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vex: fuck. should prlly email the cunt
vex: this was peak modtracker back in the day
phf: vex: not protracker enough unless it has the clap and the
phf: "huh" samples
vex: When I heard acdc repeated, I realised you could make the sounds you wanted to hear, rather than whatever comes out
phf: kind of miss the times when everyone had cool "scene" nicknames
vex: it's not like cunt's haven't heard of phf. just have't released a demo in a while
phf: ...oO brought to you by pax, 0dm, aNGLEfLAME, dr.d0x, fx1 wit specl greetz 2 d00m@mskbbs Oo...
vex: fuch yeah
vex: are those real demo scene names? or did you just brain them?
phf: brained them
vex: fuch yeah
vex: got a name for you and me?
vex: some demos were two cunts, even 3
vex: i want it liek -wastegate- but moar '92
vex: hiss for hat and tit for tat
vex: fLangE?
vex: presents rekt.exe
vex: the younger readers should know, that's not how it works
vex: well, i kinda is. but noones got a dosbox
phf: it's literally just a starfield with "u got rekt by vex" traveling along a sinusoid path. in the background it attempts to recursively delete c:\
vex: can I replace clever 3d with some evm stuff?
vex: new sounds wont fit in 128kb
vex: klf talk about `da groove
vex: maybe i'm too lod
vex didn't do terra. I only have 4 eyes
vex: irie. watcxhing
vex: well that was fucking glorious.
vex: lee perry died not long ago, he was pretty useful
vex: prolly wrote thunderstruck.mod
vex: notrllytho
vex: yfw verisimilitude used to be a girl. what's up with the mammary glands?
vex: get some exercise
vex: cunt's have a vector on your favourite foods
vex: you dont want /me as uncle
vex: ;seen duffer
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