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diana_coman: morning
diana_coman: ouch, I crashed it
diana_coman: chetty or mircea_popescu?
chetty: yes
chetty: up
diana_coman: thanks!
jurov: well, it did not crash the server yet
jurov: for me
jurov: other stuff did, but not craftbot
chetty: the actual cause of crashes may not alwyas be so obvious
chetty: server reset in 5
chetty: done
mircea_popescu: soo... anyone wanna trade me anything ?
diana_coman: do you want to buy ibs?
diana_coman: do you sell any more chetty sticks?
diana_coman: or high q bundles to tinker/mcguyver, mircea_popescu?
mircea_popescu: i'd buy ibs yes.
diana_coman: cool, let me know when you get in game
diana_coman: should have a few hundred by now I think
mircea_popescu: and i can sell you high ltf, which if you have moss and mushroom can make me oil so i'll sell some samovar-making packs.
diana_coman: sounds good
mircea_popescu: ima get in game in like 10 minutes, yeah.
diana_coman: I have shrooms, prolly need moar moss but will go and mine it
diana_coman: no worries
diana_coman: ok
mircea_popescu: so do that meanwhile, it's close, and ill ding you once in
diana_coman: ok
mircea_popescu: atm trying to fix b-a code process.
chetty: server looks odd, somebody got a stuck bot?
diana_coman: I think it got stuck a bit earlier
diana_coman: I reset it
diana_coman: it sometimes seems to get stuck on the storage for some reason
diana_coman: I'll have to study the storage thing a bit more as there are still some funny things going on in there
chetty: looked like some very non-productive thing was rapidly repeating
diana_coman: yeah, it thought it had taken things out of storage, but for some reason it hadn't
diana_coman: and then it just kept looking for them in the inventory
chetty: ah that goes with what I saw
mircea_popescu: you know diana_coman you could have countered loops
mircea_popescu: and break if it cycles over x times
diana_coman: it's not a loop
diana_coman: yes, of course
mircea_popescu: ...
chetty: some spicy moss to be exact :)
diana_coman: I actually did it in all other places, lol
diana_coman: well, as I said previously: it certainly needs a cleanup + a better structure
chetty: however nice to see a stuck bot didnt crash anything :)
diana_coman: indeed :)
diana_coman: uhm, weird it was spicy moss
diana_coman: hmmm
diana_coman: should have been boulders really
mircea_popescu: ahaha
diana_coman: maybe it's just that it started with spicy moss
diana_coman: as that's the first on the recipe
diana_coman: and yeah, it would always start with that
diana_coman: of course
diana_coman: it would find that, move on to boulder and not find it
diana_coman: and since it had asked for it and received confirmation that yes, got it
diana_coman: it would think that well, just need to wait a bit and try again
diana_coman: uhm
diana_coman: anyway, meanwhile I clearly found a few more things that should really be added
diana_coman: such as handling overweight+training
diana_coman: as in: drop all stuff in the container, then train, then grab stuff back
diana_coman: but indeed the more I use it, the more I add to the list of things it *could do* (as in: it would be very useful if it did) until I clearly end up with a kind of console for the whole game, lol
diana_coman: which sounds very nice and cool and all, but not really doable atm given how much time it requires
chetty: well maybe I can add your stuff to my superclient at some point :)
diana_coman: superclient?
chetty: yeah special client for controlling npcs, not reallt working yet tho
diana_coman: oh, I *was* thinking about that as in making an npc = shop, lol
diana_coman: I saw the super thing when I was reading about planeshift and client
diana_coman: or rather a bot-pc, not sure how to call it
chetty: yeah thats pretty much it, I dont really have a name for it yet but thats the idea
diana_coman: ouch, did I crash it again?
diana_coman: uhm, that was weird, maybe my connection only, nevermind
diana_coman: mircea_popescu I have some of the oil if you want it (still need to make 6 of the batch you sold me earlier)
mircea_popescu: ah, oince it's done
mircea_popescu: i don't want to fragment batches, much prefer to aggregate them
diana_coman: sure, that's why I did not ping you, but I saw you were asking in game a minute earlier (precisely when I wasn't looking, lol
diana_coman: )
diana_coman: this oil takes time to make, lol
diana_coman: but it's good as it can work on it in the background
mircea_popescu: lol. i started some more tools.
mircea_popescu: actually, high bottle ~= 9k + mushroom > 1k that should be a decent 10k xp a click or so.
diana_coman: yes, I did go up quite a few levels
diana_coman: for sure
diana_coman: will check at the end out of curiosity just how many (since still no proper log in there, sigh)
mircea_popescu: that's the magic of it, and it's most visible with something like bandar toolkit.
