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diana_coman: jfw - the article ^ turned out a very nice read, too!
feedbot: << Trilema -- The lulz of all time, today as each day
feedbot: << Ossa Sepia -- Eulora Client Data Hierarchy - Finally Getting There!
billymg: jfw: i haven't tried it out yet but thank god for this:
billymg: been wanting that ever since i started using V
diana_coman: billymg - bvt's works with the full patch path too, way more practical indeed.
billymg: diana_coman: ah, i was not aware of that
diana_coman: tbh is now quite a pleasure to use; but it's true that there is the GNAT dependency that is huge otherwise ie I can see jfw's point that there's a need for a "slimmer" V implementation too, for setups where GNAT is just not needed
jfw: thank ye diana_coman & billymg.
jfw: in baby steps towards a V that scans the world for pieces to assemble, my reference code shelf is now indexed by (name, size, hash), with the generating script alongside for who wants to publish
jfw: likewise.
jfw: (As seen before.)

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