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diana_coman: shrysr: the trouble with static blog is that there is no good option for comments
shrysr: none of the options here are good enough?
diana_coman: and more generally for direct interaction with your readers - this is meant to be a big part of being online in the first place (otherwise you know, get a notebook and jot down); (/me goes to look at your link)
diana_coman: oh boy, disqus, lol
shrysr: talkyard ?
diana_coman: shrysr: is there any of those in the list that you can fully run locally AND without importing (as dependency and/or requirement) yet another ball of code of various sizes?
shrysr: I'd have to check, but it does appear so... for exmaple remark42 is fully dockerised. I've never activated this for my website ..
shrysr: this as in - any form of comments.
diana_coman: anyway, and quite as always: pick the stuff you think best satisfies those main criteria: no external dependency, runs on a linux with gcc 4.9 (or earlier) and without systemd and other shit, does comments and pingbacks (those ARE important), and you can get to actually know its code in one month at most.
diana_coman: it may use local db
diana_coman: docker IS a dependency though, you realise
diana_coman: and once/if you find such a thing, I'll come over to your website and poke it in the eye for free :))
diana_coman has to go now but will be back in a few hours
shrysr: :D
diana_coman: shrysr: add to the list: running on python 2.7 or earlier
shrysr: diana_coman: okay noted. Are pingbacks really necessary? Comments, threads and basic stuff is possible. I don;t see any talk of pingbacks.
diana_coman: shrysr: yes they are; for one thing you *want* to know when someone else is talking about related stuff; and you *want* to be able to pat on the shoulder someone who is talking about related stuff; and you as reader *want* to know who and how interacted with this text enough to write about it, too
diana_coman: perhaps think of it this way: they work waaay better than the "references list" or "bibliography" or "notes" combined in traditional books
diana_coman: not to mention sparking further discussion and clarification when/where needed
diana_coman: in case it's not clear: I'm not at all saying that wordpress is great or even highly desirable; I'd prefer it much smaller and trimmed and cleaned and all that - BUT atm, there IS one version of it that has been at least adjusted for all sorts of useful functionality AND used by people I *trust* and further available for enthusiastic trimming (in other words: it's captured already)
diana_coman: don't go hunting for wild new things to capture and make yours - there's plenty already captured, just waiting for someone with a free hand and willing to give them better shape
diana_coman: (for that matter I dislike php anyway but that's for another day)
diana_coman: BingoBoingo: make me a shared hosting account with wp installed please; bill it for one year and let me know if there's something else you need from me
diana_coman: ugh, wrong channel
diana_coman: shrysr: let's make this the proper way - I'll get you an account on the learning blog anyway just so you have a point to start from without/before needing to already find and choose all sorts of things from provider to blog software
shrysr: diana_coman: okay. Yeah that makes sense. Pingbacks appear complex for a static site, though still doable.
shrysr: thank you for the opportunity.
diana_coman: everything is doable; the trouble is whether the specific price required is really worth the result, that's all
diana_coman: shrysr: note that you'll *have to* write daily even if it's just a bullet-point list with "I did X; I did Y ; " or even "today I didn't do anything"
diana_coman: but anyway, as soon as that's ready, I'll ping you with something more specific to do too
diana_coman: first things first though: you *need* a rsa key !
diana_coman: shrysr: otherwise I can't send *you* anything since there is no you around here
shrysr: WRiting everyday should not be a problem. I've actually been actively recording a journal everyday... some nice packages in emacs allow this seamlessly.
diana_coman: very good but..why under the blanket as it were? put it out there, what
diana_coman: nobody can help you if they can't see what you're doing, can they?
diana_coman: shrysr: btw re blogs and actually useful stuff, did you notice the selection thing? e.g. ?
diana_coman: being able to link specifically the precise bit you mean is quite powerful
shrysr: okay - i've setup a key pair and published the public key on keybase and mit. I'm just reviewing the whole thing
diana_coman: shrysr: -> go through that to register your key with deedbot
diana_coman: you can simply go /msg deedbot !!register
diana_coman will be back later
shrysr: diana_coman: deedbot | 211A199BC99152DEFA326D792E4554DE8D51E8D9 registered as shrysr. I'm guessing this is the key
shrysr: Well, its been more of a free flow journal, containing explorations and personal notes and stuff.. I try to filter out the supposedly more meaningful stuff to share.
shrysr: Actually, i did not notice the selection thing and totally agree that it is powerful.
diana_coman: shrysr: you can always query deedbot with !!key nickname it knows you as so that seems ok, well done.