diana_coman: in any case, tbh even making all those ibs was quite quick levelling
danielpbarron: yeah i made 3 toolkits and it ranked me up quite a bit
mircea_popescu: i normally make them out of used tools and with low q materials. bundle ~q10, but it takes me what it takes for the ~60k worth toolkit.
diana_coman: since the bot was making everything very quickly
mircea_popescu: a noob, of he makes it with high q from me, takes also the time for 60k worth of toolkit, but gets 120k experience.
mircea_popescu: so in the time i get 5k or so, he gets 120k, and my levels are like 800k by now, his whatever, 50k.
diana_coman: as far as I know the time is fixed per item, isn't it?
danielpbarron is rank 211 tinkering now
mircea_popescu: i make a level, noob makes 100
diana_coman: wd danielpbarron you are probably a bit ahead of me by now I guess
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron i just made 410
danielpbarron: w00t
diana_coman: I don't leave it on during the night, lol
danielpbarron: i'm also 102 in gathering
diana_coman: I guess I should
danielpbarron: i don't either really
danielpbarron: it always crashes right after i stop looking
mircea_popescu: i do when i have what to make, but it's rare
diana_coman: I'm still ahead a bit in gathering
mircea_popescu: when i processed that 50k of grass it was on all night
mircea_popescu: im like 110 gathering!
diana_coman: ha
diana_coman: I'm 110 too, lol
mircea_popescu: i think ima cool it for a while. used 8 sticks yest, got jack shit.
mircea_popescu: ~550 sb.
danielpbarron: i'm 66 in sortage, anyone else have that yet?
diana_coman: well, mp has it
diana_coman: I certainly don't
mircea_popescu: the sticks, worth 240k. not even counting the 21k worth of thread i ended up using, and the expensive stuff for the only ordinary, maybne another 20k
mircea_popescu: i took home sb worth barely 150k
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron yes im 100something
danielpbarron: makes sense; it ranks up with tinkering
diana_coman: if it's for free, it's not for me, lol
diana_coman: I should write that in the description I guess
danielpbarron: it also ranks up with building
danielpbarron: but not mcguyvering or the other specialty crafts
diana_coman: anyway, I want to help mod with the map too
diana_coman: and so gathering will probably increase a bit
diana_coman: mircea_popescu I have 50 oil bottles whenever you want them
danielpbarron: is tubers a found thing?
danielpbarron checks map
danielpbarron: oo, tubers counts as a common thing (i can harvest at 250+ quality)
mircea_popescu: did you find it danielpbarron ?
mircea_popescu: iirc they hadnt found it yet
danielpbarron: neat
mod6: i hadn't found it at all, we were just talking about this yesterday diana_coman and I.
mod6: nice!
mod6: where's it at?
diana_coman: I haven't found it either
diana_coman: danielpbarron have you found the tubers
diana_coman: ?
danielpbarron: ya
mircea_popescu: o hey wd.
mircea_popescu: dude, daniel eating all miner's lunch wtf are you folks doing :D
diana_coman: lol mircea_popescu
diana_coman: I guess we are just making maps
diana_coman: nothing interesting probably
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron you also found cr ?
danielpbarron: hah no
mircea_popescu: dead mollusc ever found btw ?
danielpbarron: ya
danielpbarron: er no
danielpbarron: was thinking of grubs
mircea_popescu: dm will become an issue down the road, i suspect.
diana_coman: grubs are found
mircea_popescu: blessfully.
mod6: < danielpbarron> ya << nice! you gonna help us out on the map or keep this one a sekret?
diana_coman: the first tubers' movers advantage,lol
mircea_popescu: ironically, most of the tubers to date i used to make gin
diana_coman: well, in a surprising change of trade or something, spiron suddenly specialised in tubers
danielpbarron: currently chetty sticking an apparent dead spot :D
danielpbarron: funny how it's more exciting when /explore ~doesn't~ hit now
mircea_popescu: lol
danielpbarron: aaand, swarming grub
danielpbarron: ordinary at least
danielpbarron: oo i can totally build this too
mircea_popescu: wd!
mircea_popescu: i need a ton of those and gin to dig up my remarkables
diana_coman: lol mircea_popescu there is swarming grub quite close to the village in the sandy area
mircea_popescu: a cool.
mircea_popescu: i will need at least 100 of it + gins to dig up this grass
diana_coman: gin takes clover, doesn't it?
mircea_popescu: but... months away this, i don't think i can absorb the probably mil+ xp
mircea_popescu: sure
diana_coman: are the samovars done?
diana_coman: well, the packages I mean
mircea_popescu: prolly not yet.
mircea_popescu: how long's it been ? i take ~ 3 minutes per, so 150 total minutes optimally.
