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vex: why do I see an achtung on the tab?
vex: it's totes innapropes to just leave without paying
vex: low blow duo prop
vex: jetliner heading south
vex: i love the sound
phf: peak anglo
vex: dealers' choice
vex: I've got half a piece.
vex: nothing agains't nibbins with 1000s in the bank
vex: very risky when you call guys with suicide disease tho
vex: sorry nubbin's I love ya
vex: it's preffferable for me that you keep your 1000s
phf: oh man i remember that track, i haven't heard it in like two decades
crtdaydreams: had a fun afternoon, pulled apart a cat 130g final drive
crtdaydreams: o-rings on the clutch (brake) ring ram buggered
crtdaydreams: vex: fuck me it's fucking cooold
crtdaydreams: i've been saying I reckon toowoomba will snow this year since november last year
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