diana_coman: re stuff to share - explorations and personal notes are fine to share too; I know this trap of "this is not meaningful/ready/good enough to share" but it's exactly that - a trap, nothing more
diana_coman: the earlier you avoid it, the better for you
shrysr: i see what you mean about sharing, as well as linking to specific content. It's actually a lot easier to just share without much filtering. is a great example, and sacha was an important part of the inspiration to go deeper into Emacs.
shrysr: diana_coman: In fact, the idea of a pingback, and a site enabling active conversation makes a lot of sense. It hit me when you said it... I never really bothered to think of providing a means for intelligent and convenient conversation, whereas perhaps that's the whole point of sharing online. It should not be just about expressing yourself.. that seems like a narrow way of thinking.
diana_coman: shrysr: quite; it might very well be that you had more experience of "unfiltered commenters aka mostly spam" so yes, it's hard to see it otherwise
diana_coman: but that's one of the big advantages of working among people here: they are already filtered by being here (and that's quite a filter) so you'll get actual conversations not noise
shrysr: diana_coman: Yea! I realised that while reading your articles and the conversations. And yes, one my first efforts was setting up a website on weebly, and most of the comments were spam.
diana_coman: shrysr: note also that the point is not really "expressing yourself" - the point is improving yourself; writing IS thinking
diana_coman: hence my earlier: put online whatever you write; because the topic does NOT matter - it's HOW you write about it that matters; so write from my point of view about goldfish even if you want or about nonsens - but make sure you write structured and meaningful about it (yes, it IS possible, even about nonsense)
diana_coman: or at least strive to - and then look back and identify problems and next time do it better; that's what learning is.
shrysr: diana_coman: Ok. I will work on it. Re: hosting - I wasn't sure how pizarro is different from 'mainstream' offerings like linode, in terms of what I neeed? It also appeared a lot more expensive.
diana_coman: well, for one thing it's run by people I'm vouching for : they won't either run with your data ever, nor give your details to anyone ever (as in really ever, no gdpr/whatever bullshit) and they are always on hand and helpful with any help you need; not to mention you actually get what the offer says, not some "yours" that is however not exactly yours and "ooops, there was some problem/cloud/bla"
diana_coman: re price, I suppose it reflects this but as I said earlier, you get a place on the shared blog anyway so I suppose you can leave this for later if it's not yet clear
diana_coman: ftr: if you have your own domain and site I don't mind if you write there but I won't let you give github or whatever other shit any content
diana_coman will bbl
diana_coman: shrysr: re vps you do I hope realise that it's not really "your vps" in any real sense of the term, right?
shrysr: Yes.
shrysr: I had toyed with the idea of a raspberri pi server in my little room. thats soo very cool in my book... but like all things, I guess I just got started somewhere that felt 'doable' at the time.
diana_coman: heh, pizarro have the rockchips, quite cute even
diana_coman: fwiw my website is currently running on one of those
shrysr: Yeaa! I was meaning to ask you... is it also based off wordpress ?
diana_coman: yes, it is this "mp-wp" - essentially a customised, frozen version (most customizations were done by Mircea Popescu, not by me); it was genesised and it could do with some themes for it + any amount of reducing the code base for sure:
diana_coman: the theme on my website is mine aka really one I did for scratch (out of being pissed off with everything else)
diana_coman: on my* website
shrysr: that is soo cool. :)
diana_coman: from* there, ofc, not for scratch, lol
diana_coman: you'll get to see this mp-wp anyway because that's what will be deployed on the shared blog.
shrysr: I hollered out to a guy I know who managed to setup webmentions on his static site. , but that is deployed via netlify.
diana_coman: that's usually "done" nowadays, a bit like "cooking" is taken to mean "oh, I did do the mixing" (or maybe turned the oven on)
diana_coman will bbl
shrysr: :)) thats how i cook
diana_coman: lol, do you get at least the food from home/someone cooking? or is it the sad shop-fare?
shrysr: i'm single and have to take care of myself here. I cook veryyy simple, and hardly eat out. The problem is that no matter how i 'innovate' (or not) - there's not much taste :D
shrysr: mostly rice / bread / boiled veges. / eggs / no meat whatsoever. whatever I can do with an instant pot and a microwave, and with least effort :D
shrysr: I live in a small town called Sundre, in Alberta. ABout a 50 minute drive from Calgary.... which I've never visited. Sundre's small enough that you can walk end to end in 20-30 minutes i guess.
shrysr: Probably the lowest computer literacy + awareness that I've seen (or thought possible in a 'developed' country)
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