diana_coman: it will be 3hours in about 30 mins
mircea_popescu: ok ima go switch it then
mircea_popescu: diana_coman yup mostly done, making 10 sharp nao with your bot
mircea_popescu: let me know if it maages to crash server
diana_coman: ahahah
mircea_popescu: waht, did it already ?
diana_coman: no, no
diana_coman: just laughing at the expectation, lol; will tell you if it does
danielpbarron: crashed?
diana_coman: ahahah, it did, mircea_popescu
diana_coman: yes danielpbarron
diana_coman: apparently didn't have to wait long for it, lol
mircea_popescu: sigh.
mircea_popescu: this may mean not enough samovars for you.
mircea_popescu: i don't have spares.
diana_coman: what was that, 10 sharp slag?
mircea_popescu: yes
diana_coman: I prolly have ingredients
mircea_popescu: k ill be in game in 5
diana_coman: as in slag + shrooms, can make oil if needed
diana_coman: oh nows, crashed it
mircea_popescu: bai sa ma fut in el,. cum ma duc cum moare/.
danielpbarron: ..
danielpbarron: was in middle of ordinary build
mircea_popescu: the moment i switch over server dies
mircea_popescu: back
danielpbarron: phew, my bundle is still there
danielpbarron: had to use one of my rotten canines for this
jurov: diana_coman's cookbook is conspicuously missing bits o'nothing
diana_coman: hmmm
diana_coman: good obs, jurov
diana_coman: ha ha danielpbarron they are not YOUR own canines after all, lol
danielpbarron: if my canines were rotten they'd be worth less than these ones
jurov: you can use your own and ask tooth fairy about the crumbly rock
diana_coman: well, you are not a giant, are you?
diana_coman: jurov, that's really weird, I must have forgotten to "read" the shredding recipe, lol
danielpbarron: i got 14 swarming grub at 127 and 24 standard swarming grub at 128
danielpbarron: worth making two trips just to make sure the 24 remain "standard" ?
danielpbarron: if i mix them, the "standard" and the 1 extra quality point are lost
diana_coman: no idea
diana_coman: but at least it sounds like a very good loot really
danielpbarron: and it didn't rank me up so that's good
danielpbarron: (no wasted exp)
danielpbarron: well i think that was my first ordinary mined
danielpbarron: gonna check out some of my other saved up ones
danielpbarron: doing an ordinary boulder now
danielpbarron: this should be particularly rewarding for me and my sortage
danielpbarron: i mine very high quality boulders
diana_coman: good for you, lol
diana_coman: and your sortage
danielpbarron: woah!
danielpbarron: got over 1k !!
danielpbarron: 260 quality
diana_coman: wd
mircea_popescu: ahaha wd
mircea_popescu: 1k at 260 is like what, 180k worth or so ? definitely a decent return for an ordinary
danielpbarron: i need help
danielpbarron: some stuff just got stuck underground
danielpbarron: almost 3k boulders..
danielpbarron: how to fix this?
danielpbarron: i don't know how to teleport
danielpbarron: aha
danielpbarron: found a camera angle that cut through the ground
danielpbarron: not easy
mircea_popescu: wd
mircea_popescu: wait, 1k turned into 3k ?
danielpbarron: i mined a 2nd claim
danielpbarron: so 1k + 3k
mircea_popescu: impressive.
mircea_popescu: you gonna sell me sum o dat ?
danielpbarron: you trying to buy some?
mircea_popescu: yeah i'd buy 1k
mircea_popescu: preferably before you dump it in bank, easier to handle that way
danielpbarron: bank?
danielpbarron: storage?
danielpbarron: well that's too late
mircea_popescu: ah k.
danielpbarron: i can delever a stack of 1k pretty easily
mircea_popescu: alrighty so ima be in game in ~5 mins to switch crafts and i d like 1k
mircea_popescu: mining run of fucking horror. 127 threads + a full imp tool for 135 cdg.
Birdman: I think the levels should be more quantifiable
Birdman: maybe thats the wrong way to put it, i think it should be put into amount of experience you have/ the amount you need
mircea_popescu: that's deliberately omitted.
Birdman: SoI see
Birdman: Is there any downside to using the crafting table for storage?
mircea_popescu: that people can just take your stuff if you leave
Birdman: Right, i wasnt sure because i had a bunch of stuff in there for awhile that wasnt touched
Birdman: I actually must have taken someone else's stuff too
mircea_popescu: cause people aren't likely to steal stuff lol.
mircea_popescu: but still. put it in storage.
Birdman: Using a claim right?
mircea_popescu: nono, talk to the boxy guys in town, bottom left button
Birdman: oh right my bad thats where my stuff was
Birdman: thanks
Birdman: Could i buy any skill items from you mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: Birdman ima just gift you a starter kid, actually. you in game now ?
Birdman: yes sir
mircea_popescu: brt.
mircea_popescu: brt.

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