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jfw: asciilifeform: shipping address posted, in your mod queue. Note that it might take a few days to pay as I don't as yet have the funds into deedbot.
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jfw: asciilifeform, do you have advice on carrying servers in checked baggage? I'm expecting maybe 40kg for mine. Are consumer suitcases adequate, with enough padding material? I was looking at 'Pelican' cases but possibly golden toilet.
asciilifeform: jfw: what airline ?
jfw: Copa
asciilifeform: good, is what i used when i brought'em there
asciilifeform: jfw: you bought 2 heavies ?
jfw: there's 2 dulaps, hopefully rails, and 2 switches
asciilifeform: ok so then : buy 2 suitcases, no smaller than 30 x 55 x 77 cm. ( i had to get the largest i could find in usa. )
asciilifeform: i looked for similar ones in uy, did not find. does not mean that they aren't sold there somewhere.
BingoBoingo: The switches won't need a giant bag, but they will need a large one. Pack blankets.
asciilifeform: take 1 old blanket for ea. machine. and various rags for corners.
jfw: 1 server per bag is the idea?
asciilifeform: jfw: i carried 4, 2 per bag, from usa to uy. incl. iirc the 2 you just bought.
asciilifeform: it was a very close shave re the absolute weight limit
asciilifeform: if you put your 2 in 1 bag now, you'll get dinged w/ the 'overweight fee' iirc.
jfw: if 2nd bag doesn't have to be quite 77cm then I can use existing
asciilifeform: check copa's www again to make certain of the prices/limit.
jfw: I did, it's 100lb upper limit, $100 as you say for overweight, and $40 for second bag
asciilifeform: ok so same as in '18.
jfw: what's the reason for the 77cm, would the bare server not fit otherwise?
jfw: I suppose I'll mail-order a big yet cheap bag, only question then is if I really need 2.
asciilifeform: padding
jfw: alright then. Thanks asciilifeform
asciilifeform: jfw: you'd want 2, so to pay the 40 instead of the 100
jfw: well that'd be 40 each way afaik
asciilifeform: see if you can fit 1 empty bag inside the other.
jfw: ugh, "Each piece can measure up to 62 combined linear inches (158 cm) (height + length + width)" - your minimum adds to 162
asciilifeform: jfw: mine was soft around the edges, so passed. if yours is hard plastic, will want to stay in the 162 yes
BingoBoingo: jfw: asciilifeform's bags are also two wheelers. More internal space than the "spinners" at max airline dimensions
asciilifeform: unless yer a circus weight lifter, you'll want wheels.
jfw: agreed
BingoBoingo: Right, but 2 versus 4 matters when going to 4 loses substantial internal space

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