo Pieces
feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 12 - Interval Notes
feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 13
feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 11 - Gypsy Jazz Links
feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 14
dorion: - the gbw article went through a couple more drafts than I had expected. mainly surrounding how to format the article since similar to the Gales LInux BUILD document, a large percentage of the text is commands to issue.
sonofawitch: 2020-06-29 21:03:45 (#ossasepia) diana_coman: dorion - what happened to you? did that gbw article get stuck on something (what)?
dorion: I also de-prioritized it for a time. At present there's just the transaction signing section to finish up.
diana_coman: dorion - on one hand it's tempting to ask if billymg's code vpatch/update to mpwp doesn't help with that formatting issue; on the other hand, wouldn't want a fullblown mpwp update to delay that article even further, lol.
dorion: yeah, I've delayed it long enough.
jfw: dorion: did you manage to get a transaction signed & confirmed with it (if that's not too much of a spoiler)?
diana_coman: apparently your writing speed needs to increase significantly to keep up with the speed of re-prioritizing, lol.
dorion: jfw not yet.
jfw: aw. well then the article can look at how far you got / what difficulties rather than having to wait, right?
dorion: diana_coman verily.
dorion: jfw that it can, though I'm close.
diana_coman: maybe keep in mind jfw's sensible suggestion if next re-prioritizing strikes closer than that close.
diana_coman: basically better publish the unfinished than nothing at all, because the effort put into it is still sunk.
dorion: diana_coman ok.
jfw: whaack: re block explorer, you may find my recent V & TRB work of interest, the raw transactions patch especially; and if python is tolerable, the gbw-node code could be a good reference too
whaack: diana_coman: aha, I just had a backlog to upload. I didn't put dates on a few of the study/practice notes... so I don't actually know which date they're on. Going forward I'll make sure to date them, and I'll consider putting the dates in the article titles.
whaack: jfw: Alright, I'm going to set some time today (now) to scope out what needs to be done to make a block explorer, and I'll put your recent work on the top of the reading list.

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